Quenza Organizations™: More Effective Teamwork, More Engaged Clients

Quenza Organizations

It can be so frustrating trying to collaborate on a client’s care. From ensuring everyone has the right resources to tracking each professional’s client interactions, there are a lot of moving parts!

That’s why you’ll love Quenza Organizations™ if you work with other coaches, therapists, or providers within one practice.

Quenza Organizations™ In Action

With tools to help you share Activities, visualize client engagement data, transfer clients, and more, the Quenza Organizations feature is exclusively designed to help your team to simplify and synergize.

In this video, Hugo demonstrates all the ways in which you can now spend less time getting aligned. With easier file sharing, client transfer, and more, here’s how you can boost your client success rates by working even more effectively with Organizations™.

In case you missed it, here are just a few ways you can start to turbocharge your productivity:

  • Upload and download Activities and Pathways with one shared content library
  • Send Files instantly and from anywhere with your whole professional team
  • Add seats as your team grows and assign different role titles to Organization™ members
  • Transfer clients and their histories between professionals
  • Switch between personal and Organizational profiles in a single click.

On top of this, one of the best things about Organizations™ is that you can make it completely yours.

Add members as your practice grows, assign roles for different specialties, manage different user permissions, and customize everything with your professional logo and email address—it’s up to you.

How To Get Started

To start collaborating with your team using Quenza, head to Settings > Subscription > Change Plan in your Dashboard.

When you select Upgrade to Organizations™, you can choose how many seats you’d like to add (one per professional in your practice):

how to add professional seats in Quenza Organizations screengrab

You can now use Quenza together from anywhere, so that you’re always on the same page and free to focus on what matters most: helping clients.

Oh, and it’s just as easy to sign up for Organizations™ even if you don’t yet have a Quenza account; just click here.


About the author

Catherine specializes in Organizational and Positive Psychology, helping entrepreneurs, clinical psychologists and OD specialists grow their businesses by simplifying their digital journeys.


  1. AU AnnaMarie UriosteSmith

    I am a licensed clinical social worker trying to build my private practice. I have reviewed both Quenza and the Life Navigation – Positive Psychology program.

    I will remain independent, not working for an agency, corporation, etc.

    As such, which of these programs would be more appropriate for me?

    I am in the last 1/3 of my life and plan to work into my 70’s.

    Thank you.

    1. CM Catherine Moore

      Hi Anna Marie, thanks for your question.
      Both of these solutions are useful in different ways – the Life Navigation Program will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies you need to apply positive psychology and increase the wellbeing of your clients.
      Quenza, on the other hand, will allow you to build, manage, and grow an online practice as a helping professional, which includes engaging your clients and sharing the exercises and resources involved in the Life Navigation Program.
      I’ve asked one of our support team to contact you directly and help you with any questions you might have!

  2. AJ Anthony F Riordan Jr.

    Good day! I have been looking over what Quenza is all about and am interested in looking more into the model here, as well as actually starting up a practice.

    I was very successful in expanding a company and starting up a second corporation over 13 years as a project director, corporate secretary and a coach for 18 years. I had major operations from tumors derailing my corporate career and
    I’ve struggled at how to apply all my training experiences, coaching and leadership without being stuck sitting for 8 hours perday behind a computer. So my assuring everyone around me succeeded in the corporate world as well as my family, even coaching youth to utilize sports as an avenue of motivation to carry them through college, the success of others pushed me up the ladder and still 20 years later
    , youth thank me for there careers. So all that leads me to wonder how this background would work moving forward.

    I would be interested in your thoughts to begin a start up. I’m in School for certification with a PMP, project management program.
    Cornell U offers programs but what would be most beneficial to focus on for a short time turn around to support a business model such as your?


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