Frequently asked questions

Your questions, our answers.

The Standard pricing plan includes 50 clients, not '50 clients per month'. This means you can have a total of 50 active clients in your account at any one time.
Right now, a client is linked to one professional only. It is not possible (yet) to move a client from one professional to another, mainly because this has legal (privacy) implications that we need to cover first.
A client has access to Quenza as long as the professional he or she is linked to has an active Quenza account.
If you decide to delete a client, the client will have 30 days to access their data and export it before their account is permanently deleted. After deletion you can immediately add a new client to your account.
Your clients don't have to pay anything. Quenza is free for them to use as long as they have a professional with an active Quenza account.
Yes, there is, but you can currently only upgrade to the Unlimited plan if you're already on the Standard or Lite plan. The Unlimited plan costs $149/month and is truly unlimited in terms of clients, activities, emails, you name it.
The client records belong to both you and the client, not to Quenza B.V. When you decide to stop working with Quenza, you can export any and all client records as a PDF and so can your clients.
Quenza is an application that you can access on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. For your tablet and smartphone, you will need to download the app in the Google Play (Android) or Apple store (iOS).
All the client data is securely stored in an encrypted way that we (as Quenza B.V.) couldn't even access if we tried. Besides that, all communication from and to our servers is encrypted during transit.
The name Quenza is a combination of three words, question, sequence and enza. Enza's origin is Germanic. It is derived from the word ent with the meaning “giant”. Quenza is a “question giant” a powerful tool to gain insight in the life of clients by means of questions and sequenced activities.
Absolutely - always! Simply send us an email to or use the contact form on our contact page. If you have already signed up, you can also ask your question to the Quenza community in the Support section of the app. You’ll find our team members and fellow practitioners there who are happy to help you along!