Help more people in less time with Quenza™ Groups.

Coaching multiple clients can easily become a cluttered process, especially if you offer group coaching and run your own programs. Hand over the reigns and let Quenza do the work for you.

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Increase engagement with Quenza group interaction.


Increase engagement with group interaction.

The two most important factors that determine success in therapy or coaching are (1) the relationship between client and practitioner and (2) the engagement level of the client. If your client is not bought in, chances of a successful outcome are slim. Quenza builds your therapeutic alliance and engages clients simultaneously, thereby ensuring the effectiveness of your client work.

Save time

Send activities to multiple clients with one click

A great way to get your clients to experience more value from your coaching is to connect them to each other. Clients can learn a lot from each other and meeting like-minded people on a similar path can be greatly inspiring. With Quenza Groups, you can easily facilitate this interaction without sending your clients to a Facebook Group or other distracting social media platform.

Send activities to multiple clients in Quenza with one click.
Quenza example filled out Wheel of Life.


Scale your business by offering group coaching.

Running group coaching programs is one of the best ways to increase not just your impact, but also the financial success of your practice. Quenza allows you to share resources or send out activities to all group members with one click, allowing you to serve more clients without getting overwhelmed. No more mundane admin tasks. Simply focus on what matters most; connecting with your clients.

Gina Hayden - Director of the Global Centre for Conscious Leadership

“Quenza is exactly what I am looking for to drag my coaching practice into the post-Covid 21st Century. I am very excited by the possibilities for supporting my workshop participants with your ‘Groups’ function. Everything about the app so far has been super high-quality, super-smooth, seamless and perfectly executed with the user in mind.”

Quenza Groups in 3 steps

Discover how to get started with Quenza Groups:

Step 1

Create a group

Simply select up to 50 existing clients in your account and add them to a group. Name the group, add an image, save, and you’re done!

Create a group within Quenza and add clients.

Step 2

Send activities and pathways

You can now share homework exercises, assessments, or other tools at scale. Send them out to the whole group with a single click.

Send Quenza activities and pathways to the whole group.

Step 3

View group results

Automatically, Quenza will show you the aggregated results of the group members. You can see exactly who completed what and get a visual demonstration of the data.

View Quenza group aggregated results.

Download a printable PDF with all group results.

Easily download and print the group results and share them with your clients. Use the results as an interactive exercise with the group to look for areas of improvement or celebrate success.

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Download and print your groups’ results.


Share files with group members with one click.

Upload the documents that you wish to share with a group, click share, select the group, and you’re done! All the group members can now access to the chosen files in their own file library.

Share files with group members with one click.
Create progress notes for groups.


Create progress notes for groups.

Jot down your observations, hypotheses, feelings, or thoughts about the session so you can make sure you don’t overlook or forget essential context during the next one.


Communicate with all groups members.

Use the Group Chat feature to allow clients to interact with each other and to keep your coaching groups up-to-date without having to send all participants individual messages.

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Communicate with all groups members.

All group results, beautifully visualized.

No need for spreadsheets or fine-combing data. Get instant visual results.

All group results, beautifully visualized.

Ready to start coaching groups?

Set your activities and care paths up once, then let Quenza support your groups forever. No more emailing PDF files. No more pen and paperwork. No more falling out of touch with clients.

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