13 Pros and Cons of Coaching.com: Reviews, Pricing, & Features

Coaching.com Reviews

Tired of spending countless hours on behind-the-scenes coaching tasks like appointment scheduling, invoicing, and program design for your clients?

Coaching.com is a coaching platform that might help you automate those non-essential tasks. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? Our Coaching.com reviews will help you decide.

Features of Coaching.com

Coaching.com is a brandable coaching software, continued education provider (WBECS), and coaching marketplace where professionals can post their profiles to be found by clients.

With features such as appointment scheduling, videoconferencing, program management, session notes, billing, and content sharing, the coaching app aims to be an all-in-one platform for individual providers as well as teams.

It is available as a cloud-based web app, Android app, and Apple app with both annual and monthly subscriptions available.

To help you compare Coaching.com with other virtual coaching platforms that we’ve reviewed, here’s a little more about its features and functions.

Practice Management
Appointment SchedulingClients can schedule appointments, and coaches can share their availability. Syncs with Google Calendars, iCal, and Exchange Calendar.
Billing & InvoicingFeatures include automatic billing and payment processing via Stripe integration.
Insurance Claims Management
Note-taking and Document ManagementCan create and share session notes.
Multiple Providers
Practice Management ReportsBoth coaching and practice management reports can be generated and shared, e.g.,

  • Financial reports
  • Engagement summaries
  • Sessions reports
  • Coach reports (on coaches activity)
Inventory Management
Mental Healthcare
Client PortalClients can self-schedule appointments, fill out forms, view and download resources, chat, and log progress using goals and milestones.
Custom FormsForms can be created and attached to engagements with the following features:

  • Text questions
  • Single-choice questions
  • Multiple-choice questions, and
  • Dropdown questions

Target Audience and Pricing

The Coaching.com app offers various plans for three main audiences: independent coaches, coaching companies, and larger enterprises.

Not being niche-specific, the platform’s tools are suitable for a wide range of specialists, such as life coaches, financial coaches, and health coaches, to name a few.

Different pricing tiers are available for each audience as follows:

Independent Coaches

  • Free/month plan with 3 active clients
  • $47/month plan for 10 active clients, and
  • $97/month for unlimited active clients

Coaching Businesses

  • Free/month plan with 1 active client and a $0 fee per added provider
  • Starts at $47/month plan for 1 coach, 10 active clients, and a $17 fee per added provider
  • Starts at $97/month for 1 coach, unlimited active clients, and a $27 fee per added provider

Prices vary with the number of coaches using the plan.

Custom pricing is available for larger enterprises, depending on their needs.

5 Coaching.com Reviews

Before we take a more in-depth look at the platform, here’s what existing users think about this particular CRM for coaches.

The first thing that coaches were quick to comment on was the platform’s ease of use—they found it intuitive and appreciated its flexibility:

“The product is easy to use and customizable to the organization, which I really appreciate. The UI is intuitive and many of the features are helping us enhance our coaching practice and better measure ROI.”  — Getapp.com

Another plus for the Coaching.com software was its scalability; customers liked that it could “grow with their business”:

“ I love the applicability of the functions to both my private practice and large scale coaching programs on an enterprise level as well as the ways I can scale up or down depending upon my needs.”  — Getapp.com

For some, however, that functionality made it relatively hard to get to grips with:

“It is a system that is not totally user friendly, requires study and practice, but once you learn of its functionality and operation it is no longer cumbersome to work with this program.”  — Capterra

A few coaches described it as “glitchy” and didn’t feel comfortable orienting their clients with the platform:

“First of all, making my clients set up their own log-in and master the software made me very quesy. Second, it was complicated for me as a solo coach to master. Third, the glitches piled on top of the workarounds for other glitches….”  — Capterra

On a positive note, though, Coaching.com’s customer support team had rave reviews:

“…You just cannot beat the customer care. They are responsive, constructive, and really open to feedback.”  — Softwareadvice.com

The next section covers our own Coaching.com reviews based on our free trial.

A Look At The App

As we’ve seen, Coaching.com’s free account caters to the needs of individual coaches. We signed up with an independent practitioner account and were walked step-by-step through our setup.

It’s worth noting that while setting up, you can create your own Coach Profile, including a short bio and video to be featured on the platform’s marketplace.

Practice Management

One of the first things we enjoyed about Coaching.com’s setup process was the ease with which we could set up our session schedule. We integrated our Google Calendar, set our availabilities, and defined a few criteria, such as “padding between sessions” with just a few clicks.

It’s also possible to modify the visuals and backend of the platform to suit your brand with a Pro or Premium plan, for example, by uploading your company logo and choosing your button and link colors.

Next, we invited a few coaches to our team, which allowed them to fill out their own profiles with their qualifications, experience, affiliations, and own coaching resources:

screenshot of coach profiles in coaching.com web app

The software allows you to create basic forms such as feedback surveys, discovery questionnaires, behavioral assessments, and more.

As shown in our coach’s profile below, only a few question types are allowed, and the platform does not support the kind of multimedia uploads that might make for engaging, personalized client content. This was a slight drawback with regard to positioning ourselves and keeping clients immersed:

screenshot of coach profile and form creation tool

Nonetheless, our impression of Coaching.com’s toolkit was positive. It contains a convenient suite of practice management tools such as invoicing (payment processing is available by integrating Stripe), reports (as pictured below), and an informative Dashboard of everything that’s going on in your practice:

screenshot of Coaching.com software reports page

Coaching Management

One of the main coaching management tools that Coaching.com provides is the ability to create client engagements.

Once you have added a client to your account, engagements are essentially custom coaching programs made up of sessions, forms, files, tasks, and links.

To make things simpler, the app comes with a pre-built program template that is easy to modify with your own components:

screenshot of Coaching.com client engagements feature

Sessions for active engagements can then be scheduled in your calendar, or clients can request sessions based on your availabilities. Notifications, forms, tasks, and resources can be scheduled for automatic sending, allowing you to deliver programs according to a custom time frame.

One thing we liked about Coaching.com is the fact that pre-made programs can be applied to your future engagements; these sequences—made up of resources, sessions, and settings—can even be saved for reuse by other members of your company.

Coaching.com also comes with goal planning and feedback features, giving coachees an easy way to set objectives and track their own progress:

Screenshot of Coaching.com goals client tracking feature

Here are some of the other practice management features of the platform:

  • Session Notes: This feature is rather basic compared to other platforms we’ve reviewed, but can be used to document sessions. (Like Coaching Loft, Coaching.com doesn’t come with documentation templates)
  • Instant messaging
  • Videoconferencing: The app also integrates with Zoom and Teams
  • Document and content sharing

Although we didn’t test the capability with our free account, Coaching.com also offers a Coach Matching feature that allows clients to review Coach profiles, schedule interviews, and choose from potential coaches they are interested in working with.

13 Advantages and Disadvantages

After a quick overview of Coaching.com’s pros and cons? We’ve summarized them for you in this table.



Practice Management

  • Good range of pricing plans, from free to enterprise for all business types
  • Mobile Android and iOS apps
  • Convenient goal and milestone features for tracking client progress
  • Numerous integrations for syncing calendars, accounting software, videoconferencing software, and more
  • Comprehensive range of practice management tools e.g., invoicing, appointment scheduling, messaging
  • Good range of practice management reports, e.g. Sessions, Coaching themes, Tools reports
  • Capabilities for creating coaching programs
  • Relatively basic session notes feature (rich-text editor, no templates or client annotations)
  • Limited tools for creating worksheets and forms (no multimedia-rich content for exercises, activities, etc.)

User Experience

  • Many essential practice management tools are easy to configure and use
  • Clean and responsive user interface, i.e., easy to navigate once learned
  • As a whole, the system can be time-consuming to set up (e.g., creating Engagements)
  • Relatively steep learning curve

Coaching.com Alternatives

Curious to see how the platform compares with your current app?

In this table, we’ve compared the app with two Coaching.com alternatives—Paperbell and Quenza.




Coaching.com logo purple and whitePaperbell logo black white smallQuenza vs Theranest


  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Web
  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone

Customer Service

  • Tutorials
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Online chat
  • Video tutorials
  • Resource library
  • Email
  • Tutorials
  • Community Forum
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Online customer service


  • $39/month
  • $40/month
  • $27/month


  • Google Meet
  • Slack
  • MS Teams
  • Stripe
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • OneDrive
  • Google Calendar
  • Exchange
  • Outlook
  • iCloud
  • Office 365
  • Yahoo!
  • auth0
  • Okta
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • LDAP
  • TruScore
  • Google Meet
  • Google Calendar
  • Zoom
  • Zapier
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • HelloSign

About Founder Alex Pascal and WBECS

As noted, Coaching.com also offers an annual continued development summit for coaches interested in learning from experts in the industry.

While we didn’t dive into the platform’s WBECS materials, which include videos from 40+ global coaching experts, the program includes speeches from well-known names that we consider a value add. A few examples include Martin Seligman, Michael Bungay Stanier (author of the best-selling life coaching book The Coaching Habit), and Carol Kauffman.

The app’s founder, Alex Pascal, is also an executive coach with extensive leadership coaching experience.


When it comes to practice management, we’re impressed by the relatively complete range of tools that Coaching.com offers. It comes with a good range of billing, scheduling, and client management features in comparison to many other platforms we’ve reviewed, and we can see it being a great way to simplify your workflow.

We’re also fans of the platform’s scalability and relative ease of use, but that functionality does come at a cost—the app can be cumbersome to set up and isn’t easy to get started with at all.

Coaching.com has some useful features to help you track engagements and develop courses, but we felt that we could only deliver a rather “standardized” service in terms of the programs we could design and our Coach Landing Page.

We would appreciate the ability to distinguish our offer and position ourselves to stand out from other coaches. With more features to personalize our offer and create niche solutions at scale (more templates and multimedia support in the course design feature, for example), we believe it would be much easier for coaches to attract their ideal clients and keep them engaged.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts on Coaching.com as a platform? If you’re ready to differentiate your offer, services, and business to deliver uniquely high-caliber coaching, we recommend you give Quenza a try.

Start your $1, 30-day trial today and tell us how you think it compares!

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