Therapy Forms: 19 Templates and Online Solutions

Therapy Forms

From intake forms to formal contracts, feedback surveys, and post-session evaluations, creating the right therapy forms for your practice can be time-consuming. Sharing them, personalizing them, and ensuring they’re stored securely on top of it all just adds even more admin time to your schedule.

If you’re new to blended care, though, you can’t afford to miss any of these steps – but it doesn’t mean you can’t be more efficient. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use some of Quenza’s easy-to-customize therapy forms and templates, so that you can free up your workday for a little more quality time with patients.

Before you get started, we think you’ll love our $1, 1 month trial of Quenza’s therapy tools.

Our online toolkit is beautifully designed to enhance your efficacy as a mental health specialist and will help you design, build, and share professional therapy forms and solutions under your practice brand.

4 Intake and Consent Template Forms

Whether you work in a clinic, private practice, or as a solo practitioner, your intake process is your first chance to make a great impression on your patients.

If you’re ready to digitalize your intake process, you can use Quenza to share digital therapy intake forms easily, either by:

  1. Designing your own online intake forms, or
  2. Customizing an Expansion Library template.

How To Create Therapy Consent Forms

Creating your own therapy intake forms is a great way to ensure you’ve got the information you need for third parties, such as relevant healthcare providers, while collecting no more personal data than necessary.

It can be a balancing act, but designing your own digital therapy or counseling forms also gives you the flexibility to design your form’s look and the practice-specific information you want to share.

To ensure a smooth, convenient online intake session with your own custom intake forms, head to Quenza’s Activity Builder:

Quenza Therapy Intake Forms
Create your own therapy intake and consent forms in Quenza’s Activity Builder using drag-and-drop tools.

Your Activity Builder is where you can craft forms from blank, titled templates using a range of pre-made fields like:

  • Text boxes
  • Multiple-choice fields
  • Checkboxes
  • Drop-down menus
  • Custom linear scales, and more.

It’s also ideal for crafting interactive surveys, using the same user-friendly builder tools as shown below:

Quenza Activity Builder Therapy Forms
You can build your own practice forms, worksheets, assessments, and contracts from the same easy-to-use Activity Builder tools.

Once your therapy forms are finalized, you can even upload your own practice logo to them before sending a digital copy to your patients.

The second way to use Quenza’s tools for intake is by customizing an existing template.

3 Example Therapy Intake Forms

If your practice doesn’t have online intake forms already, and you’re not keen to create your own forms from zero, Quenza offers a wealth of customizable therapy form templates that you can modify to suit your needs.

These forms can be found in your Expansion Library, shown below:

Quenza Therapy Consent Forms Example
Save time by customizing a therapy form template from Quenza’s Expansion Library.

Here, you can search for Expansion Library templates by type to filter down your search results to intake forms or agreements.

Here’s a sample of intake forms you’ll find in Quenza’s Expansion Library:

  1. Coaching Client Agreement – use this form to lay out the conditions and terms of a general or mental health coaching contract
  2. Coaching Intake Questionnaire – while also designed for coaches, this can easily be modified to create a versatile therapy intake form, and
  3. Self-Contract – with this therapy template, patients can set their unique mental health goals at the outset of a treatment program in a way that enhances motivation.

To personalize each of these templates, simply save a copy to your Library and open it up. You’ll be able to title, customize, and upgrade each template based on your patient’s specific needs with tokens (e.g. patient name), bespoke images, and even unique multimedia such as YouTube videos.

4 Samples of Assessment Forms

Creating beautiful, effective practice forms may not be the most exciting part of your job, but they’re essential to ensuring your practice delivers a high-caliber, smooth patient experience.

With your digital onboarding process all ready to welcome new customers, you’re ready to think about initial therapeutic assessments.

In Quenza, you can use the same versatile Activity Builder and Expansion Library routes to create your own assessments, whether you’re designing Activities for groups or personal counseling questionnaires.

Some customizable Quenza Expansion assessments include:

  1. The Wheel of Life – this asks your patient to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 1-10 in life domains: partner, money, community, recreation, career, health, learning, friends, family, and environment to identify areas that might need more attention.
  2. The End of Therapy Evaluation – which assesses your client’s overall therapeutic experience and their perception of their sessions, and
  3. Quenza’s Life Domain Satisfaction tool: Like the Wheel of Life, this therapeutic assessment explores a client’s perceived satisfaction with 16 different areas of their life.

Crafting Custom Therapy Assessments

What if a certain Expansion fits your clients’ therapy goals, but you’d like to use your own unique tools?

It’s always possible to customize Expansions, but Quenza also gives you the flexibility to create your own therapy tools from scratch.

One particularly useful Activity Builder Tool is the Wheel of Life blank template, which allows you to craft your own custom life domain satisfaction assessment with unique labels and questions:

Wheel of life Therapy Forms
Use Quenza’s Wheel of Life Activity Builder tool to create bespoke assessments with your own labels, scales, and questions.

The Wheel of Life tool makes it easy to craft bespoke assessments in a few clicks, and you’re free to send these as standalone interventions or insert them into a personalized care Pathway.

4 Forms & For Your Group Therapy Sessions

Looking for group therapy forms to send before workshops or after your blended learning sessions?

You can get your sessions off to a flying start or collect feedback afterward with these:

  1. Strength Interview – this exercise asks your group participants 20 questions related to energy, performance, and authenticity to provide insight into their personal strengths
  2. Session Notes for Clients – with this versatile client form, group therapy members have a convenient template for noting down their thoughts during a workshop, session, or class
  3. End of Therapy Evaluation – patients in group therapy can use this questionnaire to ‘rate’ their experience with you as a therapist, and
  4. The Effectiveness of a Session Evaluation – a multi-purpose assessment for gathering participants’ views after a group session.

How To Better Send and Store Digital Forms

Sending your digital therapy forms is easy with Quenza, and entirely HIPAA-compliant. All your patients’ responses will automatically be collected and visible to you in your Dashboard, so once you’ve saved an Activity you can either:

  1. Send it as a standalone form or Activity, or
  2. Integrate your questionnaire, quiz, or survey into a Pathway.

Sharing your forms as separate Activities is ideal if you’ve only got one evaluation, intake form, or assessment to send.

Once you’ve saved your completed template, simply hit send in the top right-hand corner of your open Activity Builder as shown below:

Quenza Therapy Forms Sample
You can deliver single therapy forms to your clients by saving them and sending them as single Activity Builder Activities.

Alternatively, just head back to your Activity Library and choose “Send” as an Action for the Activity you’d like to share.

If you’d like to send a therapy form as a step in a Pathway, you can do so in a few clicks using your Pathways Tool.

Just insert your desired form as a step in a Pathway to have it automatically delivered to your client as part of a coaching program, e-course, or care Pathway:

Quenza Pathways Tool Therapy Forms
Share therapy forms as a step in your treatment plans or care pathways using Quenza’s Pathways Tool.

Sending forms as Pathway steps is ideal if you’re designing full therapy journeys – if you’d like to share intake forms before a few Activities, or add evaluation forms to the end of your treatments.

All forms that you send using Quenza are AES-256 encrypted, meaning that they’re shared and stored in a GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant manner. To learn more about the safeguards you can take to make your solutions more secure, check out our full guide to Writing HIPAA Compliant Psychotherapy Notes: 10 Tips & Apps.

7 Online Features Included in Quenza

As well as a powerful Activity Builder, Pathways Tools, and HIPAA-compliant chat, Quenza’s therapy toolbox also comes with a range of user-friendly features.

Putting you in charge of every aspect of your therapy journeys, you’ll find:

  1. Live results tracking, showing you Pending, Completed, Canceled, and In Progress Activities for each of your clients
  2. Quenza’s free multilingual client app for iOS and Android devices
  3. Automatic or manual reminders for Activities, to help you build patient engagement
  4. White label branding for all your therapy tools and Activities
  5. HIPAA-complaint client notes
  6. White label email sending that sends your correspondence with your name and email address, and of course
  7. Helpful updates from the Quenza Community, bringing you FAQs and answers from fellow practitioners, right in your Dashboard.

Final Thoughts

Creating beautiful, effective practice forms may not be the most exciting part of your working day, but they’re essential to ensuring your practice delivers a high-caliber, smooth remote care experience for patients.

With these easy templates and our little guide to help you, getting the information you need should be much faster and simpler. If we’ve missed any practice forms that you’d like to know more about, let us know in a comment.

We hope this resource was helpful. Don’t forget to try Quenza’s e-therapy tools for yourself, for $1.

Our blended care software will help you craft professional, practice-branded therapy forms easily, and equip you with everything required to run your practice seamlessly from any connected device.

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