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Digital Coaching Platform

With the global e-learning market set to reach $325 billion by 2025, there’s never been a better time for coaches to take their solutions digital.[1]

But reaching clients across the world takes hard work, and as you broaden the reach of your services, a growing client list means a bigger back-end burden. If you’re new to online coaching or considering making the leap to virtual, this guide will show you how to use a digital coaching platform to share effective, engaging solutions professionally.

If your goal is to maximize your clients’ results with more effective online solutions, you’ll enjoy our $1 digital coaching app trial, for 30 days of unlimited access to all of Quenza’s specialized features and tools. Our software will enhance the impact of your professional content and programs, and give you everything you need to motivate, guide, and engage clients for maximum goal achievement.

What is Digital Coaching?

Digital coaching is the virtual equivalent of face-to-face coaching, without any of the geographic restrictions. Often, it provides a more cost-effective, convenient, and equally effective alternative to conventional coaching.

Where coaching traditionally takes place face-to-face, digital or mobile coaching often involves live interactions through video, instant messaging, phone calls, or a combination of them all.

Working exclusively online, digital coaches provide the very same professional support and instruction that can help their clients develop, grow, and achieve their unique goals.

A digital model works very well across various different specialties, meaning that it’s possible to deliver:

While every program will be unique, digital coaches typically use a combination of live online appointments, between-session chats, and resources from a structured coaching program to deliver their solutions.

9 Ways Online Platforms Can Upgrade Your Coaching

Digital coaches typically use a combination of live online appointments, between-session chats, and resources from a structured coaching program to deliver their solutions.

There are a few good reasons why many coaches switch to virtual platforms when taking their practice online.

Digital coaching platforms not only act as centralized ‘hubs’ for all your core tasks – which is a huge bonus – but they also come with specially designed coaching tools and features.

These can help you:

  1. Digitalize your paper-based content into modern online coaching programs
  2. Build virtual courses, lessons, downloadables, and exercises from scratch
  3. Share professional coaching documents online (like intake forms, evaluation questionnaires, and feedback surveys)
  4. Deliver organized coaching programs as automated pathways
  5. Promote your business, e.g. when you share materials under your practice brand, or design marketing content
  6. Connect with clients before, between, or after sessions (e.g. through chat or video)
  7. Carry out progress and client tracking more efficiently
  8. Implement your own client engagement strategies, and
  9. Collect and store client information securely, such as assessment results, contact details, and chat logs.

So e-coaching through a platform comes with all kinds of benefits, but how can you know that you’ve got the right solution for your business?

What is the Best Digital Coaching Platform and App?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for digital coaching platforms, so the trick to choosing a system for your practice is to work backward from a list of your primary goals.

Ask yourself as a coach, what are your key pain points?

For most in the industry, there are a few sore spots that online solutions can greatly help with, and looking for the right tools to overcome these problems should guide your product search.

For example, when you:

  • Create content: Individualizing templates for each client can be time consuming. A digital coaching platform like Quenza gives you easy-to-use tools like tokens, drag-and-drop fields, and even customizable Activity templates to help you build unique, personalized solutions online.
  • Design programs: Ideally, a platform should help you organize your client’s coaching journeys into sequences or packages, and with the best apps, you can schedule content for automatic delivery to suit your program.
  • Track results: A digital coaching app can automatically collect clients’ responses and results while updating you with their ongoing performance and progress.
  • Create and store coaching notes: You may find this becomes a paperwork nightmare as your client list grows; with the best platforms, you can create convenient note templates to suit your needs and store them in a HIPAA-compliant platform.
  • Communicate with clients: Email quickly become confusing and often prevents you from giving timely, relevant feedback. This is easily solved with a digital coaching app that offers client chat for speedier interactions from any device.

Quenza is one example of a customizable digital coaching platform for creating custom, personalized content, programs, and gives you the tools to simplify these processes.

It’s ideal for one-on-one and group coaching alike, and in this next section, we’ll show you how you can use it to run your practice from any connected device.

How To Use Quenza’s Digital Tools For Coaching

Whether you’d like to create entirely bespoke learning materials or customize an existing template, Quenza’s coaching tools are easy to use.

By dragging and dropping different fields, you can build coaching exercises, assessments, evaluations, intake documents, meditations, and more from the ground up:

Quenza Activity Builder Digital Coaching Platform
Create professional e-coaching content such as lessons, worksheets, assessments, and diaries with Quenza’s Activity Builder using drag-and-drop tools.

Online content creation is not only much faster than designing paper-based materials, but Quenza’s Activity Builder also allows you to save the templates that you use most frequently.

These are securely stored in your professional library, where you can create modified copies for slightly different coaching solutions.

When it comes to organizing your content into custom programs, Quenza also gives you a simple-to-use Pathway builder for assembling your lessons and Activities into complete sequences, as shown:

Quenza Pathways Tool Digital Coaching Platform Example
Build complete coaching sequences using Quenza’s Pathway tool and share your program content with clients on a schedule.

Above, you can see how Quenza’s pre-made Daily Exceptions Journal Pathway is constructed for you as a template. With a few modifications in your Pathways Tool, this and similar Expansion Library templates are easily shared with your clients as unique, personalized, end-to-end programs.

Your clients can conveniently receive and complete every Activity in their Quenza digital coaching app as soon as you hit ‘send’.

Alternatively, you can pre-schedule entire Pathways in advance; each Activity will be delivered according to your chosen schedule or whenever your client completes an exercise.

You’ll find all their results are automatically collected and stored on Quenza’s HIPAA-compliant platform as soon as they are ready.

Should your clients have any questions, or if you’d like to give them some feedback, simply head to your live chat to touch base instantly:

Quenza Chat Digital Coaching Platform
Chat securely with clients in real time using HIPAA-compliant Quenza Chat (pictured). Here, you can opt in or out of individual conversations, or turn off Chat notifications completely.

When it comes to building client engagement, Quenza’s coaching platform will also send reminders on your behalf.

You can prompt clients to complete their Activities manually, Re-send them if they would like another copy, or even automate your reminders and notifications to give clients a little nudge after a certain interval of inactivity.

Finally, you can market your business throughout all of your correspondence, simply by adding your custom logo to Activities and forms for professional, branded content:

White Label Quenza Digital Coaching Platform
Create branded content using your professional logo with Quenza’s White Label feature.

This is easy with Quenza’s White Label feature, and you’ll know that any PDFs they download come with your practice trademark.

With these tools, creating a completely personalized coaching package is straightforward and stress-free, with infinite possibilities for customizing and individualizing your branded content to suit each particular client.

Now, we’ll give you some useful coaching content to practice with.

12 Ideas For Your Virtual Coaching Practice

If you’re a virtual coach in any field, some versatile exercises to include in your programs include Quenza’s Expansion Library:

  1. Reframing Avoidance Goals to Approach Goals: an exercise to help clients set out-come oriented goals based on their desired future, rather than avoiding outcomes they want to avoid
  2. Goal Visualization: to build intrinsic motivation for coaching journeys through mental imagery and visualization
  3. 20 Guidelines for Developing a Growth Mindset: an Activity that encourages healthy self-beliefs about your client’s abilities
  4. Self-Contract: a framework that coachees can use to set personally inspiring, results-oriented coaching goals, and
  5. Realizing Long Lasting Change By Setting Process Goals: an effective habit creation plan that encourages positive behavior change in support of coaching outcomes.

You’ll also find popular exercises for specific specialties in your Expansion library, for example:

Final Thoughts

While traditional coaching will always be a valuable way to help others, offering an online service can truly future-proof your business. With endless opportunities for business growth and professional development, there’s little doubt that the field will continue to grow.

If you’re ready to be a part of it, use this guide to craft online coaching content of your own. Pretty soon, you’ll be ready to deliver impactful, virtual coaching solutions that help others in your own unique way.

We hope you enjoyed this guide. To turn your new insights into even better coaching outcomes, don’t forget to start your $1 month of Quenza, our all-in-one digital coaching platform.

Quenza is developed to help you deliver engaging, impactful client journeys, and will give you everything you need to share unique, personalized solutions so that you can help others fulfill their unique potential.


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