How To Better Use Tools For Coaching: A Quick Guide

Tools For Coaching

Digital coaching tools are at the heart of how development professionals create value, and as online coaching becomes increasingly popular, there are more tools available than ever before.

It can be confusing for those new to e-coaching, to say the least. We’ve created this guide to help you choose the tools for coaching that best suit your practice, clients, and professional style, with examples of how to use them so that you can get inspired.

Before you start, we recommend you unlock your 1 dollar, 1 month Quenza trial. Quenza’s unique tools for coaching are specially designed to improve your impact and enhance your effectiveness as a coach, and will give you everything you need to take your practice digital.

5 Benefits of Using Coaching Tools

Coaching tools can have a huge positive impact on the way you practice, and consequently, on the outcomes you deliver.

As a professional, they can greatly streamline your content creation, saving you preparation time, administration errors, and duplication of effort.

They can even transform the way you develop programs by making creative experimentation much easier.

While the best tools for coaches will vary depending on your clientele, niche expertise, and growth ambitions, a flexible toolkit should:

  1. Help you engage your clients more effectively
  2. Reduce your resource prep time
  3. Simplify your day-to-day admin
  4. Empower you to expand your client base, and
  5. Equip you to develop new services, so that you can scale up simply.

It’s hard to underestimate the efficiency and scalability gains of a great coaching toolkit, so it’s rare to find a growing digital practice that operates without them.

So when it comes to your particular practice, what tools are right for your business?

4+ Examples of Popular Coaching Tools

Digital tools for coaching tend to fall into two categories.

These describe:

  1. Tools for coaching management, which are designed to help you run your digital practice more efficiently and effectively. Largely encompassing practice management solutions, these can include client management software, spreadsheets, documentation apps, and other blended care solutions. VCita, 10 to 8, and ClinicSource are three well-known examples – for more, visit our Coaching Apps and Software resource.
  2. Second, there are tools that are designed for coaches, such as Quenza. This describes software for coaching that is purpose built to enhance the outcomes of your professional coaching. In toolkits such as Quenza’s, you’ll find a range of specially designed solutions for content creation, program design and delivery, results tracking, and more.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

What is the Best Digital Tool For Coaching?

Digital tools for coaching tend to fall into two categories: tools for coaching management and tools that are designed for coaches.

While there’s no official distinction between the two, digital tools in the latter category are far more versatile and powerful for coaches. This applies especially to professionals who are scaling up their practices and looking to create new kinds of value.

The best digital coaching solutions are those that give you flexibility while simplifying the way you work. These kinds of tools for coaches can augment the impact of your specialist skills to bring your clients better coaching outcomes.

For a look at how they work, keep reading.

Pathways Quenza Tools for Coaching
Quenza’s flexible tools for coaching help you automate your daily workflow, design unique activities, and curate custom programs to deliver better client outcomes.

6+ Unique Ways To Use Quenza’s Tools For Coaching

The range of ways you can use Quenza’s tools for coaching is wide, and includes everything from designing custom Activities to modifying Expansion Library templates for your programs.

In this section, we’ll show you how to:

  1. Build your own life coaching tools
  2. Design a custom Wheel of Life
  3. Save Expansions as modifiable templates
  4. Personalize and brand your solutions
  5. Create career coaching pathways, and
  6. Use Quenza to mentor others from anywhere.

Coaching with Quenza: 3 Examples

Quenza’s Activity Builder is ideal for creating online life coaching tools, especially if you’re differentiating your coaching practice with niche-specific or unique custom solutions.

One great example of a life coaching tool you can create with Quenza is the Wheel of Life, using the convenient Wheel of Life Feature shown below:

wheel of life Tools For Coaching
Quenza’s unique Wheel of Life Activity Builder feature gives you a simple way to create customized life coaching tools for your programs.

The Wheel of Life feature allows you to easily create personalized versions of the popular life coaching assessment using custom domains, explanatory text, questions, and other drag-and-drop fields:

Wheel of life Tools for Coaching
Use your custom Wheel of Life as part of coaching assessments by adding unique dimension labels, YouTube or Vimeo videos, page sections, and other pre-made Activity Builder elements.

You can also use your Activity Builder to craft digital versions of existing programs that you have on paper, so you can share them faster with numerous coachees.

To curate your own library of readily available custom Activities, simply title each exercise, meditation, assessment, or intervention to save it as a coaching template.

Whether you start from a blank Activity Builder template or use Quenza’s Expansion Library exercises to hit the ground running, you can make each digital solution your own by:

  • Uploading your custom logo to Activities, as shown below, and
  • Integrating client tokens into each solution (e.g. Client Name, Client Title).
White Label Quenza Tools For Coaching
Brand your coaching Activities by uploading your practice logo to your solutions with Quenza’s White Label feature.

For a handy tutorial on how to brand your content, here’s how to Use Your Own Logo With the Quenza White Label Feature.

Using Quenza’s Tools For Career Coaching

Quenza’s custom Pathways Builder is another fantastic feature for coaches who want to design programs, e-courses, or packages, then schedule their delivery according to a development plan.

Using career coaching as an example, the Pathways Builder makes it easy for you to create a coaching program from saved Activities or Expansion Library templates:

Quenza Pathways Tools for Coaching
Quenza’s Pathway Builder simplifies your content curation, so you can automatically share each of your coaching program steps with clients.

For example, we’ve used Quenza’s Pathway Builder to create a multi-stage career coaching program above, with initial steps for goal-setting and self-assessment.

By scheduling each step to be delivered after a certain interval, we can decide when our clients receive each new Activity.

Using the Pathways Builder, you can automate your coachee’s learning while still modifying various Pathway steps based on feedback or their assessment results.

If you’re after inspiration for your career coaching programs, check out our full guide to Becoming The Ultimate Career Coach: Best Tools, App & Software.

Creating Tools & Pathways for Managers

Quenza’s Expansion Library is packed with brilliant resources for professional development programs, making it simpler for you to create coaching tools for managers in your organization.

A small sample of example coaching tools includes:

  • The Top 5 Values: Which can help them clarify their most important values to consider what drives and motivates them
  • The Strength Interview: This exercise guides managers through a discovery of their personal strengths, so they can understand what helps them perform at their best, and
  • The 5-4-3-2-1 Stress Reduction Technique: A useful guided meditation to help managers cope better with workplace stress, as shown below.
Quenza Stress Reduction Coaching Tools for Managers
Quenza’s 5-4-3-2-1 Stress Reduction Exercise is a customizable coaching tool for managers, a well-suited exercise for professional development programs, executive coaching, and workplace wellness coaching interventions.

Mentoring Through Quenza: An Example

The key difference between mentoring and coaching rests in the direct sharing of knowledge, experience, or skills from a mentor to their mentee.

If you’re taking a more hands-on approach to mentor, as well as coach others, Quenza’s tools give you a quick, convenient, private, and secure way to offer your direct support in real-time.

You can use share digital lessons when you use Quenza’s online learning tools to create modules or courses, and live-capture responses and results from your mentees in one centralized space on your digital dashboard.

Quenza’s other valuable tools for coaching and mentoring include:

  • HIPAA-compliant Chat, which keeps you in contact with your mentees through their mobile-compatible client portal
  • Automatic notifications and reminders for prompting your clients to complete Activities, and
  • The Client App multilingual feature, which allows your mentees and coachees to use Quenza in their native language.

In a nutshell, Quenza provides you with simple, straightforward tools that open up endless possibilities for your coaching practice.

With more than a few new features planned, make sure you check our Roadmap regularly!

Final Thoughts

With customizable tools that are purpose-built for coaching, there’s no reason not to get creative about designing, building, refining, and elevating your client’s programs.

In fact, prototyping fresh new tools of your own is a great way to expand your arsenal, and it can help you differentiate your offer to be of even more value to others. We’d love to hear what you’ve created using Quenza’s toolkit, so do share your comments below.

Expand your coaching toolkit today with your $1 Quenza trial to start delivering unique digital solutions of your own.

With our 1-month trial, you can easily design, build, and refine coaching programs that make an impact and drive better outcomes, enhancing your clients’ progress for maximum goal achievement.

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