Ultimate Tools For Life Coaches To Make An Impact

Tools For Life Coaches

Offering life coaching services digitally is intensely satisfying for inspired professionals – it allows you to be creative and differentiate your services while making a bigger impact on your clients’ lives.

If you’re new to virtual coaching or tired of personalizing hard-copy solutions, this resource will introduce some of Quenza’s best tools for life coaches. Keep reading to discover some great ideas for your programs and learn how to use them with your clients!

Before you get started, why not start your $1 trial of Quenza’s life tools for coaches? Our 30-day full access trial will help you inspire, engage, and support your clients with digital life coaching interventions and activities, and will give you everything you need to craft online solutions that maximize their positive outcomes.

6 Ways Coaching Tools Can Benefit Your Clients

Digital tools are practical complements to a professional life coach’s specialized skills and the progress that takes place during sessions. They can engage, drive progress, teach, or empower, depending on an individual coachee’s specific goals.

For those who want to make progress, unlock their unique potential, and achieve greater fulfillment, life coaches can play a very valuable supporting role.

But while life coaches can help create individuals foster accountability, create clarity, challenge perspectives, and set their clients on the right track, the responsibility for making positive, lasting change ultimately comes down to the coachee.

Coaching tools are an important way for professionals to equip their clients with the specific skills and knowledge they need to:

  1. Move forward on their own
  2. Build and sustain motivation for change, and
  3. Take the action that is required to achieve their goals.

They can be thought of as practical complements to a professional life coach’s specialized skills and the progress that takes place during sessions. They can also take many forms depending on an individual coachee’s specific goals.

Digital life coaching tools, in particular, have a few specialized benefits. They are:

  1. A convenient, easily accessible way for clients to develop – especially when clients can access their through smartphone apps or coaching portals
  2. An affordable way to access knowledge – online learning software being a cost-effective way to deliver and personalize self-paced e-courses and learning modules at scale, and
  3. Engaging and motivational – because digital tools can be personalized and made interactive to suit a client’s specific needs, goals, interests, and requirements.

6 Most Useful Types of Tools For Life Coaches

Different life coaching tools are designed with particular goals in mind, and many solutions are versatile enough to be used with a range of audience types.

Some examples include skills-building exercises, goal-setting frameworks, or self-reflection worksheets, which can all be as brilliantly effective to a mindfulness coach as they are to a business coaching professional.

Broadly, life coaching tools fall into distinct categories depending on their type:

Tool Type

Life Coaching Example

How It Works


Help coaches better understand a client

Life Domain Satisfaction

Assesses how satisfied clients feel with different domains of their lives


Help clients relate their learning to practice

Completing Sentences to Clarify Values

Help clients discover their most important beliefs in life


Help clients develop new perspectives regarding challenges

Pushing The Ball Under Water Metaphor

Invites clients to explore how ‘acceptance’ can be a more adaptive coping strategy than ‘control


Help coachees explore and experience emotions, thoughts, or sensations

Diaphragmatic Breathing (Belly Breathing)

Teach clients self-management strategies for relaxation


Help coachees develop or strengthen skills

Visualizing a Compassionate Self

Enables clients to experience the feeling of self-acceptance and self-kindness


Help coaches enhance their approach and client outcomes

End of Therapy Evaluation

Solicits client feedback to facilitate feedback-informed coaching

How To Use Life Coaching Tools Digitally

Assessments, reflections, metaphors, and other life coaching tools all lend themselves brilliantly to digital coaching, and can all easily be customized to suit a diverse array of specialties.

Good software for coaching will also allow you to personalize the life coaching solutions you choose to share with your clients, meaning you can:

  • Address them personally or by title
  • Tailor your tools to suit their capabilities
  • Include custom text to explain, exemplify, create context, or give tips
  • Integrate multimedia into your digital tools, for more interactive solutions, and
  • Brand your life coaching tools to share them as professional solutions.

With customizable coaching software like Quenza, digital exercises, evaluations, and more can also be built from scratch, allowing you to share bespoke life coaching tools that might be unique to your particular niche or practice.

Quenza For Life Coaching

Designed especially to help you deliver powerful life coaching tools of your own, Quenza a fully customizable coaching application that gives you full control over how you build, tailor, organize, and deliver your clients’ sequences.

As an all-in-one digital toolkit for designing, creating, curating, and automating your solutions, Quenza can be used to digitalize your hard-copy life coaching tools to create virtual activities, exercises, assessments, and more:

Quenza Activity Builder Tools for Life Coaches
Quenza’s Activity Builder is a fast, effective solution to digitalizing paper-based tools for life coaches, or creating unique coaching tools from scratch.

You can drag and drop a range of ready-prepared fields into blank templates with Quenza’s Activity Builder (above) to build virtual tools based on your existing templates, as we’re doing here, or design new activities for instant sharing.

With Quenza’s purpose-built tools for life coaches, you can even create more specialized lessons and activities:

Wheel of life Tools for Life Coaches
Quenza’s newest Activity Builder function, the Wheel of Life feature, allows you to add custom dimensions and labels.

By creating, customizing, and saving your own Wheel of Life coaching tool as a template, you can modify your dimensions, scales, and text for different clients – saving you the time and effort of manually drawing up new frameworks for each custom coaching program you share.

For more commonly-used exercises, it’s possible to save even more time when you start from pre-made templates such as the popular Strength Interview, Body Scan Meditation, or Self-Compassion Break.

Quenza Self-Compassion Break Activity Builder
Customize Expansion Library templates such as the Self-Compassion Break in a few steps by saving them to your Library and opening a copy in your Activity Builder to drag-and-drop different elements.

Whether you choose to customize Quenza’s Expansion Activities or craft your own tools for life coaching, all your saved templates will be automatically available in your Activity Library, ready to send or integrate into a pathway.

Effectively Sending Your Coaching Tools

There are two ways to send life coaching tools to your clients with Quenza, both of which afford you full flexibility over when you’d like them delivered to your clients’ private portal:

  • You can send individual tools or Activities directly from your Library, or
  • Integrate them as steps in a program, using Quenza’s Pathway Builder.

Pathways are ideal for sharing entire life coaching journeys to individual or group clients if you already know the order in which you’d like to share your content.

They can be used to deliver programs, e-courses, workshops, or tailored sequences that you’ve agreed on with a client or class. Simply select the life coaching tool you’d like to use for a particular step in Quenza’s Pathways tool:

Quenza Pathways Tools for Life Coaches
Choose Activities or life coaching tools as steps in Quenza’s Pathway Builder to create organized programs for automatic delivery to your clients.

Activities in Quenza Pathways can be scheduled for delivery ahead of time and shared automatically with your coachees through Quenza’s HIPAA-compliant platform.

They’re not only a great way to sequence your content logically in advance, but you can include useful coaching forms in your Pathways to cover your admin needs or gather feedback along the way!

5 Examples of Tools in Quenza

When it comes to what activities you’d like to use as life coaching tools, Quenza’s Expansion Library is full of brilliant examples.

Your free in-app resource includes tools for life coaches that can be customized, saved, and even branded with your practice logo using Quenza’s White Label feature; a few samples include:

  1. Finding Your Ikigai: A versatile exercise that helps clients find meaning by exploring and connecting with their passions and skills
  2. Personal Needs Meditation: A guided audio meditation that coachees can use to consider their unmet needs
  3. Completing Sentences to Clarify Values: A reflection that invites your clients to discover their personal values
  4. Learning to Say ‘No’: A lesson template that promotes healthy self-expression, encouraging clients to live in line with their values, and
  5. Resolving Jealousy Using the Camera Lens Metaphor: This metaphor helps clients decrease unhelpful feelings of envy and resentment that can prevent clients from experiencing a sense of fulfillment.

Why not browse Quenza’s Expansions by type, or by tag, to find life coaching tools for your purpose or niche?

Final Thoughts

There are infinite ways to enhance your impact with the right digital life coaching tools, and with Quenza’s unique features, creative and engaging solutions are easy to design and share.

Whether you’re new to e-coaching or have your fair share of experience, make sure to check out our Coaching Tools resource for more ideas, or head to your Expansion Library to start customizing right away!

We hope you found this resource helpful. To design your own interventions, quizzes, and activities with Quenza’s digital tools for life coaches, don’t forget to start your 30 day, 1 dollar trial.

Our e-coaching software gives you everything you need to craft unique online solutions under your professional brand, and will help you enhance your clients’ outcomes for maximum goal achievement.

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