How To Create Your Signature Business Coaching Program

Signature Business Coaching Program

The business coaching industry has taken off in the last year, and it’s hard for even expert coaches to stand out in their field.

Creating your own signature business coaching program is a surefire way to carve yourself a niche in a crowded marketplace while working from your strengths to develop your value offer. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create your own original program using Quenza’s online toolkit.

How To Create Your Business Coaching Program

A signature business coaching program is just that: an original business coaching program of your own design, that embodies how you help others.

Creating your own unique package or program is a brilliant way to differentiate your professional services, giving you a better chance of standing out as an expert in your niche.

Needless to say, it’s also a pivotal way to maximize your value to clients.

Your coaching program might consist of a few fundamental building blocks to give it structure, but essentially they can be scaled up or down as you adapt and refine your offer.

The Basics

Answering a few questions is the best way to go about crafting a unique business coaching program. Consider the following:

  • What will your coaching topic be?
  • What subjects, niche areas, or solutions would you like to be a go-to expert in?
  • What are your ideal client’s pain points?
  • What issues do your current clients typically hope to solve? and
  • What is unique about the way you coach others?

From here, you can think about how you’d like to structure your signature program:

  • What kind of session structure will you offer: group coaching, one-on-one, e-courses, or a hybrid model?
  • Is there any demand for your preferred coaching program structure?
  • Have you got the resources to support your proposed model? (e.g. designing, personalization, delivery) and
  • What support or tools will you need to implement it?

Answering these questions will help you plan your way forward.

Once you’ve spoken with your coachees and come up with a plan that’s based on feedback, you’ll be ready to build your business coaching program outline.

Building Your Program: 8 Helpful Outlines

Creating your own unique package or program is a brilliant way to differentiate your professional services, giving you a better chance of standing out as an expert in your niche.

To bring your program to life, you’ll need to carefully select your coaching materials.

If online business coaching is new to you, or you’re looking for fresh resources for your sessions, here are a few of Quenza’s top templates.

Use these Expansion Library Activities as starting points for your own exercises and assessments, and you’ll soon be inspired to craft your own personalized Pathways for each of your clients.

Structuring Your Business Coaching Program Outline

Quenza includes a great many versatile coaching forms if you’re after templates for your initial steps and evaluations.

All these templates, or Expansions, can be sequenced as steps to create your business coaching program outline. By modifying them, you can uniquely personalize each and every Activity you send.

  1. Quenza’s Pre-Coaching Questionnaire can be part of your digital intake process, as a way to learn more about a coachee’s background, aspirations, and coaching expectations.
  2. The Coaching Client Agreement is a handy online form that lays out the terms and conditions of your arrangement
  3. This Life Domain Satisfaction exercise can provide insight into your clients’ perceived satisfaction with various life domains in your initial sessions
  4. The Effectiveness of Session Evaluation is a flexible therapy tool that you can adapt to collect clients’ views on your coaching sessions, and
  5. Quenza’s Coach Evaluation Form helps you gather coachees’ feedback so that you can shape your own professional development and practice feedback-informed coaching.
Quenza White Label Business Coaching Program
Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement is a modifiable Expansion, or template, that you can customize and share with your business coaching clients. Available in your Expansion library, this coaching form helps you lay out the terms and conditions of your collaboration.

3 Templates For Your Sessions

These three coaching templates are fantastic starting points for planning effective, personalized sessions.

1. Finding Your Ikigai

Finding Your Ikigai is a Quenza Expansion that can be used to help your coachees find meaning and purpose in their lives by drawing from the Japanese ikigai concept.

Using this Expansion, shown below, they can explore:

  • What they are passionate about
  • What the world needs
  • What they can be paid for
  • What they are good at, to discover and connect with what means the most to them.
Quenza Business Coaching Program Outline
Use Quenza’s Finding Your Ikigai Expansion in your business coaching program to help coachees explore their passions, talents, and opportunities.

2. The Scoreboard Metaphor

The Scoreboard Metaphor is another Expansion that can be used to help clients understand the difference between values and goals, both of which are fundamental in personal coaching journeys.

Take a look below:

Scoreboard Quenza Business Coaching Program
The customizable Scoreboard Metaphor Expansion helps clients differentiate between goals and values, two important business coaching concepts.

Reading the narrative as homework allows coachees to appreciate that goals are achievable aspirations, while values are moment-to-moment ways of being.

The exercise asks them to apply the scoreboard metaphor to a personal situation, increasing their motivation by helping them design a more personally meaningful goal pathway.

3. Creative Visualization For Stress Reduction

Visualization is one way to help stressed-out clients feel more relaxed as your program rolls out – including this exercise as a step in your business coaching program outline can give them the tools to maintain focus without feeling overwhelmed.

Creative Visualization for Stress Reduction gives coachees an audio guide to engage with on their own schedule and encourages them to connect to the feeling of calm and peace when things get busy at the top.

You can access, customize, and share this template by finding it in the Quenza Expansion library.

A Look At Online Business Coaching Programs

Offering your business coaching program online is a beautiful way to make your signature solution available to a much wider audience.

It’s also a simple yet effective way to amplify the coaching experience for your current clients, as it gives them easier access to your resources between sessions when the vast bulk of learning and reflection takes place.

Any business coaching program can easily be digitalized with the right set of online tools. With purpose-built software like Quenza, you can even turn paper-based programs digital by:

  1. Building online versions of your coaching forms, worksheets, videos, and resources
  2. Collating and curating them into a program or Pathway for each client, and
  3. Scheduling their delivery to suit a coachee’s development plan.

Best Digital Software For Business Coaching

Quenza’s online toolkit is one of the most flexible in today’s coaching software market, making it ideal for designing and delivering a unique signature program of your own.

Designed by e-coaches with client engagement tools for motivation, feedback, and progress tracking, it gives you a host of specialized tools for program creation and the personalization of all your materials.

Quenza even allows you to create your own coaching portal for clients, with free client apps that centralize all their resources for easy access at any time, from any connected device:

Quenza HIPAA Business Coaching Program
Quenza gives your clients a HIPAA-compliant coaching portal where they can interact with you and all your coaching resources.

A complete, and completely flexible digital toolbox for all your back-end processes and client-centered solutions, you can use Quenza to plan, deliver, and scale up your signature program for the results your clients want to see.

12+ Ways To Use Quenza For Your Program

Looking for ways to customize your coachee’s learning journeys?

Quenza’s built-in features put you in complete control of every element of your signature coaching program, starting from the multimedia you use in your Activities down to when your clients receive your notifications.

You can:

  1. Craft interactive coaching tools, forms, and templates with multimedia uploads – e.g. YouTube and Vimeo videos for lessons, audio files for meditations, or custom images for sharing frameworks and diagrams
  2. Build original Pathways for your signature program, and edit saved copies to experiment with new ones
  3. Create your own unique resources for each step in your programs – using easy drag-and-drop Quenza’s Activity Builder
  4. …or modify convenient Expansion library templates
  5. Schedule your program steps for automatic delivery, so coachees receive each step automatically
  6. Track your clients’ progress using live, private, and secure insights from your central Quenza Dashboard
  7. Nudge them along the way with automatic reminders and notifications
  8. Market your content by creating promotional samples or ‘tasters’
  9. Build client engagement with homework, quizzes, feedback surveys, and other custom coaching tools
  10. Customize your signature content by uploading your brand logo to your materials
  11. Create and securely store coaching notes from sessions and classes, and
  12. Provide touchpoints throughout your program with real-time instant messaging.

Put simply, Quenza gives you everything you need to design your program from any tried-and-true resources you already have, and share them conveniently on a schedule that suits your program.

If you’re looking for more inspiring ways to put your toolkit to good use, check out some of our more in-depth coaching guides:

Final Thoughts

In a fast-adapting world, nothing helps you stand out better than differentiation. Investing the time and thought into a signature business coaching program can pay off mountains in the long run by giving you a strong framework to build on as you gain more clients and experience.

Use this guide to help you navigate Quenza’s powerful online toolkit, and you’ll easily come up with a unique, strengths-based digital program of your own with which to wow your clients.

We hope you enjoyed this guide. If you’re ready to get designing, don’t forget to start your 1-month Quenza trial. Our $1 trial will help you craft your business coaching program with full access to Quenza’s powerful e-coaching toolkit and templates, and will give you everything you need to run your practice smoothly online.

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