Caroline Rou, MSc

Researcher, Writer, Content Manager

Caroline is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in psychology, research, data analysis, and online marketing. She graduated in 2022 with a Double Master of Science degree in Psychology and further enhanced her expertise by pursuing University research projects that have been published in reputable journals.

Early in her career, Caroline worked at, demonstrating a fervent commitment to making mental health more accessible and comprehensible for everyone. She then transitioned to as a Content Manager, SEO Manager, and Mental Health Writer, where her prolific contributions have deepened the content that is published on the blog.

Work Experience

  • Content Strategist (
  • Researcher (Tilburg University)
  • Content Manager & SEO Manager (


  • 2020 – Bachelor of Science in Forensic & Clinical Psychology
  • 2021 – Master of Science in Positive Psychology
  • 2022 – Master of Science in Legal Psychology

Author posts