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Digital Psychology

It may have been borne from necessity, but it’s the massive range of advantages that digital psychology offers that have made it such a popular way to practice.

Whether you’re dabbling with the idea of online practice or you’re hoping to expand your skill set, this resource will help you. Read on to revisit all the pros of being a digital psychologist and learn some new ways to enhance your impact online.

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What is Digital Psychology?

The term “digital psychology” can be rather confusing, as it can refer to two distinct concepts.

To researchers, it describes a field of psychological study concerned with: “the impact of digital technology and media on psychological aspects of human lives, such as human behaviors, actions, attitudes, motivation, learning, and others.”[1]

To blended care practitioners, however, digital psychology is quite simply online psychological practice – teletherapy, telepsychology, telebehavioral health, or online therapy.

Described by the APA as “the provision of psychological services using telecommunication technologies,” digital psychology can involve the use of VOIP, mobile, videoconferencing, email, instant messaging, SMS, or other internet-based services, all with the fundamental aim of helping others with professional mental health services.[2]

11 Benefits of Digital Psychology

Offering therapy digitally has a host of benefits, from more affordable treatments to a bigger, global network of potential clients.

From an online therapy perspective, offering your services digitally can have a host of benefits:

  1. It enables you to help a wider range of potential clients, as remote care is available to everyone with an internet connection
  2. It’s often a more cost-effective way to run your private practice, with no brick-and-mortar overheads required
  3. The savings you make can often be passed on to your clients, allowing you to offer more affordable therapy services
  4. Patients can avoid the potential discomfort of physically attending an office for therapy
  5. It’s quicker and more convenient for you and your clients to work together, and
  6. Your services instantly become more accessible when they’re digitalized, meaning you can treat clients who may be mobility-impaired or less inclined to commute to an office.
Quenza Digital Psychology
Digital psychology apps like Quenza can simplify your day-to-day workflow and help you engage your clients.

Practically, using innovative therapy software for the practical aspects of your professional work can also be beneficial:

  1. Designing, personalizing, and delivering your solutions using digital psychology software is far more efficient than manually designing resources for each individual client
  2. You can make your solutions more interactive and engaging using multimedia such as videos, images, and mp3s
  3. Modern software can take care of all your resource distribution, data collection, and information storage for you
  4. With the right software, it’s possible to automate your clients’ learning and treatment, and
  5. Depending on your chosen technology, you can engage your clients from a distance using purpose-built tools such as in-app client reminders and live secure chat.

6 Helpful Technology Solutions

It’s precisely because digital therapy has so many benefits that it has become much, much more popular in recent years, with up to 98% of e-therapy clients finding it a more convenient solution than on-person therapy.[3]

But as a newcomer to the field, realizing the full advantages of digital practice means finding the right online tools – and there are many software solutions in today’s marketplace.

Client Tracking Quenza
Quenza’s live client tracking tab helps you view and download your clients’ responses as soon as they finish an exercise.

To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, the following are a few of the essential tools that Quenza provides digital psychologists:

  1. A Custom Activity Builder: Helping you create your online therapy exercises, interventions, worksheets, and psychoeducational resources using simple drag-and-drop tools
  2. A Pathway Builder: For curating and sequencing your professional solutions into programs, treatment plans, or online courses
  3. An Expansion Library: An in-app database of fully customizable activities, lessons, instructions, and digital therapy forms
  4. Client Tracking Tools: Quenza automatically collects your clients’ responses so that you can view their activity results instantly, as well as overdue or pending activities
  5. Live Chat: A secure, HIPAA-compliant instant messaging service that keeps you in touch with individual therapy clients or groups
  6. Therapy Notes: Helping you create, store, and easily access all your private notes in separate, organized client profiles.

Ultimate Software For Digital Psychologists

The software you choose will hugely impact the way you help others, from setting the engagement factor for your interventions to deciding how frequently you communicate with clients.

While certain tools (such as live chat or note-taking) are widely available as standalone e-solutions, most digital psychologists find it much more efficient and effective to run their practice with an integrated or all-in-one therapy software system.

With an all-in-one solution like Quenza, you also have purpose-built, GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant tools and features for everything beyond your daily admin.

Essentially, you can:

  1. Design and build unique, custom-branded therapy resources such as quizzes, assessments, meditations, and instructions from blank templates
  2. Customize, personalize, and augment a whole range of popular templates for therapy activities
  3. Organize your materials into a pre-scheduled series of steps for automatic delivery to your clients’ devices, and
  4. Stay on top of all your treatments by checking in with clients and your live results Dashboard.

4 Unique Features Included in Quenza

Quenza is unique in the freedom, flexibility, and control it gives you when it comes to how you practice.

Beyond its easy-to-use suite of digital tools, it also has an ever-growing array of original features for therapists:

  1. A Multilingual Client App – which clients can use to navigate Quenza in 16+ languages
  2. A Group Therapy/Coaching Feature (Quenza Groups) – for bulk-importing and working with groups of up to 50 participants
  3. The Wheel of Life template – for crafting uniquely beautiful self-assessments, and
  4. Customizable White Label Features – meaning you can choose your brand colors, add your own logo, and send emails from your private address.

Become A Digital Psychologist: 3 Courses

To practice as a professional teletherapist, you’ll need the right credentials. Here are three well-established training courses that will help you get there.



AOT Digital Psychology CoursesThe ACTO accredited Academy for Online Therapy offers an 8-month Diploma in Online Therapy through video, audio, email, and chat tutorials and classes.

This course will teach you how to practice online, develop your practice, and digital psychology essentials such as ethics, confidentiality, and client assessments.

NameDiploma in Online Therapy
InstitutionAcademy for Online Therapy (AOT)
Good ForCounselors, Psychologists, Mental Health Coaches



AMAP Digital Psychology CoursesThis beginner-to-advanced course from AMAP is run on, and teaches the theory behind various counseling strategies.

With articles, downloadable, and 43.5 hours of online video, aspiring counselors participating in this course will learn the skills such as listening, self-awareness, and relationship building for effective practice.


Counseling Skills Certificate Course (Beginner to Advanced)

InstitutionThe Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (AMAP)
Good ForCounselors, Psychologists, Mental Health Coaches



UPenn Digital Psychology CoursesThis course from UPenn teaches you about key theories and research in the field of positive psychology, as well as the strategies and tools related to optimal wellbeing.

A self-paced, beginner-level course for digital psychologists who want to add positive psychology approaches to their skillset, the suggested duration of this online course is approximately 5 weeks.

NameFoundations of Positive Psychology
InstitutionUniversity of Pennsylvania
Good ForMental Health Coaches, Health Coaches, Wellness Coaches, Counselors, Psychologists

Final Thoughts

If digital therapy is a solution you’d like to offer, consider this your How-To guide to getting started. And for the seasoned practitioner who’s looking to upgrade their practice, we highly recommend checking out our blog full of tips, worksheets and guides.

Regardless of how familiar you are with blended care, there’s always a new way to enhance your impact digitally – so why not share a tip for your peers in the comments?

We hope you enjoyed this guide. Don’t forget to start your $1, 1 month trial of Quenza today.

Quenza will help you deliver your own brand of high-quality e-therapy easily and effectively, and will give you everything you need to run your digital practice easily from any device.


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