Best Coaching Planner To Revolutionize Your Work With Clients

Delivering effective, engaging coaching sessions takes experience and planning – but what should your coaching plan include, and how do you create one?

As a digital provider, coaching planner software can help you organize, structure, and bring your sessions to life. Here’s how to use Quenza as a coaching session planner to run powerful programs efficiently and with confidence.

If you’re ready to put your first program or coaching plan together, we highly recommend starting our $1, 1-month professional Quenza trial. Work along with Quenza’s specially-designed e-coaching tools to create a uniquely impactful coaching plan and share it with your clients on a schedule that suits you both.

How To Plan Your Coaching Sessions

When it comes to maximizing your impact as a coach, a plan isn’t just important – it’s essential.

A proper coaching plan is perhaps the best way to ensure you start each session fully prepared, with purpose, and with a clear idea of how you’ll support your clients in achieving their goals.

A proper coaching plan is perhaps the best way to ensure you start each session fully prepared, with purpose, and with a clear idea of how you’ll support your clients in achieving their goals.

To be of value, you should aim to cover the following in your coaching session plans:[1]

  1. Coaching agreements – laying out the terms and conditions of your collaboration with clients
  2. Goals, objectives, or outcomes – outline your clients’ fundamental objectives for each session for a short-term plan and/or their goals for the duration of your coaching relationship (if you’re creating a long-term program overview)
  3. Coaching tools – the exercises, activities, frameworks, lessons, and/or resources that you plan to use during and outside of your sessions. These may include:
    • Assessment tools – helping you and your client establish your starting point and chart a path from A (where they are now) to B (their desired outcomes)
    • Tools for action planning – how you’ll help your client identify practical steps forward, and how you’ll help them stay on track outside of sessions (e.g. with homework, worksheets, or habit trackers), and
    • Tools for summarizing key outcomes – helping your client solidify their commitments, learnings, and important insights (e.g. with note templates, diaries, or journals)
  4. Engagement and accountability – your strategies for building and maintaining your clients’ motivation throughout the duration of your collaboration. A few examples include how you’ll communicate, motivational incentives you plan to use, and how you’ll measure progress.

Putting Your Plan Together

There’s no one best way to create a coaching plan, as plans are essentially personal strategies that reflect your preferred approach and how you work best with clients. It means you’re free to plan each session in-depth, or if you prefer, to create a flexible ‘lean’ template that you can refine with experience and testing.

You may also choose to apply a specific framework such as GROW, or use a specific coaching planner template for your niche (e.g. life or health coaching), but ultimately your plan should help you envision your sessions a few steps ahead.

Regardless of how you create your plan, you’ll need a way to put it together.

If you’re delivering some or all of your sessions and solutions online, the most convenient way to plan professional coaching sessions is using specialized coaching planner software.

Best Digital Life Coaching Planner To Use

As a professional life coach, you’ll already know about the value of using life coaching software like Quenza to run your busy practice.

The same specially developed e-coaching tools that Quenza offers also allow you to create uniquely powerful coaching plans. Plans that roadmap what you’ll do in each session, while simultaneously giving you a “big picture” overview of your bespoke coaching program.

With the ability to build content, curate it, and even time its delivery, you can prepare your strategy in advance using Activities and Pathways as we’ve done below:

Quenza Body Image Coaching Planner
Quenza’s Creating a Positive Body Image pathway is a step-by-step coaching plan that roadmaps your clients’ route from A to B with custom intervals between each activity.

How To Use Quenza As a Coaching Session Planner

By creating Activities and Pathways in Quenza, you can:

  • Transform your ideas into interactive digital exercises and activities for your coaching sessions
  • Organize each session in a logical order, to create personalized step-by-step coaching Pathways, strategies, packages, courses, or programs
  • Deliver your session content, between-session homework, and client resources according to a personalized timetable – whether you want to share your content instantly or ‘drip feed’ your resources on an automated schedule.
Expansion Library Quenza Coaching Planner
Quenza’s Expansion Library is full of free, customizable pre-made templates to use in your coaching plans, such as exercises, forms, contracts, and assessments.

Here are just a few more essential professional Quenza tools that can help you design, build, and implement your life coaching plans:

  • Quenza’s Expansion Library, shown above, gives you practical, modifiable templates to use in your strategies – you’ll find some of the best in the next section
  • A free Client App where your coachees can receive all your session materials, homework, and messages, plus notifications and reminders
  • Secure private chat for staying in contact with groups or individuals that you coach
  • Live results tracking so you can keep tabs on when your clients receive your coaching tools or complete your resources, and
  • Quenza White Label, a quick and easy way to feature your professional logo and brand colors on all your coaching resources.

Put simply, you can use Quenza as a coaching planner to create unique, personalized roadmaps for all of your client sessions.

Not only this, but you also have all the tools you need to develop your coaching solutions based on feedback, while establishing your brand, growing your client list, and scaling up your digital practice at the same time.

8 Coaching Planner Templates in Quenza

Knowing what to include in your coaching plan is the first step to blueprinting your sessions.

With a good idea of how your client’s journey will unfold over time, you can simply choose the best resources for each of your objectives.

Here are a few examples of Quenza coaching planner templates that help you do just that:

  1. You can onboard your clients digitally with the Pre-Coaching Questionnaire, which gathers information on their background, aspirations, and expectations prior to your collaboration.
  2. The Coaching Client Agreement gives you a way to outline your coaching services, and establish the terms and conditions for your professional services
  3. This Self Contract is a creative way to foster accountability in your coachees. They can use this contract to solidify their commitment to their personal goals and ‘formalize’ it with a date and signature.
  4. You can help your clients build positive, goal-oriented habits using this exercise for Realizing Long-Lasting Change By Setting Process Goals
  5. With the Goal Visualization Expansion, you can create a bespoke motivational incentive using a guided mental imagery exercise
  6. A Strengths Versus Weaknesses Focus helps coachees draw on their skills, talents, and unique capabilities on their coaching journeys
  7. The Daily Exceptions Journal is a pre-made coaching planner template that can be used as homework in life, transformational, or confidence coaching plans, and
  8. This Coach Evaluation Form gives you a handy way to collect feedback and opinions from your clients at any point during your work together.

Using Expansions as coaching planner templates helps you save valuable prep time when you’re putting your resources together.

As long as you know what your goals and objectives are for each session, pulling your resources together is as simple as choosing the templates you want to use, modifying them with your Activity Builder, and giving them a logical order using Quenza’s Pathway Builder.

3 Creative Ways To Use Quenza

Straightforward coaching plans are stress-free to create and implement with Quenza, but there’s also a whole range of ways you can use the platform can boost your organization and effectiveness as a coach.

Once you’ve mapped out your first session, you might also want to try these three ideas.

1. Create your first group or team coaching plan using Quenza Groups

Quenza’s unique group coaching feature is a brilliantly easy way to deliver your team programs, coach cohorts, or run e-courses with up to 50 participants at once.

Quenza Group Chat Coaching Planner
Use Quenza Groups to deliver coaching plans to cohorts of up to 50 members, and stay in touch using Quenza’s HIPAA- and GDPR compliant group chat.

With tools like Group Chat, shown above, you can coach and communicate with all your members at once. It’s also a simple, effective way to design and share coaching plans with multiple group or team coaching participants on a schedule and monitor their individual and collective progress.

2. Collaborate using Quenza Client Notes

Use Quenza’s Client Notes feature to create journals for your clients, such as mood diaries, behavior trackers, and simple thought logs.

To make the most of this note-taking and documentation tool, shown below, consider commenting on your clients’ entries or answering their questions with an annotation of your own.

3. Enhance your plans using feedback

Collect your clients’ suggestions, thoughts, and opinions to iterate on your coaching plans.

Invite them to share feedback using any of these coaching planner templates – modified or as they are!

Final Thoughts

Coaching plans not only help you stay on track, but they also provide you with all kinds of chances to refine and develop your solutions.

With flexible and customizable coaching planner tools such as Quenza provides, you can create helpful templates of your own for different services and packages you provide and focus your energy on personalization.

Use this guide alongside your $1 Quenza month to create your very first digital plan. In a few simple steps, you’ll be able to turn it into client results easily and effectively – from anywhere!


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