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What Quenza does for you

A user-friendly online tool that helps you:

Offer clients value beyond one-on-one sessions

Keep your clients engaged and on track

Eliminate time spent on email & record keeping

Scale your practice by digitally helping more clients

Store all client data safely and securely

Run your practice on the go from any device

How Quenza works

Discover how Quenza can enhance your client care

Drag and drop your own activities

Easily build your own activities, such as exercises, psycho-education, intake forms, reflection prompts, and surveys.

Build activities with the Quenza drag and drop activity builder
Select pre-made Quenza activities

Choose from premade activities

Select popular science-based exercises, assessments, and tools from a wide range of premade activities.

Create and send automated care pathways

Send automated series of activities to clients without worrying about email or organizational hassle.

Send automated care paths using Quenza
Get real-time results and monitor client progress in the Quenza App

Get real-time results

Instantly view responses and results so that you can monitor and stay on top of your clients’ progress.

Who is Quenza for?

Quenza is for practitioners who want to be of more value to their clients by offering digital and automated support.

  • Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Mental health practitioners
  • Workshop facilitators
  • Counselors
  • Social workers
  • Healthcare professionals
Lucy Rattrie, PhD using Quenza to keep clients engaged

“Quenza has been a total game changer. I can hardly remember how I kept clients engaged and on track before using Quenza... I guess I didn’t.”

What you can do with Quenza

Find out how practitioners are using Quenza

with homework exercises
Use Quenza to keep clients engaged between sessions

Keep clients engaged between sessions with custom homework exercises, activities, reflections, meditations, and interventions.

with questionnaires
Assess client progress with (pre-made Quenza) questionnaires and other measurement tools

Track your clients’ progress with assessments, surveys, scales, and other measurement tools.

with feedback forms
Get client feedback using automated forms sent out using Quenza

Collect post-session feedback from your clients with automated forms that allow you to improve your work with clients.

legal documents
Clients can sign your legal documents by drawing an electronic signature.

Have your clients sign your documents by drawing a legally binding electronic signature.

with micro-learnings
Educate clients with micro-learnings or course materials

Send your clients psycho-education, microlearnings, and course materials in the form of text, video, PDFs, and audio.

with intake forms
Digital client onboarding made easy with Quenza

Easily onboard your clients with digital intake forms, contracts, and terms of service that clients can complete and sign before the first session starts.

with quotes and videos
Share inspirational quotes and videos with clients

Prime, motivate, and inspire clients by sharing impactful quotes, videos, and inspirational messages.

your clients' results
Clients can sign your legal documents by drawing an electronic signature.

Show activity results to your clients with stunning and dynamic pie charts.

Your care, everywhere

You and your clients can use Quenza from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet, or desktop on both Android and iOS devices.

Use Quenza from the comfort of your desktop, tablet or smartphone supporting Android and iOS
Brad Desmond can take on more clients using Quenza and deliver better care

“Quenza allows me to be there for my clients throughout the week with automated follow-up in the form of stunning homework exercises, video content, and inspirational messages. I’ve essentially ‘cloned’ myself and can now take on more clients while delivering better care.”

When it comes to delivering pure value, Quenza wins. That’s mostly because you get a full-fledged client engagement application (that you won’t find anywhere else), an assessment tool, AND a way to digitize and send out all of your practice documents for the same monthly price.”

Jackie Woodside, CPC, LICSW
Certified Professional Counsellor
Jackie Woodside, CPC, LICSW stating Quenza is a full-fledged client engagement application

Your data, safe and protected

Quenza was designed according to the latest Privacy by Design standards in order to secure all data and ensure the privacy of you and your clients. This makes Quenza both HIPAA and GDPR compliant. In short, your data is safe and protected.

Quenza designed and built based on Privacy by Design standards

Ready to start helping your clients in between sessions?

Set up your activities and care pathways once, then let Quenza support your clients forever. No more emailing PDF files. No more pen and paperwork. No more falling out of touch with clients.