Coaching Forms Toolbox: 17 Templates For Your Sessions

Coaching Forms

If you’re starting as an e-coach, you’re probably on the hunt for ways to scale up your business – efficiently. Luckily, it’s all possible with digital!

Creating your own coaching form templates is of the easiest ways to maintain the same high professional standards for all your coaching services, delivering personalized, and client-centered solutions with far less of the hard work. This guide outlines the coaching forms every practitioner needs a template for, and shows you how to create them.

Intake and Agreement Forms: 5 Templates

When it comes to your onboarding sessions, two essential coaching forms belong in every practitioner’s digital library:

  1. A Coaching Agreement template, or Client Contract, and
  2. A Pre-Coaching Questionnaire.

Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement

A Coaching Client Agreement is something no development professional should be without – not only does it lay the foundations for a productive, collaborative relationship, but it can set clear expectations for all the sessions that follow.

While you may have particular rules, clauses, or expectations that govern how you work, a Coaching Client Agreement typically addresses the core aspects of the professional services you provide.

These can include:

  1. The terms and conditions whereby you agree to provide professional coaching
  2. A confidentiality clause
  3. A description of your services
  4. Cancellation, vacation, or rescheduling policies you may have, and
  5. Your fees and charges.

Quenza is a coaching app that allows you to create your own Coaching Agreement templates or contracts from scratch using an in-app Activity Builder tool.

Alternatively, if you’re new to online coaching, Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement is a customizable Expansion that you can use as a solid starting template.

Shown below, this Expansion can easily be customized with your unique policies, terms, and conditions using your in-app Activity Builder:

Quenza Coaching Forms Template
Customize Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement Expansion to modify clauses, add or remove text, and create your own digital coaching agreement template.

You might want to customize your own coaching agreement by uploading images or copy-pasting text to this Expansion library template.

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

If you’d like to hit the ground running with a productive goal-setting session, Quenza’s Pre-Coaching Questionnaire Expansion is a useful way to learn more about your coachee’s expectations, aspirations, and who they are.

This Expansion Library coaching form is a beautifully versatile template that assesses your clients’ life satisfaction, explores their coaching goals, and clarifies what they want from their sessions with you.

You can send a Pre-Coaching Questionnaire instantly as is or use it as an introductory step in your online coaching programs, followed by interventions, activities, and assessments that suit your client’s plan.

3 Versatile Coaching Intake Forms

To get you started, this list is just a small sample of Quenza’s coaching intake forms and coaching agreement forms:

  1. The Self-Contract: An interactive coaching form that creates accountability, encourages clients to commit to coaching goals, and helps them self-motivate through positive reinforcement and reward.
  2. This Life Domain Satisfaction Questionnaire helps you better understand your clients by inviting them to explore their satisfaction with various life domains such as work, finance, health, family, and personal development.
  3. With the Strength Interview, you can help a client gain insight into their personal strengths, helping them build self-awareness about their core characteristics.

Life Coaching Evaluation Forms: 3 Samples

Collecting feedback from coachees helps you can identify pivotal ways to enhance your programs, from smaller details like preferred communication channels to structural changes to your e-courses or programs.

Whether you’re a life coach, health, career, wellness, or executive coach, growing your practice – and professional skill set – requires you to constantly adapt and improve your offer.

Collecting feedback from coachees helps you can identify pivotal ways to enhance your programs, from smaller details like preferred communication channels to structural changes to your e-courses or programs.

The following Quenza Expansions are a few example evaluations to use in your life coaching sessions:

  1. Session Rating Scale – ideal for collecting feedback at any stage throughout a program, e.g. after each session or at critical points your coaching framework
  2. Coach Evaluation Form, which explores how your coachees felt about your coaching relationship, their results, and their overall satisfaction as a client
  3. End of Therapy Evaluation – while this template is a therapy tool, it can easily be customized to collect honest feedback on how clients experience your coaching sessions together.

If you’re ready for a simple challenge, why not try customizing the End of Therapy Evaluation Form to create a life coaching feedback form template?

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Simply open a saved copy of the End of Therapy Evaluation in your Activity Builder and start modifying different fields using Quenza’s drag-and-drop Activity Builder tools, shown below:

Quenza Activity Builder Coaching Forms
Try customizing Quenza’s End of Therapy Evaluation Expansion to create coaching forms for your specific niche.

You can use your Activity Builder tools to integrate client tokens in your document (addressing your coachee by name or title), add or remove page breaks, or insert custom questions of your own.

Other ways to customize your coaching forms include:

  • Uploading your own logo to brand your coaching forms with Quenza’s White Label feature
  • Including unique videos that you’ve filmed, or audio recordings with personal messages, or
  • Making your forms more interactive with checkboxes, drop-down menus, free-text boxes, and other question fields.

9+ Best Templates For All Your Sessions

Ready to design custom forms, worksheets, activities, and exercises for a smoother workflow and more engaging, impactful sessions?

Check out this table for some of Quenza’s most popular coaching templates – all pre-formatted to save you time, but endlessly customizable so that you can coach your way.

Quenza Coaching Templates


The Best Possible Self

Use narrative therapy to help clients imagine a future where their lives have turned out in the best possible way.

A Mindful Goal Focus

Invite clients to identify ways of creating a healthy balance between their future goals and present desires.

Benefit Finding

Help clients benefit from gratitude and develop personal resilience by finding the ‘silver linings’

Connecting To Your Intuition

Help clients develop better momentary awareness and tap into their intuition for more confident decision-making.

Identifying Self-Compassionate Actions

Encourage self-kindness in coachees by raising their awareness of the different ways they already practice self-compassion

Metaphor Of The Two Arrows

Help clients manage pain and hardship more adaptively with this Buddhist metaphor about unnecessary suffering.

If you’re after coaching forms for the more administrative side of things, try:

How To Send Forms To Clients Online

With your coaching forms ready for sharing, sending them to clients requires no more than a few seconds.

There are two ways you might want to share your forms:

  • As individual documents or Activities, or
  • As steps in a Pathway.

Sending Forms Individually

If you’re sending a one-off coaching form, like an intake form to a new client or a mid-program informational resource:

  1. Find the Activity in your Library, and
  2. Click the right-hand “Actions” menu to send your Activity instantly to your client’s mobile app.

You’ll be able to edit your accompanying email, set automatic reminders for them to complete the exercise, and select who you’d like the results to be visible to:

Quenza Coaching Forms Send Activity
Send coaching forms individually from your Quenza Activity Library, where you can customize your email text and set automatic notifications.

Here, you can also pre-schedule when you’d like your Activity sent, if you prefer not to share your form immediately.

Including Forms in Quenza Pathways

Adding your form into a Pathway is ideal if you’d like to include it as a step in a program, e-course, or sequence.

Simply head to your Quenza Pathways Builder and select your saved Activity as a step in a new or existing Pathway:

Coaching Forms Quenza Pathways
Include Coaching Assessment Templates, Onboarding Forms, and other coaching documents as steps in Quenza Pathways to schedule their automatic delivery in advance.

Your whole Pathway can be scheduled in advance for automatic delivery to clients according to your coaching program. You can set custom intervals between steps, change them around, and open your Pathway to include or remove steps at any point in time.

From this tool, you can even edit individual Activities or forms, and create Pathway-only steps if you’d like to include a new form that hasn’t yet been saved.

This Pathway Tools option is a useful way to map out entire programs in advance, starting with onboarding documents (for example), and moving on to exercises, assessments, evaluations, and feedback surveys.

A Look At Quenza’s Features

In a nutshell, Quenza’s advanced range of features puts you in complete control over who you’d like each of your custom Activities to be sent to, as well as the what, when, and how of all your coaching forms.

You can try Quenza’s:

  • Activity Builder
  • Client Engagement Tools
  • Pathway Tools
  • Live Chat
  • Wheel of Life
  • Multilingual Client App
  • White Label Feature, and more with your $1 trial to start designing all your custom coaching forms while promoting your practice!

Final Thoughts

A few clever coaching form templates can be game-changing – with the right tools on hand, you can speed up your daily workflow and help even more clients with the same personal touch.

Try out a few of the examples in this guide, and you’ll soon be ready to stretch yourself with a few ideas of your own!

We hope this guide was helpful. To discover Quenza’s digital coaching tools for yourself, don’t forget to unlock your 30-day trial.

Our fully flexible e-coaching software includes all you need to enhance your clients’ engagement and results with unique solutions of your own, allowing you to deliver original solutions for lasting, positive behavior change.

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