Your Ultimate High-Performance Coaching Guide

High Performance Coaching

Do you like working with ambitious clients who want to change the world? Or clients who subscribe to the idea that anything is possible with the right tools and resources?

If you answered yes, high-performance coaching may be an excellent fit for you. You will work with clients to help them unleash their potential and perform at their highest level.

Read on to find out more about how to become a high-performance coach. Want to follow along with Quenza tools? Use the Quenza Lite package for just $1 during the first month.

What is High-Performance Coaching?

High-performance coaching relates to coaching individuals to perform at their best in their career or personal life. Many clients seek high-performance coaching after significant setbacks or realizations in life.

This coaching method borrows techniques from sports and military environments. High-performance coaching will result in sustained changes and an elevated lifestyle for the client in the long term.

High-performance coaching relates to coaching individuals to perform at their best in their career or personal life.

A Look At High-Performance Lifestyle Coaching

A lifestyle coach helps clients realize their desires. These desires can be for health, entertainment, income, education, relationships, spirituality, everyday concerns, or other areas.

When it comes to high-performance lifestyle coaching, the coach will help the client upgrade their lifestyle to an optimal level by working towards lifestyle goals chosen by the client.

What is High-Performance Executive Coaching?

Many leaders in the corporate world are faced with intense demands in an ever-changing business environment. Shareholders expect remarkable returns, customers want the best products as soon as possible, and employees can easily be wowed by competitors.

Executive coaches need to meet the demands of all stakeholders while striving to maintain their health, relationships, and spirituality. High-performance executive coaching will help executive leaders excel in their businesses and personal lives.

The High-Performance Coaching Model

Let’s explore three widely used high-performance coaching models.

Flow Experiences Coaching for High Performance Quenza
Quenza’s modifiable Exploring Flow Experiences Expansion can help clients explore their flow experiences.

The Flow Model – The difficulty of a challenge and the client’s belief in their skill to perform the challenge decide if the client enjoys the task and gets into the “flow” status. Quenza’s Exploring Flow Experiences tool, shown above, can help clients explore these flow experiences.

From Inner Critic to Inner Coach Meditation High Performance Coaching Model
Quenza From Inner Critic to Inner Coach Meditation tool lets clients listen to their inner critic and inner coach.

The Performance Equation – As per coach and author Timothy Gallwey, one’s performance is equal to potential minus interference. Interference can come from the client’s fears, inner critic, and worries, and the goal of the coach is to acknowledge potential and minimize interference.

From Inner Critic to Inner Coach Meditation, another Quenza Expansion shown above, lets the client identify factors that result in interference.

A Mindful Goal Focus High Performance Coaching Model
Clarifying client goals is essential for high-performance coaching, and Quenza tools can help.

The GROW Model – The acronym GROW stands for Goal, Reality, Options, and Will/Way Forward. This model helps clients clarify their goals, identify the current situation and gaps, list viable options, and make decisive plans on achieving the goals. As shown here, Quenza’s A Mindful Goal Focus will help clients identify the balance between future goals and the current moment.

How To Coach For High Performance

Coaching for high performance varies from other coaching types, as the client may need to be challenged more than usual.

  • Ensure client goals motivate the client adequately. The key to high-performance coaching is to set slightly challenging goals that are milestones on the way to the client’s ultimate performance goals. When the client sets safe goals out of fear, it’s the coach’s responsibility to push the client outside their comfort zone.
  • Provide honest and transparent feedback. When the client executes according to the action plan, the coach should not hesitate to offer constructive feedback to help the client achieve their goal faster.
  • Establish the client as the expert in their life. Clients who come for high-performance coaching already have a very clear idea of what they want. As the coach, you need to honor their needs and respect their action plan as they are the expert in their life.
  • Promote a learner’s attitude. High performance is all about having a learner’s mindset vs. a judger’s mindset, as the client takes daily action to work towards their goals. The coach should model this thinking and help the client embrace a similar mindset.

4 Benefits of Using Online Software

There are many benefits to using online software for your high-performance coaching practice.

Quenza Community Portal High Performance Coaching
The Quenza Community Portal is a wonderful resource to ask questions and share your experience.
  • Improve client accountability – Using coaching software, clients can be sent regular lessons and exercises easily. This will improve the client’s accountability to their goals as most of the coaching happens between sessions when clients apply what they learned in coaching to their real lives.
  • Streamline processes – An online software lets coaches store all client information in a single location, making the records easy to store, search, and retrieve as needed.
  • Save time through automation – One of the most significant advantages of using online software is that it lets you automate almost all admin tasks. When your practice grows, this can become a considerable time-saver.
  • Access an expert community of coaches – Most online coaching platforms let you ask questions and share experiences with like-minded coaches. This is useful because an effective coach continues to upskill based on the latest research and methodologies.

5 Ways To Use Quenza For Coaching

The Quenza platform has many tools that you can use in your coaching practice.

Quenza's Goal Visualization Tool Coaching for High Performance
The Quenza Goal Visualization tool will help clients identify their goals.

Goal Visualization: This tool can help clients become crystal clear on their goals through a visualization exercise.

Realizing Long-Lasting Change Quenza High Performance Coaching Program
Forming habits is essential when achieving client goals. The Quenza platform has many tools that can help with this.

Realizing Long-Lasting Change by Setting Process Goals: Using this tool, clients can build daily habits that will convert to long-lasting changes and help achieve their goals.

Pathways: This Quenza feature helps automate the sending of a collection of activities to clients at predetermined intervals. This can save a lot of time for a coach.

Quenza Client Chat high performance coaching program
Quenza helps you securely communicate with clients.

Client Chat: Sometimes, clients may want immediate input as they are executing against their high-performance action plans. The Quenza chat functionality enables you to communicate with clients securely.

Quenza Expansions High Performance Coaching
The Quenza Expansion Library has many activities and exercises for you to choose from.

Expansions Library: For high-performance coaching, it is critical to have clear goals, measure progress along the way, and readjust plans as needed. The Quenza Expansions Library has a ton of coaching activities and exercises that you can use in every stage of coaching.

Training in High-Performance Coaching

There are four components to becoming a skilled coach:

  • Complete an accredited training program
  • Practice coaching with real clients (the number of hours will vary based on the accreditation)
  • Pass a coaching skills evaluation test
  • Continue to refine coaching skills

Besides learning about high-performance coaching techniques, you will need to master coaching fundamentals like asking powerful questions, active listening, coaching presence, direct communication, and using intuition.

How To Become A Certified High-Performance Coach

Here are three certification programs for a high-performance coach.

  1. Coaching Credentials by the International Coaching Federation (ICF): Although ICF credentials do not solely focus on high-performance coaching, ICF is one of the most recognized bodies for coaches. In addition, ICF-affiliated training programs generally cover a fair share of high-performance techniques.
  2. Certification by the High Performance Institute: You can become a certified high-performance coach by completing this program. The certification is by Brendon Burchard, named as “the world’s leading high-performance coach” by Forbes.
  3. Certified High Performance Coach by GrowthDay: This high-performance coaching certification is affiliated with the High Performance Institute mentioned above and includes science-backed frameworks to implement a 12–week coaching engagement with clients.

5 Best Courses, Programs, and Study Guides

  1. The Inner Game of Tennis (Amazon) by W. Timothy Gallwey explores mindset shifts for peak performance.
  2. ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment Exam Preparation for the ICF credential examinations.
  3. Coach Training by the Adler Graduate Professional School follows Adlerian psychology models for coaching. (Full disclosure: I’m an Adler-Trained Coach and can personally attest to how great the program is. However, this is not an affiliate link or an advertisement.)
  4. Co-Active Professional Coach Training by the Co-Active Training Institute is a widely recognized program that follows the Co-Active Model.
  5. Free Study Guide from the Life Coach Certification Institute for life coaches.

Final Thoughts

When you coach for high performance, clients naturally expect you to be a high performer yourself. An online coaching platform can help you become a high-performing coach by streamlining processes and saving time to expand your practice.

Start with Quenza for $1 to discover how you can take your coaching to the next level.

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Sabrina is a life and career coach, currently working on her ICF accreditation. She is also an experienced freelance writer focusing on mental health and technology. In her past corporate life, she was an automation manager at a bank in Toronto, Canada.

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