17 Best Coaching Templates For All Your Sessions

Coaching Templates

When it comes to their goals, every coaching client has a “why.” They know what they want to achieve, and what success will mean to them, but they often come unstuck with planning a path forward.

As a personal coach, your job is to set them on their unique track to success. This guide shows you how to create versatile roadmaps or coaching templates that you can use to structure your sessions.

Before reading this guide, we recommend starting your 1 month, $1 trial of Quenza’s complete e-coaching toolkit.

Quenza’s tools for virtual coaches will help you easily design coaching templates for all your digital sessions, courses, and programs, so that you can deliver more effective coaching solutions that enhance your clients’ goal achievement.

Are Coaching Templates Necessary?

E-coaches, and particularly those with growing businesses, often face a trade-off between efficiency and customization. As you scale up your practice to meet growing client demand, the idea of creating, planning, and personalizing coaching programs from scratch can start to become intimidating:

  • On the one hand, each coaching program needs to follow a logical sequence, in order for your clients to get the most from each session, and
  • On the other, every client has different needs, capabilities, and goals – to align your programs with their requirements, all of which require personalized coaching sequences.

Coaching templates are essential tools in planning and structuring your programs, by ensuring you apply effective frameworks and approaches to roadmap all of your client sessions.

Covering everything from coaching contract templates for onboarding to session templates for individual meetings, they can help you:

  • Enhance the impact of your current coaching style
  • Experiment with new coaching styles, and
  • Scale your business up by designing more effective, personalized programs more efficiently.

6+ Coaching Templates For Planning Your Sessions

Coaching templates are essential tools in planning and structuring your programs, by ensuring you apply effective frameworks and approaches to roadmap all of your client sessions.

So what coaching templates can every professional benefit from? And how can you build them?

According to the e-coach developers of Quenza’s online toolkit, there are a few essential templates for every coach in the list below.

  1. Coaching Contract Templates: These coaching agreement templates should clarify mutual expectations about what your services involve, how your ideal professional relationship will work, and the rules and tone for your entire collaboration. Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement is a good example.
  2. Intake Templates: Shared before a first session, these can help clients consider their goals to help you structure your program. Quenza’s Pre-Coaching Questionnaires are worth checking out.
  3. Coaching Assessment Templates: These help you and your clients identify your starting point and assess your progress at key points throughout a program, e.g. The Wheel of Life Expansion.
  4. Lesson Templates: Sharing important guidelines, explanations, walkthroughs, or psychoeducation related to your program, e.g. Quenza’s 20 Guidelines for Developing a Growth Mindset.
  5. Activity Templates: For teaching your clients specific exercises, guiding them through interventions, or developing their skills – Finding Your Ikigai is a recommended example.
  6. Evaluation Templates: These surveys, questionnaires, or reflection prompts help you collect feedback from your clients to improve your services and grow as a professional, e.g. Quenza’s Session Rating Scale.

Coaching Agreement Contract: 3 Templates

As a new e-coach, you can easily design coaching contract templates from Quenza’s professional templates – saving you the stress of starting from scratch.

Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement, which is free to customize from your in-app Expansion Library, is a professional coaching template containing pre-made sections for various clauses such as the scope of your services, and your coaching terms:

Coaching Contract Templates Quenza
Coaching contract templates like a Client Agreement lay out the terms of your professional relationship, setting clear expectations before a program begins (pictured: Quenza).

You’ll find the Coaching Client Agreement here with your $1 trial.

These customizable coaching agreement templates can easily be tailored to your own practice details by adding your own text or tokens (e.g. client name, title) for an interactive coaching agreement form that clients can complete on Quenza’s mobile coaching portals.

Quenza’s Self-Contract is another useful Expansion that you can send along with your formal agreement – this motivational tool is designed to help clients build commitment to their self-set goals, and consider how they’ll reward their positive behavior changes along the way.

If you’ve already got your terms and conditions documented somewhere, you can create your own client contracts from a blank template in Quenza’s Activity Builder by:

  • Titling and saving a blank template
  • Dragging and dropping ready-made elements from your right-hand menu into your new Activity, and
  • Copy-pasting your text into any sections and boxes you choose to include.
Quenza Coaching Agreement Templates
Open an Expansion or blank template in Quenza’s Activity Builder to use custom fields, text, and multimedia uploads in your own Coaching Agreement Templates.

Once you’re finished editing your online coaching templates in your Activity Builder, you can send them directly to clients with optional automatic reminders at custom intervals.

Some assessment templates that you might find useful at these earlier stages include Quenza’s Life Domain Satisfaction Questionnaire and Outcome Rating Scale for mental health coaching.

Templates For Mindset, Career & Health Coaches

If you’ve got your digital onboarding sorted, and want discipline-specific templates to start structuring your coaching programs, your Expansion Library is full of ready-to-customize templates.

These career, mindset coaching, and health coaching templates are perfect for personalizing with your unique videos and audio – why not brand them with your professional logo, too?

Reframing Avoidance Goals to Approach Goals

This exercise is one of Quenza’s most popular mindset coaching templates and ideal for group coaching as well as individual work.

To shift a client’s focus to more motivational goals, Reframing Avoidance Goals To Approach Goals asks them to list 5 things they don’t want.

Using examples, they are then asked to reframe their responses positively, establishing what they do want to achieve from their coaching program.

More mindset coaching templates to check out in your Expansion Library include:

Goal Visualization

Quenza’s Goal Visualization Expansion is a great health coaching template for personal trainers, fitness professionals, and wellness coaches.

Using mental imagery, this exercise enhances client motivation and encourages them to start planning and problem-solving.

This exercise includes a guided audio meditation that you can replace with your own unique recordings, or any videos you might have uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

For more health coaching templates, check out Distinguishing Physical from Emotional Hunger and the S.O.B.E.R. Stress Interruption Technique.

Your Last Day On Earth

The Last Day On Earth exercise is incredibly versatile, but it’s a particularly good career coaching template for clients who want to make value-aligned decisions.

It invites career coaching clients to:

  • Think about their last day on Earth
  • Look deep inside themselves, engaging their senses, and
  • Answer some questions about who is most important to them, the activities they’d like to engage in, and more.

A list of common core values is provided to help, as well as self-reflection prompts.

Other free career coaching templates on Quenza can be found in our collection of versatile life coaching tools: Ultimate Tools for Life Coaches to Make an Impact.

How To Upgrade Your Coaching Practice

So you now know how to plan your program building blocks with coaching templates – but why stop there?

With Quenza, you can upgrade your coaching practice even further with your all-in-one coaching toolkit. For example:

  1. You can create pathways to structure your activities, homework, forms, and templates into complete coaching pathways or online learning experiences
  2. You can automatically deliver your various templates to clients according to your agreed-upon timeframe while tracking progress in real-time (so you know when to modify a program or template)
  3. You can touch base with clients between sessions, to provide reinforcement or answer questions, and you can
  4. Reach even more clients with your templates using Quenza’s Multilingual Client app.
Quenza Chat Coaching Templates
Touch base with your clients to build motivation, give feedback, and answer questions using HIPAA-compliant Quenza Chat.

What is the Best Online Software For Coaches?

Among the huge range of coaching applications, purpose-built tools, and all-in-one systems available for coaches today, Quenza is unique in the creative flexibility it provides.

It gives you the unique ability to create original templates, tailor them to your clients’ needs, and automate their development efficiently from anywhere.

If you’re eager to start designing or customizing your own coaching templates right now, don’t forget to check out Quenza’s other signature tools.

6 Unique Features Included in Quenza

Quenza’s unique features include:

  1. Quenza Chat: For live, HIPAA-compliant client communication
  2. Activity Building tools: Your complete solution for building coaching templates from scratch or Expansions
  3. Pathway Builders: Where you can design programs from your templates and automate their delivery
  4. Your Multilingual Coaching App: Now available in custom colors!
  5. Quenza’s White Label Feature: For adding your own logo to Activities, forms, and resources, and
  6. The Wheel of Life Feature: A convenient, completely customizable way to design your own Wheel of Life coaching tools.

Final Thoughts

Coaching templates can be brilliant ways to structure your coaching programs, helping you maximize your value to clients through more effective, personalized sessions.

As soon as you try creating your own, you’ll realize how easy it is. Why not start by customizing some coaching agreement templates, and move on to designing unique exercises from scratch?

We hope you enjoyed this article. For smoother, structured sessions, start your $1 trial of Quenza’s digital coaching toolkit.

Quenza’s powerful, user-friendly online tools will help you deliver more impactful client programs with ease, and contain everything you need to build practice-branded coaching templates efficiently for even better coaching outcomes.

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