3 Best Online Life Coach Platforms Reviewed [2022]

Life Coaching Platform Online

There’s never been a better time to run a digital coaching practice. But as your client list expands, you can quickly become the biggest bottleneck to your own business growth.

We’ve reviewed the best online life coach platforms to help you work smarter, not harder. Learn why online tools are essential and how the right platform can set you up for success!

What Are Life Coach Platforms?

As online life coaching grows, so do the platforms that help coaches run and grow their businesses.

These coaching platforms offer tools that can help your business generate more revenue and scale up, while improving your effectiveness as a coach.

Depending on the features of your chosen solution, there are a few ways that a life coach platform can benefit you. In a nutshell, however, a valuable platform is one that enables you to:

  • Run your business from anywhere, and
  • Increase your impact as a coach.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why Online Coaching Tools Are Essential

As any life coach with an online practice will know, coaching clients is only part of the job.

Growing your client list inevitably results in more behind-the-scenes work, so that tasks such as marketing, session prep, and admin start to require more “unbillable” hours of your time.

That’s where a good life coaching platform can be invaluable – the right tools will enable you to manage many of these non-core tasks, so you can focus on your expertise: coaching.

The following list contains just a few examples of the many ways that life coaching platform tools can help you:

  1. Automation of repetitive tasks
    Most clients go through the same steps, especially at the beginning of the coaching process, when the coach is getting to know the client’s goals, values, and strengths. These tasks and activities can be easily automated via a coaching tool like Quenza’s Pathway builder, with which you can automate your onboarding experience by sharing digital assessments, forms, and life coaching agreements.
  2. Quick and easy progress check-ins
    A good platform allows you to view client progress online and conduct quick check-ins, so you can improve your client experience and build and maintain engagement. This can save you time from having to track progress manually.
  3. Creating a seamless, professional client experience
    A coaching tool can help you streamline almost every step of your client’s experience, from intake to evaluation. Some of these stages include contracting, onboarding, discovery, scheduling appointments, invoicing, receiving payments, conducting completion exercises, and obtaining testimonials, all of which can take considerable time when you are working with dozens – if not hundreds – of clients.
  4. Access to industry best practices
    As a life coach, learning from your fellow practitioners is a great way to improve your own business. The best life coaching platforms provide you with opportunities to network (e.g. Quenza’s Community section) and easy access to free science-based tools, so you can leverage best practices in your business.
  5. More time on value-added tasks
    With all the time you save through automation and standardization, you have much more freedom to work one-on-one with clients and build your online coaching practice.

3 Best Life Coaching Platforms Reviewed

While we’ve reviewed many platforms that claim to be “all-in-one”, very few of them are.

If you’re looking to grow your business and engage your clients so they achieve better results, it’s best to look for a platform with coaching-specific features.

Quenza Health Coach AppQuenza is focused on the value you can bring to your clients as a life coach while scaling up and reducing your administrative burden.
Main featuresFeatures include:

  • Coaching Activity builder
  • Automated Pathways for creating programs, packages, and courses
  • Science-backed Activity templates (exercises, forms, meditations)
  • Community & Support
  • Progress tracker
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Online communication
  • White label
  • Free mobile app
DrawbacksAlthough a relatively new platform, some great features are constantly being added.
PriceStarts at $49/month
Free Trial30-day trial for only $1
More InfoQuenza
Nudge Coach
Nudge CoachNudge Coach takes customization to a whole new level. This level of customization is attractive because each client is different, and we need the flexibility of customizing coaching engagements.
Main featuresFeatures include:

  • Client-facing habit tracker
  • Engagement tools
  • Automated sequences
  • Cards for reminders and motivation
  • Monthly challenges
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Integration with Zoom
  • Mobile app
DrawbacksDoes not include payments or scheduling.
PriceStarts at $30/month.
Free TrialAvailable for your first three clients.
More InfoNudge
Power Diary
blue and black power diary logoPower Diary is primarily a practice management solution, which features client and care management features, automated appointment notifications, billing, and invoicing solutions, SMS-based chat, and more.
Main featuresFeatures include:

  • Invoice processing
  • Scheduling
  • Multiple users
  • Practice management reports
  • Client portal
  • Custom forms
DrawbacksMostly for admin purposes.
PriceStarts at $5/week.
Free Trial14-day free trial
More InfoPower Diary

4 Life Coaching Tools in Quenza

When it comes to running a successful life coaching business, Quenza is a great example of a platform that helps you coach. Quenza makes it easy for you to create personalized resources, share them with clients, and bundle them into life coaching packages so you can scale up efficiently with one-to-many solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at four of many life coaching tools, worksheets, and exercises that you can create or customize using the platform.

Self-directed Learning Paths

Life coaches work with clients with very different needs. What is common with all these clients is that they want to attain a set of goals – but the path to get to the goal will be different for each client.

The automated Pathways feature in Quenza lets you create a self-directed learning path for your client based on their goals, existing gaps, and ways to bridge the gap.

You can work with your client to set up a Pathway at the beginning of your coaching engagement and adjust it as you go along based on your client’s progress.

The Wheel of Life

Most life coaches assess all areas of a client’s life in an initial discovery session. A tool that’s often used for this is the Wheel of Life.

The Quenza Wheel of Life feature lets you and your client choose from different domains, prioritize each domain, and measure their satisfaction in each area. Domains available in the tool are partner, learning, money, recreation, career, health, environment, community, friend, and family.

Quenza custom Wheel of Life coaching tool with ten domains
With Quenza’s Wheel of Life Feature, you can craft custom life coaching self-assessments with unique or personalized scales, domains, and text.

We’ve also created a handy guide to help you create your own Wheel of Life exercise.

Progress Tracking

Tracking your client’s progress toward their goals using a tool can motivate them to make progress.

Quenza gives you a quick and simple way to keep tabs on your clients’ progress in real-time, and additionally, to send nudges or reminders to boost engagement.

Client Chat

Based on your life coaching niche, some clients may need to get in touch with you for emotional support. For example, if you’re a divorce coach and your client has had an extremely challenging day at court, they may need to get in touch with you to regulate their emotions.

Quenza Chat is available for times like this. The interface is fully encrypted and HIPAA-compliant, and the feature can be turned off for certain clients if they no longer need this functionality.

Quenza Chat showing desktop conversation between client and coach
Maintaining client engagement requires ongoing communication and evaluation of the coaching relationship to make sure the client is engaged, on track, and satisfied. Look for a life coaching platform that offers HIPAA-compliant chat for this purpose (pictured: Quenza Chat).

Using Platforms 101: Guide For Professional Life Coaches

It’s one thing to choose the right life coach platform and another to make it work for you.

Using Quenza as an example, here are a few ideas for using your platform to enhance your business.

Dashboard for an overview of your coaching practice

Need a quick way to get a snapshot of the latest developments in your practice?

A good life coaching platform will summarize your latest notifications, active clients, Activities in progress, and active Pathways in a Dashboard.

Periodically checking Quenza’s Dashboard, as shown below, will give you a sense of how your practice is doing.

Quenza Dashboard showing client activities and notifications
Quenza’s Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your clients’ latest activities, how many active clients you have, and what’s going on in your practice.

Activities for client engagement

In Quenza, Activities are exercises, meditations, worksheets, and reflections that your client can perform prior to coaching or between sessions.

As a coach, you can customize Activities and schedule them to be sent to clients at pre-determined intervals.

These are a great way to keep clients engaged with their coaching goals and reinforce what you discuss in your coaching sessions.

Efficiency with Expansions

In Quenza, you don’t have to create all the Activities yourself. There is an existing library of customizable science-based Activities and forms to choose from, all created by expert coaches.

You can simply reuse these Expansions as they are or customize them to suit your clients.

Quenza Thinking About Alternatives Expansion desktop preview
Quenza’s Thinking About Alternatives To Your Pasts Expansion is one example of a customizable science-based life coaching tool that you can share with individual clients or groups.

Automation through Pathways

It’s easy to lose a lot of time emailing clients, following up, and maintaining client documents.

Quenza’s Pathways function lets you automate a set of Activities and remove yourself from the admin grind, as shown below.

Industry best practices

The coaching world changes regularly as more and more research is conducted on human psychology.

In addition, many coaches regularly publish life coaching books and papers based on their coaching experience.

The community portal on Quenza has a wealth of information. You can also share your insights with and ask questions of the expert coaching community, or request new features and Expansions.

Quenza Community Portal desktop view
Quenza users can make and upvote feature and Expansion requests in the Community section, and network with fellow coaches to find out what they’re doing in their practices.  

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re hoping to create more time, revenue, or client engagement, there is now a massive range of life coaching platforms that can help you manage all the “behind-the-scenes” stuff that takes you away from coaching.

If you’re planning to grow your practice in 2022, get started now with Quenza’s 30-day, $1 trial. Quenza makes it simple for you to scale up your practice and revenue by engaging your clients on autopilot. Take your life coaching up a notch and help even more clients succeed!

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