EuroAcademy partnered with Quenza to expand its services in Sweden and Norway


(Göteborg, Sweden and Maastricht, The Netherlands – September 1, 2023) EuroAcademy Leadership Institute and Quenza have signed a partnership to exclusively offer the services of Quenza within the territory of Sweden and Norway.

The partnership between EuroAcademy and Quenza is based on a solid foundation and a mutual inherent drive to improve global wellness through state-of-the-art digital technology. Both companies are committed to supporting and developing individuals, teams, and organizations for success through all life phases, enabling them to empower their customers at optimum scale and efficiency. 

EuroAcademy Leadership Institute is a mission-driven and value-based leadership company founded in 1985 with clients all over the globe. As a trailblazer in leadership education, EuroAcademy’s institute sets the stage for a new era of visionary and impactful leaders who will shape the future of diverse industries.

“The unique thing with Quenza is the well-crafted online coach tool combined with an outstanding knowledge- and tool bank based on positive psychology. This is a perfect match aligned with our core values and our mission for A WORLD WELL LED, says Magnus Österman, CEO at EuroAcademy. “Combined with our leadership programs, it will strengthen our coaches in empowering our clients in their leadership and personal development, well-being, and resilience.”

Quenza has been serving thousands of helping professionals since 2020 by designing software that empowers them to improve their clients’ mental health most effectively, efficiently, and conveniently. Their software facilitates the creation and delivery of automated and sequential online interventions, offers precise monitoring of client progress, and strengthens the interaction between professional and client.

“We are excited to be able to start working together with EuroAcademy,” says Hugo Alberts, co-founder and CPO at Quenza. “Together, we can establish the Quenza market in the Nordics and get a step closer to our mission to create a world where genuine leadership, resilience and mindfulness is fostered through the helping professional’s use of cutting-edge technology.”

This strategic partnership brings together EuroAcademy’s expertise in leadership excellence and Quenza’s innovative digital tools to create an unparalleled learning experience for aspiring leaders. Through this synergy, participants of EuroAcademy’s programs will gain access to Quenza’s advanced coaching platform, enabling them to receive personalized guidance, track their progress, and engage in transformative self-development journeys. 

This not only revolutionizes the way leadership skills are honed but also sets a precedent for the convergence of traditional education and technology-driven innovation. As EuroAcademy Leadership Institute and Quenza join forces, they reaffirm their shared commitment to shaping visionary leaders who will lead with impact and inspire change

For more information, please contact:

Magnus Österman
EuroAcademy International


Ernst Jansen
Co-founder & COO

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