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Trust, communication, and client engagement are important in any coaching relationship – but with one-on-one, or personal coaching, they’re central.

As more growth professionals embrace the new normal, online personal coaching apps are becoming the go-to solution for delivering close, individualized journeys. This article explores how you can find the best online personal coaching app for your business, and use it to amplify your positive impact as a coach.

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What is Personal Coaching & How Does It Work?

Personal coaching is a professional developmental solution that helps individuals to maximize their personal performance and fulfill their unique potential.

According to the UK’s CIPD, it can be focused on specific skills and goals, while also having a potential impact on a client’s personal attributes, like enhancing their social interactions or building their confidence. [1]

Personal coaching typically lasts for a set period, and unlike personal training or mentorship, it is typically non directive.

Regardless of whether it is life coaching, health coaching, or a development journey centered on wellness, personal coaching always involves an agenda and goals that are set by clients.[2]

How Does Online Personal Coaching Work?

In virtual settings, a personal coach works one-on-one with a client through a relatively structured process.

Using a combination of:

  • Personal, live sessions – Typically carried out through instant chat or videoconference
  • Between-session communication – to provide support or give feedback, and
  • Learning materials – e.g. lessons, activities, exercises, videos, and homework, clients work through an individualized program tailored by their coach to meet their unique needs, capabilities, interests, strengths, and development areas.

Unlike team or group coaching, personal coaching uses a bespoke, individualized approach and can involve a closer professional relationship between practitioner and client.

We’ll explore some specific techniques a little later on.

15 Proven Benefits of Personal Coaching

Regardless of whether it is life coaching, health coaching, or a wellness development journey, personal coaching always involves an agenda and goals that are set by clients.

Coaching has been around for decades and is a well-established way to help clients who are keen to improve their skills and achieve their unique goals.

According to the McLean Institute of Coaching, some of its benefits include:[3]

  1. Helping clients establish and take steps towards achieving their goals
  2. Develop more self-reliance
  3. Enhance their satisfaction with life and work
  4. Driving more effective contributions from team members and staff
  5. Encouraging individuals to take more responsibility and accountability for their behaviors and commitments
  6. Making collaboration easier and more productive, and
  7. Improving communication in a range of settings.

More specifically, the International Coaching Federation has found that the client benefits of working with a personal coach include improvements to:[4]

  1. Work performance
  2. Time management
  3. Business management
  4. Team management
  5. Self-confidence
  6. Relationships
  7. Work/life balance, and
  8. Communication.

In short, an effective personal coaching relationship can help clients can unlock a wealth of benefits – both as individuals and regarding their specific goals.

Whether it’s delivered using a conventional face-to-face approach, or as online personal coaching, it can be a highly effective way to make positive, long-lasting changes to the way you live.

A Look At Online Personal Coaching (+ Techniques)

Building on these fundamentals, professional coaches across specialties use a few common techniques to deliver personalized, and thus more effective coaching journeys for their clients.

These include:

  1. Pre-session Check-ins and Onboarding
  2. Goal-Setting
  3. Mindfulness/Building Self-Awareness
  4. Feedback, Follow-Up, and Reflection, and
  5. Accountability

Here’s a little more about these personal coaching techniques and what they aim to achieve:



Pre-session Checkins and Onboarding 

Pre-session check-ins, questionnaires, and onboarding help coaches:

  • Learn more about their clients
  • Understand their motivations, and
  • Plan for the sessions ahead.


Coaching journeys center on a client’s goals; a professional coach can help them to:

  • Clarify objectives
  • Establish realistic goal-related actions
  • Understand what resources are necessary, and
  • Visualize success

Mindfulness Exercises

Building a client’s understanding of their needs, desires, habits:

  • Invites new perspectives, and
  • Encourages flexibility and resilience when faced with setbacks

Feedback, Follow-up, and Reflection

When a personal coach gives timely, clear, and constructive feedback, it:

  • Helps clients understand their progress and adjust their efforts
  • Provides motivation
  • Builds the working coach-client relationship, and
  • Fosters client accountability.


By owning their goals and actions, clients can:

  • Create realistic, flexible action plans
  • Self-motivate along the way, and ultimately
  • Improve their chances of goal-achievement

What is the Best Personal Coaching App?

If these techniques play an important part in the way you help others, you’ve likely looked for an online personal coaching app for your business.

Quenza is one great example of an all-in-one digital coaching platform with user-friendly tools built for the purpose.

It’s biggest advantage, perhaps, is that Quenza can be used to deliver highly individualized, customizable journeys based on your preferred techniques and specialties, resulting in a powerful online personal coaching experience for your clients.

Some of its features and their benefits include:

  • An Activity Builder: Where coaches can design custom assessments to understand their clients needs, as well as Activities, exercises, lessons, and meditations based around them
  • A Pathways Tool: That assembles Activities into complete coaching sequences, programs, packages, or pathways
  • Client Engagement Tools: Helping you build motivation with live chat, prompt behavior with notifications, and craft promotional materials to build your brand
  • Live Client Tracking: To collect mood tracking data, Activity results, and patient form details in real-time
  • HIPAA-compliance: Protecting your chats, client results, and interactions to a secure telehealth standard
  • White Label Features: Allowing you to brand your content and grow your business
  • Free Client Coaching Apps: Giving your clients a secure, private, mobile Client Portal where all your exchanges are conveniently centralized.

As a professional, using Quenza as a personal coaching app is a convenient way to reduce your paperwork burden, strengthen your client relationships, and maximize the positive impact of your solutions.

For clients, it’s an easy, free, and secure way to stay in touch with you and access all your exercises for a smoother virtual coaching journey.

How To Use Quenza: A Guide For Personal Coaches

If you’re ready to use Quenza’s tools to upgrade your online coaching business, the best place to start is in your Activity Builder.

Here, you can create ground-up exercises, surveys, quizzes, meditations, and more, incorporating your custom videos and audio where you’d like to add a personal or professional touch:

Quenza Personal Coaching Online App
Quenza’s Activity Builder is your all-in-one content creation tool for designing online personal coaching solutions.

Located right in your Dashboard, your Activity Builder is your one-stop-shop for designing personalized coaching activities and interventions using simple drag-and-drop tools, as shown above.

If you’d rather customize a pre-made template, simply head to your Expansion Library and browse ready-to-go, research-based interventions, meditations, metaphors, intake forms, and more.

You’ll also find structured Pathways for you to brand, modify, or send as they are:

Quenza Pathways Tool Personal Coaching Online App
Modify pre-designed coaching programs using Quenza’s Expansion Pathways for group or personal coaching.

Once you’ve saved a copy, you can automatically open and personalize them for your clients in the same Activity Builder. As you can see here, Quenza Pathways are a quick and simple coaching journeys, ready to be scheduled and sent automatically.

If you’re creating your own using the Pathways Tool, all you need to do is choose ideal intervals for when your content will be shared.

Quenza will automatically send each step of your personal coaching journey directly to your Client’s Portal, as shown:

Client App Quenza Personal Coaching Example
Your clients can receive notifications, and reminders to complete Activities on Quenza’s personal coaching app, helping you maintain engagement between sessions.

If they don’t open an Activity for a while, you can even pre-schedule reminders and notifications to motivate them.

Alternatively, you might want to connect with them using Quenza’s live, secure chat feature:

Quenza Chat Personal Coaching App
Quenza Chat connects you securely with your personal coaching clients, so you can provide feedback, follow up, or check-in between appointments.

Because Quenza Chat is fully HIPAA-compliant, all of your chat logs are securely encrypted to give you and your clients peace of mind.

To discover even more ways to simplify the back-end of your coaching business, check out our How-To Guide for Crafting an Online Coaching Portal, plus our resource on Virtual Life Coaching using Quenza.

5 Built-In Coaching Tools in Quenza Software

If you’re ready to take your solutions online, a personal coaching app is the best way to design personalized, practice-branded solutions for your entire journey.

In Quenza’s Expansion Library, you can also find some useful coaching tools available as pre-made templates, ready for you to customize with your unique content and practice logo.

We’ve summed up a few examples in this table.

Coaching Tool



Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

Pre-session Check-ins and Onboarding

Encourages strong personal coaching relationships by gathering background information on clients, their goals, and their expectations.

Goal Visualization


Mental imagery exercise that initiates planning and problem-solving while enhancing client motivation.

Personal Needs Meditation

Mindfulness/Building Self-Awareness

Helps clients understand what they need with regard to their challenges.

Session Notes for Clients

Feedback, Follow-up, and Reflection

A practical template for clients to record insights and key notes from your sessions together.

Self Contract


Encourages clients to implement specific positive change by a set date, building accountability and motivation to foster positive change.

Final Thoughts

No matter what specialty you’re in, personal coaching done right is a great experience for clients and professionals both. As you help others grow their skills, it’s almost impossible not to develop as a professional in your own right.

With a great personal coaching app, you can focus on delivering unique solutions and growing strong client relationships, ultimately, helping you drive positive change even more effectively.

We hope you enjoyed our review of personal coaching tools, tips, and techniques for your practice. Don’t forget to apply your new skills with your $1 trial of Quenza’s online coaching software.

Our all-in-one solution will transform the way you engage your clients by helping you deliver unique, personalized solutions for even better outcomes and goal-achievement.


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