What is Creativity Coaching? 2 Certifications & Training Programs

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Do your clients ever struggle to innovate, or feel blocked when it comes to achieving their goals?

Individuals in all kinds of professions can benefit greatly from creativity coaching, making it a marvelous solution for more than just artists. If you think you’ve got what it takes to help others unlock, develop, and realize their creative potential, creativity coaching could be the perfect coaching specialty for you.

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What is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity coaching is a specialist niche focused on helping others cultivate their artistic and humanistic talents. Practitioners in this field can work with a huge range of clients, including artists, entrepreneurs, designers, or any individual that can benefit from outside-of-the-box thinking to achieve their goals.

The Creativity Coaching Association, a professional body in the field, describes the role of a creativity coach as follows:[1]

Creativity Coaches are similar to life coaches, but focus more specifically on your creative work. These coaches help you develop your artistic and humanistic talents. Creativity Coaches have helped thousands of artists, writers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and other creative souls to accomplish their dreams.

To support clients with the recognition, development, and application of their imaginative, expressive, or innovative skills, creativity coaching uses a range of techniques. Among others, these include:

  • Goal-setting – creativity coaches help clients formulate achievable goals, e.g. finishing an artistic project, designing innovative new products, or developing industry-disruptive strategies
  • Assessment – understanding a client’s strengths, interests, desires, and values, all of which can inform their development journey
  • Facilitating progress – this covers everything from challenging a client’s limiting beliefs to asking the right questions that facilitate solutions
  • Encouraging learning – by sharing exercises, frameworks, or resources that help a client nurture important skills, e.g. developing psychological flexibility or leveraging intuition.
  • Motivation and support – this is all about encouraging clients to make positive progress toward their goals and covers everything from assisting with action planning to supporting clients as they find a way to overcome obstacles.

How To Become A Creativity Coach

There are many routes into creativity coaching, and you don’t need a specific academic background to start out in this niche.

It’s also true that coaches in a range of specialties frequently use tools that encourage or enhance creative skills; for example:

The Beyond Limitation Question Technique Creativity Coaching
The Beyond Limitation Question Technique is a free creativity coaching tool in Quenza’s Expansion Library that can be customized and shared with clients.

If you’re keen to become a creativity coach with no coaching experience, a good pathway is to:

  1. Enrol in a coaching certification that will teach you fundamental coaching skills
  2. Gather practical experience, or Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)[2]
  3. Develop a signature creativity coaching program, which uses a framework to solve a specific problem for your ideal clients (or helps them achieve a goal) and
  4. Find clients by marketing your business.

For coaches with some experience in another field, e.g. life coaching or business coaching, the most straightforward way to start in the creativity coaching industry is by finding a specific course.

We’ll consider a few of these in the next section.

2 Certifications and Training Programs

There are fewer official certification options in this specialty than you might find in fields such as life or business coaching, but the following have become established training providers in the discipline.



Creativity Coaching Certification Kaizen MuseKaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ offers an 18-week online training program that teaches you how to use tools that can empower your clients to unlock their creative potential.This Zoom-based course is highly flexible, with a tailored curriculum and recorded sessions for those who can’t attend live.
NameKaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training
InstitutionKaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching (KMCC)
Good ForAll coaches



Creativity Coaching Training CCAThe Creativity Coaching Association (CCA) provides teleconference-based distance learning training that runs for 12 to 18 months.The curriculum includes a Basic Coaching Training Course, Advanced Creativity Coaching Training, Building the Coaching Relationship with Creative Clients, and a module on Business Planning and Success Strategies for Creativity Coaches.
NameCreativity Coaching Certification Program
InstitutionCreativity Coaching Association
Good ForAll coaches

Best Digital Solution For Creativity Coaches

So what are your next steps after completing a certification?

Training programs can be an excellent way to learn about the coaching process, important theory, and practical creativity coaching approaches, but even the best course providers won’t run your practice for you.

Essentially, the way you run your sessions, design your programs, and share your solutions with clients is down to you.

Whether you decide to interact with coachees online or in person is up to you, but the best way to manage your practice is using specialized coaching software.

Quenza creativity coaching
Quenza (pictured) has a practitioner dashboard for coaches to design programs and tools, and a free client app for coachees to receive exercises, homework, messages, notifications, and more.

Programs like Quenza are specially designed to simplify the business side of running a coaching practice, and among other things, they can help you:

  • Onboard and keep track of clients (both groups and individuals)
  • Design shareable coaching resources for your clients, such as tools, frameworks, exercises, meditations, and homework
  • Create products and solutions by organizing these resources into coaching programs, packages, e-courses, and more
  • Deliver your solutions automatically, either on a schedule or as a self-paced pathway
  • Stay in touch with clients as they work through their materials
  • Monitor their performance and engagement by tracking their progress, and
  • Document your sessions so that you can implement feedback into your process.

With Quenza specifically, you can even customize your clients’ entire coaching experience in a variety of ways, giving you a unique advantage over other coaches by helping you differentiate yourself.

Quenza essentially acts as an all-in-one mobile coaching program for your practice, whether you’re starting from zero or amping up your game with online coaching solutions. With everything you need to help clients, define your brand, and develop your skills as you gain experience, the platform gives you a vast amount of flexibility to grow as a creativity coach.

5 Ways You Can Use Quenza In Your Practice

Regardless of where you are in your professional (or budding!) coaching career, the range of ways that you can use Quenza to improve your client experience and outcomes is very wide.

As well as designing resources with the easy-to-use Activity Builder and developing programs from Quenza Pathways, you can:

  1. Offer a professional, branded experience by using your logo on tools, the client app, and coaching notes
  2. Personalize ready-made creativity coaching tools like the earlier examples using Quenza’s Expansion Library
  3. Store files or share them with clients (without email back-and-forth) using Quenza Files
  4. Design custom assessments and activities using the unique Wheel of Life feature
  5. Boost engagement and compliance by sending notifications, updates, and messages, and
  6. Ensure all of your coaching resources and correspondence stays secure, private, and organized with Quenza’s HIPAA-compliant Dashboard and platform.

Final Thoughts

Specializing is one of the best things you can do for your coaching career, and creativity coaching is perhaps one of the few ways you can differentiate yourself while still working with a wonderful mix of individual clients.

Take a look at some of the courses and tools that we’ve shared in this article, and you’ll know whether it’s right for you!

Ready to take your creativity coaching to the next level? Apply everything you’ve learned in this guide today by test-driving Quenza for $1.

Quenza is an innovative, all-in-one coaching software that will help you set goals, create bespoke activities, and plan entire coaching journeys online, making it even easier for you to motivate and engage patients on their creative journeys.


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