More effective professionals. More engaged clients.

Quenza Organizations allows for faster, simpler, and more effective collaboration with your fellow professionals so you can help clients seamlessly as an organization or team.

Instantly share important resources with your entire organization.


One content library for your entire organization.

From Activities and Pathways to videos, manuals, and other files, you and your fellow professionals can now instantly share important resources from your personal libraries with your entire organization. Synchronize and synergize by sharing knowledge within your team, or add shared resources to your professional account to use them with your personal clients.


Work with multiple professionals on one client.

Deliver an uninterrupted, more impactful coaching or therapy experience to clients by transferring them between professionals in your Organization or by having multiple professionals work with the same client at the same time. Your Professionals can also securely add their personal clients to your Organization with Quenza.

Work with multiple professionals on one client.
See what's happening between your professionals and their clients.


See what’s happening between your professionals and their clients.

Organization administrators can stay on top of what professionals are working on at any time by viewing their client list and the status of each. With easy access to data on each professional and their clients, you get a one-stop overview of everything that is happening. All reports are exportable too!

Gina Hayden - Director of the Global Centre for Conscious Leadership

“Quenza is exactly what I am looking for to drag my coaching practice into the post-Covid 21st Century. I am very excited by the possibilities for supporting my workshop participants with your 'Groups' function. Everything about the app so far has been super high-quality, super-smooth, seamless and perfectly executed with the user in mind.”


One shared content library for all professionals.

No more double effort, no more hunting down essential client files. With Organizations, you and your team can share Quenza Activities, Pathways, Files, and Notes in a few clicks.

Quenza organization library activities


Create a centralized toolkit for your entire team by adding Activities from your professionals’ personal libraries to the Organization library.

Quenza organization library pathways.


Automate your intake process, onboarding, progress tracking, and follow-up by scheduling activities with automatic reminders by using pathways.

Safely share files within Quenza between professionals and clients.


Keep all your organization's documents in one place and safely share them with your professionals. Professionals can also submit files to the organization library.

Add and share notes with your clients.


Whether you want to document the session or jot down general observations, the client notes section is a convenient place to save anything important.

Watch a 5-minute demo video.

Easily have all your professionals download and print your clients' activity results or save them to a client's folder. Use the results as an interactive exercise with clients or students to look for areas of improvement or to evaluate the progress in a team meeting.


User management,
seats management

Quenza scales with your team. Add more Seats as you need them and manage permissions by assigning Organizational or Professional roles to different members.

Quenza user management and seats management.
Export engagement data.


Client engagement data

View client engagement data to see exactly how the professionals under the Organization account are interacting with their clients.


Client transfer

Hand clients over to another professional within the Organization. Transfer a clients' profile and history over in seconds for a smooth, more effective client journey.

Quenza user management and seats management.
Allow users to share with the organization.


Allow users to share with the organization

Professionals can add their personalized or custom-built Activities, Pathways, and upload their files to share with your Organization. Everyone can immediately access shared items or copy them to their libraries.


Your company brand, everywhere

Customize your organization with your logo, brand colors, and send emails from your practice email. Each professional can also choose how they are called app-wide (e.g. My Coach, My Teacher, My Therapist) or set a custom label.

Your company brand, everywhere.


Everything professionals need to engage clients


Drag-and-drop activities and exercises to share with clients.


Send or schedule multiple activities with care pathways.


Add pre-made, science-based activities and pathways to your library.


Chat securely with your clients and groups with end-to-end encryption.


Create progress notes and choose to share them with clients.


Share documents with clients and allow clients to share theirs.


Send activities and pathways to multiple clients at a time.


The client app has been translated into 16 different languages.

White Label

Add your own name, logo, brand color, and email address.

Know how your professionals are using Quenza

No more running and playing catch-up. Get instant insights on all your colleagues' Clients, Activities, Pathways, and Chats with real-time statistics in your Dashboard.

Quenza dashboard with real-time statistics

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Feel safe

Everything you do, secure and encrypted.

We believe that data privacy and security should never be an afterthought. That is why Quenza was designed to make the interaction between you and your clients as safe and secure as technically possible with:

  • Your personal PIN code, offering an extra layer of security
  • All data is stored with industry-leading AES-256 bit encryption
  • Fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • Designed according to the latest Privacy by Design (PbD) standards
All stored and transmitted data is secure and encrypted by Quenza

Run your organization on the go.

You, your organization, and your clients can use Quenza from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet, or desktop on both Android and iOS devices.

Support your clients with Quenza activities and care paths

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