[BIG UPDATE] You Can Now Use Quenza for Coaching Groups

Group Coaching Motivational Program Quenza

This morning, we rolled out the biggest update so far, drastically increasing the impact you can make with Quenza.

You can now:

  • bulk import clients with a spreadsheet (we provide a template here)
  • easily invite clients to join via email
  • create groups of up to 50 clients
  • send out activities and pathways to groups
  • chat with your groups and have clients interact with each other
  • export group results (PDF)
  • use extended text alignment options in the activity builder

This means you can now use Quenza to make a bigger impact in the lives of your clients.

Here are some ways in which you can make the most out of the new features.

  • You can connect clients to each other using group chat (if you do group coaching, for instance).
  • You can give all your online program participants access to your course by sending a pathway to a group (drip-feeding your content).
  • You can segment your clients or workshop participants by putting them together in a group (organising your clientele).
  • You can send single activities to a group of clients, saving you tons of time (while gathering exportable group data).

I hope this feature will make your work much easier, your impact even bigger, and your practice more profitable.

Simply log in and go to Clients > Groups to get started (or click here)!

About the author

Seph Fontane Pennock is a serial entrepreneur in the mental health space and one of the co-founders of Quenza. His mission is to solve the most important problems that practitioners are facing in the changing landscape of therapy and coaching now that the world is turning more and more digital.

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