Scale your coaching practice by engaging your clients on autopilot.

Easily send and schedule homework exercises, intake forms, and inspirational content. Save time with digital paperwork, automatically collect data to improve your standard of care, and grow your practice at unprecedented rates.

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Your clients depend on you, but who do you depend on?

Your clients depend on you to help them face life, resolve challenges, and aim high. As they climb toward their goals, you promise to be there at every step: checking in, following up, keeping them engaged, and inspiring them to keep moving forward.

But you have a lot of clients, and there’s only one of you.

Clients depend on you and you can depend on Quenza

The issues facing modern practitioners

Unscalable care

Within a growing business Quenza helps you scale

Providing personalized guidance and care to your clients is always the goal. But as your business grows and you take on more clients, it becomes harder and harder to provide that personalized, one-on-one care that makes your work such a success.

Client disengagement

Automate client engagement using Quenza

With more demands on your clients’ time than ever, it’s hard to keep up the level of engagement and momentum you need to help them push through their goals. Without your constant nudging, they might disengage. But that constant nudging is a big demand on your time.

Practice expansion

Expand your practice without losing a single client with Quenza

Growing your practice —while still delivering the best possible care for each and every client— is no walk in the park. But if you can’t balance the best of both worlds, your clients will find someone else who can. The challenge is to expand your business model without losing a single client.

Meet Quenza: Your digital partner

Unfortunately, you can’t clone yourself. But you can bring in a digital partner capable of working 24/7. Quenza is a seamless, high-functioning platform that allows you to quickly get organized, keep your clients engaged, and scale your practice so you can take on more work without sacrificing your standard of care.


Easily send pre-made exercises, reflections, and meditations to keep your clients engaged between sessions.


Send or schedule motivational videos, texts, audio, and PDFs.


Spend less time on paperwork with digital intake forms, contracts, and terms of service agreements.


Track and share your clients’ progress via assessments, surveys, and progress notes.


Quickly create stunning, dynamic pie charts to inform and accelerate your clients’ upward journeys.


Automatically collect feedback after each session to improve your standard of care.

Join our community

When you join Quenza, you’re not just getting powerful practice management, you’re joining a community of like-minded practitioners, therapists, and coaches. You’ll have the opportunity to connect and chat with other community members: whether you’d like to network, get business tips, or share best practices.

You’ll also get a direct line to Quenza’s founders. Need tech support? Have questions about how to get the most from Quenza? Want to request a new feature? Simpy reach out for one-on-one support with a real human (no bots here).

When you join Quenza you're also joining a community of like-minded practitioners, therapists, and coaches

“Quenza allows me to be there for my clients throughout the week with automated follow-up in the form of stunning homework exercises, video content, and inspirational messages. I’ve essentially ‘cloned’ myself and can now take on more clients while delivering better care.”

Brad Desmond
Brad Desmond can take on more clients using Quenza and deliver better care
Jackie Woodside, CPC, LICSW stating Quenza is a full-fledged client engagement application

“When it comes to delivering pure value, Quenza wins. That’s mostly because you get a full-fledged client engagement application (that you won’t find anywhere else), an assessment tool, AND a way to digitize and send out all of your practice documents for the same monthly price.”

Jackie Woodside
CPC, LICSW, Certified Professional Counselor

“I love Quenza for its adaptability, elegant style and for how complete it is! It makes it really easy to strategically plan standard and automated pathways and activities for clients. What I’m the MOST impressed with is the high-quality service of the team.”

Henrika Tonder
High performance coach
Henrika Tonder loves Quenza for how easy and complete it is
Lucy Rattrie, PhD using Quenza to keep clients engaged

“Quenza has been a total game changer. I can hardly remember how I kept clients engaged and on track before using Quenza... I guess I didn’t..”

Lucy Rattrie
PhD, Executive coach

Expand your practice without losing a single client

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How Quenza works

Discover how to get started with Quenza in four steps:

Step 1

Add your clients

Import your clients by uploading them or by entering their names and email addresses. You can choose to invite your clients to create a Quenza account.

Step 1: add clients to Quenza by uploading them or by entering their names and email addresses

Step 2

Create your activities

Easily build your own activities, such as exercises, psycho-education, intake forms, reflection prompts, and surveys.

Step 2: easily build your own Quenza activities

Step 3

Send activities and pathways

With a click of the button, you can have your activities and pathways wing their way to your clients via email or an in-app notification.

Step 3: send Quenza activities to clients

Step 4

Get real-time results

Instantly view responses and results so that you can see what clients are doing and stay on top of their progress.

Step 4: instantly view responses and results

Set up in one week, then run your practice on autopilot forever

Getting started with Quenza is quick and easy, and our customer support team can walk you through the whole process on a video call.

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Trusted practice management

Trusted by thousands of coaches, therapists, and practitioners around the world, Quenza makes giving and receiving care easier for everyone. User-friendly, it’s designed for people at all levels of technological experience.

All-inclusive, it has all the features you need to manage and engage clients as you scale your practice. White label, it allows you to add your distinct brand as you provide your clients with your own unique brand of care and support.

All data transmitted and stored is secure and encrypted by Quenza

Connected, convenient care

You and your clients can access Quenza via your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, on both Android and iOS devices. That means that wherever your clients go, they’ll always feel supported.

Use Quenza from the comfort of your desktop, tablet or smartphone supporting Android and iOS

Streamline interaction between professionals and clients with Quenza Teams

Working with a team of helping professionals? Maximize your impact by using Quenza as a team:

  • One shared content library for all professionals
  • Smooth client transfer between professionals
  • Monitor professionals' interaction with their clients
  • Feature your own branding, logo, and email addresses

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Streamline interaction between professionals and clients with Quenza Organizations

Fix low engagement once and for all with Quenza

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