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Nutrition coaching software

Being a nutrition coach is a balancing act – between client goals, tailoring programs, and creating meal plans, it can be rather like the healthy eating pyramid. But driving lasting, positive behavior change as a dietician and fitness professional requires focus and expertise, so being swamped with different tasks can make things more difficult than they need to be.

If your goal is to help others maximize their wellbeing with informed, healthier choices, this article will help you find the best nutrition coaching app for your business and show you how to use it.

Before you start, we recommend trying out Quenza’s user-friendly tools for nutrition coaches with a $1, 30-day trial. Our digital coaching tools will help you deliver professional coaching journeys from start to finish, and give you everything you need to maximize your positive impact as a nutrition coach online.

How To Become A Nutrition Coach: Requirements

Nutrition coaches play an important role as fitness professionals, helping clients achieving their fitness, dietary, and overall health goals for sustained, and improved wellbeing.

By sharing the skills, knowledge, and support clients that need to make positive behavior and dietary changes, they essentially give them all the tools to take a more proactive role in their physical health.

Based on a client’s requirements, they may help them:

  • Eat a more balanced diet
  • Make healthier nutrition choices
  • Gain or lose weight
  • Improve their energy levels, and
  • Make more informed decisions about when, where, how, and what they fuel their bodies with.

To provide proper advice and guidance, nutrition coaches are generally required to have a recognized certification before they can practice professionally.

Shaping healthier behavior for a lifetime is at the core of nutrition coaching, and at the end of the day, it comes down to how you engage, motivate, and support your clients.

Best Certification Programs & Online Courses

With a wide array of nutrition coaching certifications, nutrition certificates, diplomas, and specialties on today’s market, choosing the right pathway for your chosen practice is easiest with your goals in mind.

According to the National of Sports Medicine, a Certificate in Nutrition is a prerequisite, with a recommended specialization in behavior change for more of the skills related to driving sustainable behavior change.[1]

Some good examples include:

If you’re interested in providing broader health coaching, wellness coaching, or personal trainer services, check out our other articles – but for all these specialized pathways, effective coaching skills are essential if your goal is to shape positive, lasting behavior change for your clients.

Growing Your Coaching Business with Online Solutions

Whether you’re an experienced professional or still wondering how to become a nutrition coach, offering virtual services is a great way to make your solutions more accessible.

Not only does nutrition coaching translate well into digital packages, plans, and solutions, but providing mobile coaching as a nutritionist can be a strategic way to help others globally with far fewer costs, restrictions, and complications than face-to-face coaching involves.

With all the right tools, nutrition coaching software can also help you:

  • Reach more geographically dispersed clients with your existing plans, courses, and programs
  • Design bespoke solutions in less time, more easily
  • Stay on top of your clients’ behaviors and progress, such as their dietary goals, fitness objectives, and health indicators
  • Store client details, such as allergies, preferences, and health information securely
  • Build engagement by running campaigns, customizing responses, and sharing your promotions online
  • Share your expertise between sessions with homework, videos, exercises, and lessons
  • Streamline your client notes, with custom templates like SOAP or BIRP notes
  • Share progress notes with other providers involved in your clients’ healthcare, and
  • Be available for your coachees at any time, with live chat, notifications, emails, and automated reminders.

Fortunately, the huge demand for online services means an equally large wealth of specially developed nutrition coaching apps are now available – as a professional, it’s just down to you to pick the right one for your business.

The Best Nutrition Coaching Software & App

Picking out the best nutrition coaching software for your practice doesn’t necessarily mean wading through lists of features.

By starting with your needs in mind, your search will become a matter of finding an app that gives you all the right benefits.

And whenever it comes to online coaching, professional practitioners need a few essential features – Quenza is a great example.

9 Benefits of Quenza For Nutrition Health Coaches

Specially designed by online coaches for secure remote practice, Quenza’s tools are uniquely designed to help you deliver your services as a nutrition coach online – for example:

  1. It’s designed with privacy in mind, so can be used as secure telehealth software with GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant communications
  2. Quenza includes free, live, secure client chat, which is great for checking in with clients in-between sessions
  3. With its Activity Builder, practitioners can quickly and easily create custom interventions, homework, activities, exercises, and lessons
  4. These can be used to create personalized programs in a few clicks with the Pathway tool, for automated sending
  5. It’s white-label, meaning all solutions can be branded with your professional logo
  6. Quenza comes with free client smartphone apps – secure Client Portals for Apple and Android devices
  7. It features custom form builders for streamlining intake, making coaching notes, contact forms, and other practice essentials
  8. All results are received in real-time, so practitioners can give timely, relevant feedback, and
  9. Quenza’s notifications, reminders, and emails all make it a great motivation app, an essential for nutrition coaches who want to shape behavior change.

As this next step-by-step guide will show, Quenza is also lightweight, user-friendly, and can greatly speed up how practitioners build entire nutrition coaching programs online.

Using Quenza Software For Online Nutrition Coaching

Quenza’s unique design makes it great both for coaching management and as an all-in-one tool for nutrition coaching online.

From one Dashboard, it’s easy to start designing lessons, courses, activities, and exercises using Quenza’s Activity Builder. To create a new activity, simply drag and drop different fields to build personalized solutions for setting goals, motivating your clients, or sharing your expertise on fitness, diet, and lifestyle.

Quenza Activity Builder Nutrition Coaching Online
Build interactive nutrition coaching solutions for your clients by picking and mixing different text boxes, answer boxes, and multimedia with Quenza’s Activity Builder.

Behavior diaries, food journals, and activity logs are all useful nutrition health coaching exercises that can be made even more engaging by using Quenza’s Activity Builder to include your own audio messages as we’ve done here.

All your Activities can be saved as templates for different clients, and even personalized with a few clicks each time you share them from the Activity Library when you integrate tokens such as Client Name and Professional Name:

Quenza Nutrition Coaching Online Tokens
Cut down prep time by saving the templates you use most, which can be personalized with tokens.

As in this example, your clients will receive your Activities in real-time through Quenza’s free mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Alternatively, you can choose to schedule your exercises, quizzes, lessons, and program content for automated delivery at a time that suits you both best.

When they complete your Activities through their secure Client Portal, you’ll instantly receive their results in real-time in your Dashboard, all of which are private, confidential, and encrypted in accordance with HIPAA:

Nutrition Coaching Software Quenza
Choose whether your real-time results are viewable to only you, just your client, or both of you.

As this screenshot shows, your Activity Library is where you can check whether clients are working on their Activities, as well as the content that’s been Received, Canceled, or Completed.

It’s also possible to create entire coaching programs, packages, or courses using Quenza’s nutrition coaching software, by sorting Activities into Pathways as we’ve done:

Quenza Pathways Nutrition Coaching
Quenza’s Pathway Builder helps you organize Activities into programs for automated delivery.

From your Pathway Builder, you can decide when you’d like each step to be delivered, and edit each Activity before you share it with different clients.

Follow a program you’ve collaborated on together, or share Activities manually based on your clients’ pace; if your client needs a little nudge, you can use Quenza to resend activities, email reminders, or in-app notifications.

Final Thoughts

Shaping healthier behavior for a lifetime is at the core of nutrition coaching, and at the end of the day, it comes down to how you engage, motivate, and support your clients.

By designing your solutions from a client-centered perspective, you can better align your services to meet your clients’ needs, preferences, and goals. With this in mind, choosing the right nutrition coaching app won’t be overwhelming – it will be empowering.

We hope you reading this article. Don’t forget to trial our nutrition coaching app with your 30-day, $1 trial for all the tools you need to take your practice online. With real-time client results, HIPAA-compliant communication, and powerful client engagement tools, you’ll have everything you drive lasting, positive behavior change in those you help.


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