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Running a health coaching business can be infinitely rewarding. You help others sleep better, eat healthier, and make empowering long-term decisions, ultimately, enhancing the way they feel every day.

But as a professional, plenty more goes on behind the scenes – from business marketing and client motivation to progress tracking, program design, and course personalization. In this article, we’ll explore how a health coaching app can help you stay on top of everything it takes to run a successful, thriving practice so that you can grow your business for the future.

Before you read on, we think you’ll enjoy a $1 trial of Quenza, our health coaching app for wellness professionals. Our online toolkit will help you design engaging, personalized programs based on your clients’ specific goals, so that you can help others unlock their unique wellbeing potential.

What is Online Health Coaching?

Wherever clients are ready to make positive changes to their lifestyle, nutrition, and wellbeing, online health coaching can be very effective.

Similar to how life coaches support clients in achieving their personal ambitions, a health coach can help others develop and achieve their wellbeing goals.

Using the same approaches of goal-setting, knowledge-sharing, action planning, and motivation, online health coaching professionals can others create personalized strategies for achieving goals such as:

  • Stress management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Enhancing energy levels
  • Weight management, or
  • Controlling chronic health conditions.

Working together with you on a program that suits your needs, preferences, interests, and objectives, online health coaching takes place using virtual channels such as:

  • Specialized health coaching apps
  • Instant messaging
  • Video conferencing, and
  • Live calls.

5 Benefits of Virtual Health Coaching

Virtual health coaching puts clients in charge of their own behavior, giving them insight into their own strengths for a long-term approach to better health and wellbeing.

Anyone keen to take ownership of their lifestyle and nutrition choices may benefit from the support of an online coach.

According to the research, health coaching can be a clinically effective, evidence-based approach that helps with the “modification of multiple risk factors in healthy persons, as well as those with certain common chronic diseases.”[1]

It can:

  1. Help clients positively change a range of behaviors, such as increasing physical activity, improving nutrition, or managing tobacco use
  2. Lead to clinically relevant improvements in health-related risk factors ( including blood pressure, total cholesterol, cholesterol, glucose levels, body weight, BMI, and cardiorespiratory fitness)
  3. Be more accessible and cost-effective than some traditional wellbeing rehabilitation programs, without sacrificing efficacy, and
  4. Provide a clinically effective way for remotely located clients to access wellness support and guidance over the phone and Internet.

More practically, virtual health coaching puts clients in charge of their own behavior, giving them insight into their own strengths for a long-term approach to better health and wellbeing.

What Is The Best App For Health Coaches?

A professional health coaching app can be a clever, efficient way to streamline and promote your practice while maximizing the positive impact of your virtual solutions.

It should essentially work as an all-in-one ‘toolkit,’ giving you easy-to-use but effective, powerful tools for the wide range of tasks your work involves.

In a nutshell, the best app for health coaches will ideally help you:

  • Optimize your business administration, e.g. by simplifying your paperwork or correspondence
  • Create personalized programs, courses, or material for your health coaching clients – so that you can share your own solutions, packages, and programs
  • Manage your client relationships more effectively – ideally helping you reach new customers and grow your clientele
  • Build health engagement, with purpose-built tools for informing, educating, and activating clients
  • Track client progress – so you can adjust or improve your personalized solutions for better results, and
  • Store your client data securely – including chats, assessment results, personal details from forms, and more.

There is a wide range of software and platforms that are designed to help coaching professionals, from single-function personal trainer apps to full-blown telehealth software. The ideal health coaching app for your business, however, should have the right tools for your unique solutions and workflow.

Regardless of your unique value proposition within the industry, however, it’s always worth looking out for a specialized health coaching app.

Let’s take a closer look.

5 Unique Tools Included in Quenza

Quenza is one example of a personal health coaching app that has been designed to work as an all-in-one toolkit for online coaching.

Designed by online coaches and e-therapists, its wellbeing and e-coaching tools are purpose-built to cover both the ‘back-end’ and customer-facing aspects of running your practice.

These include:

  1. Custom Activity Builders for creating unique health coaching solutions like nutrition plans, customer forms, coaching lessons, interactive worksheets, and practical exercises
  2. Care Pathway Builders to assemble your Activities and interventions into holistic coaching packages or programs
  3. Real-time results tracking for monitoring progress and collecting client data
  4. Customer engagement tools for building motivation, providing feedback, and supporting clients, and
  5. HIPAA-compliant client portals, that are easy to use, free, and encrypt all your data for private, secure client interactions.

Because Quenza was developed for professional teletherapy and e-coaching, it provides full flexibility to design your own custom content under your own coaching brand.

How To Use The Quenza Platform For Coaching

Designed by professional online coaches as an all-in-one solution to their most common workflow challenges, Quenza has easy-to-use specialized tools for creating your own programs, exercises, assessments, and interventions.

As a health coach, it comes with convenient, free apps that allow clients to access your programs from any connected device.

It’s a great way to develop coaching solutions from the ground up, using drag-and-drop tools to craft activities from pre-made fields.

Simply title and save an Activity, like a mood tracker or practical exercise, and use Quenza’s check boxes, short answer fields, and more to build your content in a few clicks:

Quenza Activity Builder Health Coaching App
Build your own tutorials, worksheets, assessments, and exercises in Quenza’s Activity Builder to share with your clients through any connected device.

With your Activity Builder, you can design health coaching content that’s based on your client’s specific goals and deliver it at the best time for both of you. It’s also easy to share your own videos, audio, and images for clearer guidance and a personal touch that can be highly motivating.

Using Quenza’s pre-made Activities, or Expansions, program design is even more efficient. If you’re not keen to create interventions from scratch, you may find there’s already a science-based, tried-and-tested Activity in your Expansion Library that suits your health coaching program:

Expansion Library Quenza Health Coaching App
Customize pre-made Activities from Quenza’s Expansion Library to use research-based exercises and interventions in your health coaching programs.

Your Expansion Library contains some great health coaching Activities that can be fully personalized with client tokens (like their name or professional title) and custom fields of your own.

Simply browse by Activity type or tag to find great material that matches your clients’ goals for a more efficient, organized approach to program design.

Mindfulness training and strengths approaches (shown above) are a few great examples of modifiable online health coaching Activities – in a moment, we’ll share a few more ideas.

Quenza’s coaching Pathway Builder can help you organize your programs or packages and motivate your clients at once.

Shown below, it’s designed to help you structure effective, engaging solutions that combine your Activities in a seamless flow:

Quenza Pathways Health Coaching App
Quenza’s Pathways tool keeps your content organized and schedules your Activities for delivery at custom intervals to suit your program.

With Quenza’s Pathways tool, you can choose your own bespoke Activities and modified templates from a drop-down menu, crafting Pathways that are delivered to your clients’ health coaching app at pre-specified intervals.

You can easily use this feature to create end-to-end individual or group coaching programs, then stay on top of client progress through automatic live results tracking in your Dashboard.

Where you’d like to communicate with clients in real-time, Quenza’s chat works beautifully:

Quenza Chat Health Coaching App
Quenza Chat keeps your conversations secure and private, so you can support and motivate online health coaching clients any time on their mobile apps.

Because your entire health coaching platform is HIPAA-compliant, Quenza Chat gives you a private, secure way to stay in touch between sessions.

By giving timely feedback and answering your clients’ key questions about your programs, it’s a great way to ensure your solutions have their optimal intended impact.

Now, let’s look at some great health coaching program ideas in Quenza’s Expansion Library that you can customize, personalize, and share right away with your clients.

6 Ideas For Your Health Coaching Program

These health coaching program ideas are a useful starting point if you’re looking for Activities, assessments, and forms to include in your packages:

  1. Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement lays out the terms and conditions of your professional coaching services in a handy online form that clients can complete online
  2. A Client Self Contract is another useful way to help them set time-delineated, personal, and ultimately more motivational goals for their journey
  3. With the Pre Coaching Questionnaire, you can explore clients’ expectations and ambitions
  4. The Coach Evaluation Form collects valuable feedback on how you work and deliver results
  5. A Session Rating Scale gives you an even closer look for more detailed insights into each session, and
  6. The Strengths Interview can help you and your clients understand their strengths, for a personalized, more inspiring health coaching journey and better results.

Final Thoughts

Online health coaching is a powerful way to help others live healthier, happier lives. As a fast-growing field, it’s also full of great opportunities to carve out your own niche and hone your skills.

Consider this your guide to simplifying the back-end tasks that eat up your time, so you can focus on driving client results and growing as a professional health coach in your own right.

We hope you enjoyed this guide. Don’t forget to unlock your 1 dollar, 1 month Quenza trial to start designing your own health coaching solutions.

Our professional health coaching app will help you maximize client engagement with unique, interactive programs based on your clients’ requirements, and contains all the tools you need to run your coaching practice from any connected device.


  1. ^ Gordon, N. F., Salmon, R. D., Wright, B. S., Faircloth, G. C., Reid, K. S., & Gordon, T. L. (2017). Clinical effectiveness of lifestyle health coaching: case study of an evidence-based program. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 11(2), 153.

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