9 Coaching Tools & Techniques That Will Boost Your Care

Coaching Tools & Techniques

The need for great coaches and effective coaching techniques & tools has increased exponentially in recent times. This is because most people have begun to question their lives and purposes.

In fact, we are in the midst of The Great Resignation, with 4 million US employees quitting their jobs in April 2021. In the UK and Ireland, 38% of surveyed employees mentioned they were planning on leaving their jobs within the next six months to one year. [1]

With this increasing demand for coaching, it’s time to gear up with the best coaching tools and techniques. This will boost your coaching practice and allow you to help as many clients as possible.

How Using Coaching Tools Can Boost Your Care

The most important resource for a coach is time. More time saved means that you can coach more clients and build your business. Coaching tools can help you do just that and more.

  1. Improve engagement and accountability – Coaching tools allow coaches to easily keep clients engaged between sessions by sending them reminders and reflection exercises. This leads to more accountability and action-taking for the client.
  2. Higher self-satisfaction – As coaches, our main purpose is to help our clients live their best lives. When clients make significant progress and transformations, you will feel highly satisfied with what you do for a living.
  3. Streamline admin tasks – Coaching tools enable you to automate repetitive admin tasks, saving time for you. This lets you focus your time and effort on working with clients and growing your coaching practice.

9 Popular Coaching Techniques & Exercises

There are many effective tools that coaches use with their clients. We have picked the most popular ones for you.

3 Effective Relationship Coaching Tools

Goal Visualization: When people get into relationships, they have a lot of expectations. Visualizing client’s goals for their relationship can clarify their needs and struggles.

Screen shot of Quenza's Goal Visualization Tool
The Quenza Goal Visualization platform will help clients identify their relationship goals.

Visualizing a Compassionate Self: It is critical for a client to have compassion for themselves before they can extend compassion to their partners. This visualization exercise encourages clients to become more compassionate about their past mistakes and “weaknesses”.

Screen shot of Quenza tool for Visualizing a Compassionate Self
Quenza tools can help clients become more self-compassionate.

Gratitude in Romantic Relationships: Through the haze of our busy days, it’s sometimes hard to be grateful for all that our partners do for us. You can send this activity to your clients to rekindle their relationships through gratitude.

Quenza Online Interventions Gratitude
Gratitude in Romantic Relationships is one of Quenza’s many evidence-based Expansions that can be modified to create a personalized online intervention.

3 Best Techniques For Coping with Grief

Journaling Through Grief in 40 Days: This pathway can help your client explore their loss by journaling for 40 days. There are 40 different prompts and exercises that allow the client to express their grief fully.

Journaling Quenza Tool: Through Grief in 40 Days
The Quenza platform has many tools that can help clients through their grief.

Three Minute Breathing Space: Clients dealing with a loss need a way of grounding themselves. This short meditation can help keep them in the present moment.

Quenza Tool: Three Minute Breathing Space
Quenza’s Three Minute Breathing Space tool helps clients relax and ground themselves.

Three Good Things: Once the client has expressed themselves fully and feels more grounded, it may be good to introduce a daily gratitude list. They can practice gratitude whenever they feel hopeless or lonely.

Screenshot of Quenta tool: Three Good Things
The Three Good Things Quenza pathway is a great way to get clients to be grateful, even amid grief and loss.

Coaching Exercises For The Workplace

Finding Your Ikigai: We always work best when our passions and talents align. This tool will help clients explore the intersection of their talents and passions, and brainstorm ways to monetize these talents.

Quenza Workplace Tool
Use Quenza’s Finding Your Ikigai Expansion to help coachees explore their passions, talents, and opportunities.

The Scoreboard Metaphor: Our clients are weighed down by weekly, quarterly, and annual goals at work. But goals need to align with their values for clients to get motivated by their goals. This tool will help them differentiate between goals and values.

Quenza Tool: The Scoreboard Metaphor
The Scoreboard Metaphor differentiates between client goals and values.

Strength Interview: It’s important for clients to communicate strengths to their bosses and colleagues at work. But first, clients need to know what their unique strengths are. This tool prompts them to mine for their strengths by responding to questions.

Quenza Tool: Strength Interview
The Strength Interview helps clients clarify and confirm their strengths.

What is the Best Software For Coaches?

As you move along your coaching journey, your need for coaching software evolves. Here are two of the best software tools that you can use regardless of where you are in your journey.


Quenza App

As coaches, our top priority is providing value to our clients and helping them achieve their goals. Client engagement and accountability are key here. Quenza is focused on the value you can bring to your clients while cutting down on the administrative burden.

Main features
  • Activity builder
  • Automated pathways
  • Science-backed activities
  • Community support
  • Progress tracker
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Online communication
  • Customization
  • Mobile app
DrawbacksA relatively new platform, yet great features are constantly being added.
PriceStarts at $49/month
Free Trial30-day trial for only $1

Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach allows for a high level of customization. This level of customization is attractive because each client is different, and we need the flexibility of customizing coaching engagements.
Nudge Coach

Main featuresClient-facing habit tracker
Engagement tools
Automated sequences
Cards for reminders and motivation
Monthly challenges
Integration with Zoom
Mobile app
DrawbacksDoes not include payments or scheduling.
PriceStarts at $30/month
Free TrialAvailable for first three clients

How To Use Online Coaching Tools in Quenza

The Quenza platform has some neat features that can make your life easier.

  • Client Engagement: Clients sometimes lose momentum between coaching sessions when life gets too busy. Quenza lets you use push notifications and send activities to keep them engaged through your coaching engagement.
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks: Pathway is a Quenza feature that allows you to automate the sending of a batch of activities. This can save you time on emailing, following up, and checking in.
  • Reuse Expansions: Quenza also has an activities library created by expert coaches. You can simply reuse these activities to save even more time.
  • Community of Best Practices: The platform allows coaches to interact with each other and share their knowledge and best practices. This helps coaches to keep themselves informed of the latest developments in the industry.

Using Virtual Tools in Quenza: 6 Examples

Fostering Self-Awareness with Quenza

A coach is responsible for asking powerful questions that increase the self-awareness of clients. When clients are more self-aware, what’s holding them back becomes very clear, enabling them to take action towards their goals.


Coaches can create and send exercises that prompt clients to reflect on their situation and gain more awareness. For example, an activity on gratitude or visualization can increase awareness for the client.

My Gravestone

Reminding ourselves of death can motivate us to live our best lives every day. Using this Quenza tool, clients will gain an awareness of what truly matters to them in the long term.

Quenza Tool: My Gravestone
My Gravestone tool makes clients hyper-aware of their mortality.

How To Use Diagnostic Tools in Quenza

As we go along the coaching process, it is critical to measure progress and conduct diagnostics to identify what’s working and what’s not working.

Wheel of life

Although the Wheel of Life tool is mostly used at the beginning of a coaching engagement, it is valuable to use it at different milestones to get a pulse on how the client is doing overall. You can use areas such as partner, learning, money, recreation, career, health, environment, community, friend, and family to create your client’s wheel of life in Quenza.

Coach Evaluation Form

In addition to using diagnostic tools to measure client progress, coaches need to evaluate their coaching skills continuously in order to improve. This Quenza form allows coaches to periodically collect feedback from clients.

The Quenza Coach Evaluation Form
The coach can receive feedback from clients about their coaching using the Quenza Coach Evaluation Form.


With the tracker feature that will be implemented in Quenza in Q3 of 2021, clients will visually see how they are tracking towards their goals. If they are not making as much progress as needed, they can work with the coach to determine the root causes.

Quenza Trackers will allow clients to visually track their progress.


Sending Growth Coaching Tools To Clients

Coaching is all about the growth of our clients, and growth tools can enable our clients to feel empowered by taking ownership of their growth plans.


This Quenza feature allows coaches to send scheduled activities to clients at defined intervals. A collection of activities forms a pathway and can be used to put the GROW model into practice with clients.

4 Built-In Resources and Features in Quenza

In addition to all the tools discussed above, Quenza has more built-in features that can help you take your coaching to the next level.

Client Chat

This feature allows clients to securely interact with us when they need assistance. The functionality can be turned on for each client based on their needs.

Quenza Chat Software for Life Coaches
The Quenza chat feature lets you communicate with clients securely and conveniently.

Client Dashboard

The dashboard allows clients to see all their activities (in progress, completed, and outstanding) in one glance. For the coach, the dashboard offers a quick snapshot of the coaching practice.

Quenza Dashboard Software for Life Coaches
The Quenza dashboard gives you a snapshot of your practice at any given moment.

Client Notes

Taking notes after each session benefits both the client and the coach. Quenza allows coaches to take notes and store them in an easy-to-find location.

Session notes
The Quenza client notes functionality allows you to store all your notes in one place.


When coaching teams in a corporate setting, coaches may need to send activities and pathways simultaneously to multiple clients of the same team. The Quenza feature – Coaching Groups – makes this possible.

Final Thoughts

Coaching is a fulfilling vocation that’s generating more and more demand now. Getting a hold of effective coaching tools and techniques can help you capitalize on this increasing demand, and allow you to make a difference to your clients and community. To get started, try out the Quenza Lite Package for just 1$.


  1. ^ Morgan, K. (2021). The Great Resignation: How employers drove workers to quit. Retrieved from https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20210629-the-great-resignation-how-employers-drove-workers-to-quit

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