Confidence Coaching: Best Tools To Help Your Clients Thrive

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We all have our inner voices beating us down every day. These voices can sometimes represent a strict parent, a disloyal friend, or society in general.

Are you primarily interested in working with clients who have such critical inner voices or inner critics? Does the idea of a client gaining more confidence fill you with joy? If so, you’re in the right place to learn all about confidence coaching.

With this guide and Quenza’s professional tools, you’ll have everything you need to deliver confidence coaching online with ease. Start your trial for unlimited access to Quenza tools for 30 days at just $1.

What is Confidence Coaching?

Confidence coaching enables a coach to work with a client’s inner voice and inhibitions to unlock a client’s full potential.

Clients feel more confident about themselves and their capabilities as a result.

What Do Confidence Coaches Do?

In confidence coaching, client goals generally involve improving self-love, letting go of negative self-talk, and getting to know oneself better.

First of all, a confidence coach helps the client identify thoughts and fears that are holding them back. This identification creates a separation between the client and their inner voice.

Then, the coach works with the client to challenge what their inner critic says.

Finally, the coach encourages the client to experiment outside their comfort zone to negate the inner voice and create a strong inner ally that supports them.

How To Coach On Self-Confidence

Confidence coaches use many methods to access a client’s inner voice and mute its intensity.

Arts and crafts – When I was training to become a coach, we did a coaching exercise that has stayed with me for a long time. We were asked to create a sketch or figure representing our inner critics and jot down what the critic often says to us. Many trainees, including myself, got very emotional during the session.

This creative separation of the client and their inner voice can be advantageous to a client to break free from their negative thought patterns. Quenza tools like The Acceptance or Avoidance Route, shown below, use the power of metaphors to change clients’ thoughts and behaviors.

The Acceptance or Avoidance Route Confidence Coaching
Quenza’s The Acceptance or Avoidance Route Expansion uses the power of art to coach clients.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy – This model of therapy assumes that our actions are a reflection of our feelings and thoughts. When one’s inner thoughts are negative, it’s important to question their validity by experimenting with these thoughts and beliefs. The client is encouraged to choose a different and more helpful belief and observe how their life is impacted.

Cognitive Restructuring, below, and Moving from Cognitive Fusion to Defusion are powerful Quenza tools that use principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy to alter unhelpful thought patterns.

Confidence Coaching Quenza Expansion Cognitive Restructuring
Quenza’s Cognitive Restructuring activity is a customizable exercise that challenges dysfunctional cognitions in confidence coaching.

Visualization – Our inner voices are always trying to protect us from danger, although these perceived dangers may not necessarily be life and death situations. The antidote to fear is visualization.

Visualizing a future with no fears can be just what clients need to tap into their true potential and a future filled with everything they have been yearning for.

Quenza tools like Goal Visualization and The Private Garden: A Visualization for Stress Reduction use the power of visualization to move clients forward.

Quenza's Goal Visualization Expansion Self Confidence Coaching
The Quenza Goal Visualization Expansion will help clients identify their goals.

10 Inspiring Questions To Ask Your Clients

Powerful questions can get our clients to question their limiting beliefs and become more confident. Here are some sample questions you can use when planning your life coaching sessions.

  1. What beliefs are holding you back in life?
  2. How can you live your best life?
  3. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  4. What thoughts run through your mind daily?
  5. How do you envision your most confident self?
  6. What would it take to be fearless every day?
  7. If you were to fast forward 20 years from now, what can your future self teach you now?
  8. What needs to happen to get you unstuck?
  9. How can we make your life more fun for you?
  10. How are you connecting with your core values daily?

Best Digital Tool For Confidence Coaches

There are many platforms that confidence coaches can use. Not to overwhelm you, we have picked the top three coaching platforms available in the market.

Quenza Confidence CoachingIf you’re a coach who is looking for a ton of readymade, expert tools, this is the best coaching platform for you.

Main features include an Activity builder, automated pathways, science-based activities, community support, app availability, progress tracker, HIPAA-compliant, GDPR-compliant, online communication, and customization.

Price:Starts at $49/month
Cons:A relatively new platform, but valuable features are continuously being added
More info:Quenza
Free Trial:30-day trial for only $1
Nudge Coach Confidence CoachingNudge Coach takes customization to the next level so you can customize your service based on each client segment.

Main features include a client-facing habit tracker, engagement tools, automated sequences, cards for reminders and motivation, monthly challenges, HIPAA-compliant, integration with Zoom and app availability.

Name:Nudge Coach
Price:Starts at $30/month
Cons:Does not include payments or scheduling
More info:Nudge Coach
Free Trial:Available for first three clients
CoachAccountable Confidence CoachingIf you recently became a confidence coach and want a platform to lower the administrative burden, this is the solution for you.

The main features include payment processing, scheduling, coaching plans, reminders, branding, app availability, GDPR-compliant and a progress tracker.

Price:Starts at $20/month
Cons:Mostly an admin tool
More info:CoachAccountable
Free Trial:30-day free trial

Using Quenza For Coaching Clients: An Example

This example walks you through how the Quenza platform can be used throughout the client engagement.

Welcoming the Client And Establishing the Coaching Contract

After an initial introductory meeting with the coach, clients will sign a coaching agreement before beginning the coaching engagement. You can use the Quenza Client Coaching Agreement as a sample.

In addition, Quenza’s Pre-Coaching Questionnaire is a helpful coaching form that can help the coach identify client needs and expectations before the first coaching session.

Pre Coaching Questionnaire Quenza Confidence Coaching Tools
The Pre-Coaching Questionnaire helps identify client goals and expectations.

Getting To Know The Client

Although clients can reveal themselves throughout the coaching engagement, the first few coaching sessions will be critical in getting to know what makes the client tick, how they best communicate, their learning styles, and their preferred accountability method.

Quenza reflection exercises discussed below can help you get to know your client better.

  • The Wheel of Life exercise allows clients to rank their satisfaction with different life domains like career, finances, relationships, fun & recreation, and health.
  • Strength Interview helps clients identify the core strengths and skills that come naturally to them. This will enable the coach to build on the client’s strengths to achieve their goals.
  • Completing Sentences to Clarify Values helps clarify client values by prompting them to complete sentences. Values are core to getting to know what’s important to a client.
Completing Sentences to Clarify Values Confidence Coaching Tools
Quenza offers many values-clarifying tools for confidence coaching, such as Completing Sentences to Clarify Values.

Working Towards Client Goals

Once the coach has a good idea about who the client is and what’s important to them, they collaborate with the client in working towards goals.

For confidence coaching, client goals generally involve improving self-love, letting go of negative self-talk, and getting to know oneself better.

The following Quenza tools can help your clients.

  • Self-Eulogy and My Gravestone are powerful coaching resources that can help clients shed their fears by exploring their future deaths.
  • Consulting the Future Self When Making Choices is a great tool to remove clients from their current inhibitions and envision their futures.
  • A Letter of Self-Compassion and Visualizing a Compassionate Self are tools that can help clients become more self-compassionate, an essential ingredient for more self-confidence.
Letter of Self-Compassion Quenza Expansion Confidence Coaching
Quenza’s Letter of Self-Compassion Expansion helps clients find compassion for themselves to silence their inner voices.

Completing The Coaching Engagement

Session Notes for Clients allows clients to jot down their learnings and insights from each session. This tool can also be a completion exercise for clients to note down what they are taking away from the coaching engagement as a whole.

After each coaching session, you can collect quick client feedback using the Session Rating Scale. In addition, the Coach Evaluation Form lets clients provide feedback on the coach-client relationship, results, and overall satisfaction.

Quenza Session Rating Scale Confidence Coaching Program
The Quenza Session Rating Scale measures the success of each session by getting feedback from your clients.

5 Tools and Resources Included In Quenza

Looking for more tools to help your clients? There’s a ton more on Quenza.

  • Expansions Library: This is a readymade library with many tools developed by expert coaches. You can easily reuse these tools for your clients.
Quenza Expansions Confidence Coaching Program
The Quenza Expansions library has many exercises that you can reuse.
  • Activities: If you want to create your own exercises, you can do so by using this functionality.

  • Pathways: What if you could automate the sending of a set of activities at set frequencies? You can do just that with Quenza and save your valuable time using Pathways.

  • Client Notes: Taking notes of what you learn about the client and their commitments are critical to a successful coaching engagement. This feature helps you take notes and easily retrieve them when needed.
Quenza Session Notes Self Confidence Coaching
With the Session Notes Quenza Expansion, you can take notes after each confidence coaching session.
  • Dashboard: The Quenza dashboard gives you a snapshot of your practice at any given time. This snapshot includes the latest notifications and a summary of active clients, activities in progress, and pathways in progress.
Quenza Dashboard Confidence Coaching Course
The Quenza Dashboard provides a snapshot of your digital confidence coaching practice.

Creating Your Online Program and Coaching Package

An online coaching package lets you access more clients without adding to your already busy schedule, enabling you to make a bigger impact and generate more revenue.

You can use the features discussed above to create your own online coaching program. All you have to do is build your exercises and modules into Activities and schedule them using Pathways.

Final Thoughts

Most of us hold ourselves back because of fears and what our inner critics keep telling us. As a confidence coach, you can help your clients lower the volume of their inner voices and make all their dreams a reality.

Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below. We invite you to start your $1, 1 month trial of Quenza and learn more about how Quenza’s tools can help you with confidence coaching.

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