How To Boost Your Online Business Coaching Work + 12 Tools

Online Business Coaching Tools

In a global, dynamic, and rapidly-paced business environment, organizational survival can be tough. It means that while almost anyone can start a business, achieving ideal growth takes extra hard work and focus.

If you’ve considered helping business owners or getting a little extra support for yourself, this guide looks at online business coaching tools that can help you along the way.

Before you get started, we think you’ll really enjoy our 1 dollar, full access trial of Quenza’s online business coaching toolkit. Specially designed to enhance your professional impact, Quenza will give you everything you need to share engaging personal coaching journeys with those you help, so you can enhance their chances of success.

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a professional, personalized development solution for entrepreneurs, teams, or business owners in pursuit of organizational success.

Broadly, it involves the provision of expert support and guidance that can help a business adapt, survive, and thrive.

Because business coaching involves bespoke, goal-oriented programs, however, it can cover a wide variety of client needs.

These might include:

  • Clarifying an organization’s mission and vision
  • Helping them set objectives for long-term growth
  • Encouraging them to overcome obstacles from new perspectives, or
  • Supporting them as they design or implement new operational processes.

How Does Online Business Coaching Work Exactly?

Online business coaching can involve one-on-one virtual collaborations through videoconferencing, voice calls, or instant messaging, and between-session resources that clients interact with at their leisure.

An online business coach typically forms a close, ongoing professional relationship with each client, providing them with support and guidance over the duration of a personalized program.

This collaboration can involve one-on-one virtual meetings through videoconferencing, voice calls, or instant messaging, and between-session resources that a client can interact with at their leisure.

Where traditional coaching conventionally takes place entirely in person, online business coaching uses a variety of internet-based channels to achieve the same goals.

Some examples include:

  • Using specialized meeting software to conduct live coaching sessions
  • Leveraging video tutorials, audio lectures, or other multimedia to explain key concepts
  • Sharing assessments, homework, lessons, or development activities as interactive digital coaching tools, and
  • Providing feedback and support through instant messaging or email.
Quenza Chat Online Business Coaching Tools
Coaching platforms include tools like Quenza Chat (pictured) to help clients and coaches stay in contact throughout their business coaching journeys.

6 Ways To Boost Your Coaching Business

If you’re an e-coaching professional or curious about taking your traditional solutions virtual, a coaching app can be a convenient, cost-effective way to digitalize your practice.

There are a plethora of purpose-built solutions for specific tasks on the market, such as spreadsheets or VOIP software, but an all-in-one suite that solves care of all your coaching management pain points is by far the best kind of platform for professional practice.

With dedicated online business coaching software, you’ve got a purpose-built toolkit with the features and capabilities you need to:

  1. Simplify key coaching management processes, such as intake, onboarding, and evaluation,
  2. Build your online business coaching solutions, either from templates or from the ground up,
  3. Personalize your programs, by offering individualized content and organizing your solutions into coaching packages,
  4. Monitor and track client progress with ease, so you can satisfy their needs and interests more effectively,
  5. Store confidential information securely, and
  6. Stay in touch with your clients between appointments.

The key to unlocking these benefits and growing your business is to choose the right solution for your practice – in the next section, we’ll show you what online coaching tools to look for.

Quenza HIPAA Online Business Coaching Tools
HIPAA-compliant business coaching apps like Quenza (pictured) allow coaches to store client details, assessment results and chat correspondence securely.

What is the Best App & Platform For Business Coaches?

In today’s fast-growing software market, it’s easy to get stuck searching for the right online solution. If you’re new to e-coaching, especially, product searches can quickly devolve into time-consuming comparisons of various features, tools, prices, and interfaces.

As a development professional, it’s always best to start your search with your key goals in mind. Ask yourself: How do you create value for clients, and what will you need to accomplish it?

A good rule of thumb is to look for online business coaching tools that simplify your core everyday tasks while leaving you with the flexibility to customize your unique offer.

Check out this table for a good overview of some examples from Quenza.

Business Coaching Objective

Quenza’s Tool/Feature

Helping You…

Creating personalized coaching solutions that align with your client’s needs and goals

Activity Builder

Use this custom content creator to design and share unique exercises, assessments, coaching forms, and homework.

Staying in contact with clients between sessions to offer guidance, feedback, and support

Quenza Chat

Communicate through a private, secure interface with coachees, anytime, anywhere

Marketing and growing your professional brand

White Label Feature

Brand coaching materials and correspondence with your practice logo

Organizing client programs into complete solutions, or offering coaching packages

Pathways Tool

Structure your activities into coaching journeys, and automate learning by scheduling their delivery

Monitor client progress and performance

Real-time Results Tracking

Automatically collect and store activity results, form data to stay on top of improvements, and adapt your programs

Explain complex or practical coaching concepts

Multimedia Support

Integrate your own custom videos, audio, images, and downloadables into activities

Empower your clients in their own development

Client Portal

Equip coachees with a single coaching ‘hub’ where they can access your resources or communicate with you from any connected device.

How To Use Quenza Software: A Guide

Quenza’s easy-to-use interface makes it a powerful business coaching app for new and seasoned professionals – not only is it simple to learn, but it gives you full creative flexibility around content and program design.

You can use Quenza to craft e-learning resources, assemble programs or coaching sequences, and understand your clients’ engagement and progress all from one centralized Dashboard.

Creating Activities, Assessments, and Homework

To design activities such as assessments, coaching exercises, or course content, you’ll find everything you need in Quenza’s Activity Builder, shown below.

These online business coaching tools are convenient drag-and-drop custom fields, allowing you to craft bespoke interventions, lessons, modules, and other resources from dropdown menus, Likert scales, checkboxes, text boxes, and more:

Quenza Activity Builder Business Coaching Tools
Quenza’s easy-to-use Activity Builder lets you drag and drop custom fields into blank templates, so you can tailor your clients’ Activities to suit their unique needs.

You can create sections, include short answer boxes, and integrate your own multimedia in your Activity Builder to tailor your solutions to each client’s needs.

Once you’ve saved an activity, you’ll be able to send them instantly as separate worksheets, exercises, or surveys.

Building Pathways and Packages

You might want to share client activities by assembling them into a coaching package, program, course, or complete journey, which is precisely what Quenza’s Pathways Tool is designed to do.

Whether you’d like to sequence bespoke activities of your own or include pre-made Expansion Library templates into your journey, you’ll be able to do so easily by selecting them as steps:

Quenza Pathways Example Business Coaching Tools
Quenza’s Pathways Tool is ideal for designing client-centered coaching journeys and automating learning.

Quenza’s Pathways Tool is also perfect for automating your packages or sequences so that your clients receive relevant resources according to a program or course.

To schedule your steps, turn on your “Show Interval” toggle to enter custom time frames between each exercise, worksheet, or Activity.

Tracking Results

Quenza’s real-time results tracking makes client tracking super simple, automatically capturing and storing form responses, exercise answers, and assessment results through its HIPAA-compliant platform.

You can view whether your clients have received an activity, begun the work, completed an exercise, or canceled anything from your Dashboard, as pictured:

Quenza Results Tracking Online Business Coaching Tools
Client results are captured in real-time with Quenza’s HIPAA-compliant coaching app, and instantly viewable in your Dashboard.

Not only does this help you stay organized, but it’s also a useful way to gauge client engagement.

If you’d like to prompt a client, head over to Quenza Chat for a private, secure check-in. If you’d like to re-send an exercise or prompt them with an in-app reminder, you can easily do so from your Actions column, shown above.

5 Business Coaching Tools Featured in Quenza

Quenza’s Expansion Library is your free, in-app resource for versatile, pre-made professional coaching tools.

It’s a brilliant way to find inspiration for your own business coaching exercises, assessments, and even handy forms that simplify your onboarding or evaluation.

Here are a few samples that can easily be tailored to suit your clients’ unique goals, needs, and interests.

Coaching Tool



The Beyond Limitation Question Technique


Create insight into coachees’ personal values and overcome anxiety.

Self Contract


A self-reflection exercise that builds personal accountability and motivates goal-oriented behavior.

Goal Visualization


Boost coachee motivation using mental imagery techniques.

Strengths Interview


Help clients identify personal strengths to inform planning and problem-solving.

Strengths In Significant Moments


Cultivate awareness of character strengths by exploring significant life moments.

Final Thoughts

Whether you help individuals or specialize in group coaching, online business coaching tools give you endless opportunities to take your programs to the next level. With a little creativity and learning time, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t adapt any existing service to an online format.

We’re sure you’ll find everything you need in Quenza’s professional toolkit, so let us know how your first custom programs turn out!

If you’re ready to share unique online business coaching tools with your clients, don’t forget to start your 30-day Quenza trial for only $1. Our professional e-coaching toolbox will help you craft engaging, personal coaching programs online, so you can create meaningful, impactful journeys that help your clients achieve their personal goals.

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