Become A Mindfulness Coach: Best Certifications & App

Mindfulness Coaching

In our current world of social media notifications and quick gratifications, most of us have racing minds every day. Constant reminders barge into our lives to remind us of our past mistakes or future uncertainties.

This makes it hard to be in the present moment and be mindful. Won’t it be wonderful if you can coach yourself and your clients to become more mindful?

If you’re a professional or aspiring coach, we think you’ll love our Quenza trial. With 30 days of access to Quenza for just $1, you’ll have all the tools you need to create and share mindfulness coaching solutions that help your clients feel better, improve their wellbeing, and achieve their goals with your professional support.

Mindfulness Life Coaching Explained

Mindfulness coaches help clients remain mindful in life. They use various coaching tools and techniques to help clients focus better and relax more.

Mindful living has many benefits, like relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, reducing chronic pain, and decreasing anxiety and depression.

Mindful living has many benefits like relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, reducing chronic pain, and decreasing anxiety and depression.

How To Become A Mindfulness Coach

You can follow the below steps to become a mindfulness coach.

  1. Assess if mindfulness coaching is a good fit for you. Are you reaping the benefits of mindfulness yourself? Do you believe that mindfulness can be a game-changer for your clients? Are yoga and reiki a part of your self-care? You need to first ensure that this is your type of coaching.
  2. Complete a certification. Next, you need to learn mindfulness coaching from a reputed training institute. The leading governing and certification body for the coaching profession is the International Coaching Federation (ICF). So, it’s best to find a training program that’s certified by the ICF.
  3. Practice, practice, and more practice. Find a few initial clients and improve your mindfulness coaching skills before expanding your business and finding a larger client base.
  4. Expand services and business. Once you’re comfortable with your coaching skills and expertise, you can expand your service offering by conducting webinars and creating online mindfulness classes.

3 Best Certification Programs

Here are three ICF-approved mindfulness coaching certifications you can consider:

  1. Mindfulness Coach Certification by Quality Mind: This ICF-accredited mindfulness coaching program offers a mentorship program and business launching tools in addition to the training.
  2. Mindfulness Training by Human Potential Institute: This ICF-approved program uses scientifically validated methodology and uses a guided meditation library for training. The program includes eight live calls and real-time personal feedback.
  3. Mindfulness Coaching Certification by the Mindfulness Coaching School: This ICF-accredited program is a collection of classes that cover the coaching skill set, abundance & life vision, compassionate communication, and mentor coaching.

4 Training Courses and Online Options

In addition to the certifications discussed above, you can also explore other training programs to specialize in various aspects of mindfulness.

  1. Neuro Mindfulness Coach Certification (NMCC) by the Neuro Mindfulness Institute: This certification takes a neuroscience approach to mindfulness training. After completion, you can call yourself an NMCC practitioner.
  2. Training in Mindfulness Facilitation by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center: This one-year program provides training, support, and supervision to coaches who want to incorporate mindfulness into their coaching.
  3. Mindfulness Training by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute: This Google-affiliated training institute offers many mindfulness training sessions online and in person.
  4. Mindfulness Programs by the UMass Memorial Medical Center: The center offers a 4-week online course and an 8-week online live session.

Best App For Mindfulness Coaches

After looking at many coaching tools in the marketplace, we believe Quenza is the best option for mindfulness coaching.

The platform has a multitude of mindfulness tools that you can start using with your clients right away.

Quenza Mindfulness CoachingIf you’re a coach who is looking for a ton of readymade, expert tools for mindfulness coaching, this is the best coaching platform for you.

Main features include:

  • An Activity builder
  • Automated pathways
  • Science-based activities
  • Community support
  • App availability
  • Progress tracker
  • HIPAA-compliance
  • GDPR-compliance
  • Online communication, and
  • Customization.
Price:Starts at $49/month
Cons:A relatively new platform, but valuable features are continuously being added
Free Trial:30-day trial for only $1

Mindfulness Coaching with Quenza: An Example

The Quenza platform can be used throughout a client’s journey to make your coaching more effective.

Initiation of services

At the beginning of the coaching session, you will need to establish a coaching agreement to align on the coaching relationship and scope. You can use the Quenza Client Agreement as a starting point for this.

The Quenza Coaching Agreement
You can use Quenza’s Coaching Agreement as a starting point for your coaching agreement.

After the agreement is in place, you can use the Pre-Coaching Questionnaire to learn more about the client’s mindfulness coaching needs.

Ongoing coaching

The Quenza platform has many mindfulness tools that you can use to help your client.

  • Spending Time in Nature is an instructional tool that you can use to teach clients to pay attention to nature. This has a calming effect and trains clients to build mindfulness in daily life.
Spending Time in Nature Mindfulness Coaching
Spending Time in Nature is a Quenza mindfulness coaching tool that helps clients be present in the moment while appreciating nature.
The Wheel of Awareness Mindfulness Coaching
The Wheel of Awareness tool helps clients improve their awareness of their internal experiences in mindfulness coaching.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation Mindfulness Coaching
The Progressive Muscle Relaxation tool helps clients relax their bodies.
  • Open Monitoring Meditation is a meditation tool that helps clients become an observer of their present conditions, a necessary ingredient for mindfulness.
Open Monitoring Meditation Mindfulness Coaching Training
The Open Monitoring Meditation tool helps clients observe their present moment without judgment.
Eye of the Hurricane Meditation Mindfulness Coach App
Eye of the Hurricane Meditation lets clients find their inner peace.

Conclusion of coaching

When coaching comes to an end, it’s customary to do a completion session to help clients celebrate their progress and highlight how their future needs to look like to maintain the progress.
After each individual coaching session, clients can use Session Notes for Clients to note down their observations and learnings. You can use the Effectiveness of Session Evaluation and the Coach Evaluation Form to get client feedback on sessions and your coaching style.

The Quenza Effectiveness of Session Evaluation measures the success of each session by getting feedback from your clients.

12 Unique Tools Included With Quenza

There are many more Quenza tools you can use for mindfulness coaching.

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing tool helps clients regulate their breath and relax during stressful times.
  • Mountain Meditation is a Quenza tool that uses the image of a mountain to help clients experience stillness and calmness.
  • The 5–4–3–2–1 Stress Reduction Technique helps clients use their five senses to reduce stress.
  • Self-Compassion Break is a mindfulness coaching training that uses a simple and memorable way to help clients cultivate self-compassion.
  • Body Scan Meditation tool helps clients scan their bodies for sensory details, leading to relaxation and improved awareness.
  • Sitting Meditation guides a client towards increased focus and awareness by using breathing as an anchor.
  • Three Minute Breathing Space is a great tool that allows clients to move out of auto-pilot mode and slow down for better focus on the present moment.
  • A Mindful Goal Focus is a reflection tool that helps clients maintain a healthy balance between future goals and the present moment. This is a great tool for clients who are constantly focused on their future goals.
  • Using Music to Express Feelings helps clients use music to “translate” their feelings. This is very effective for clients who don’t like to talk about their feelings.
  • Building Emotional Awareness is a tool that helps clients become aware of their current emotions without ignoring them.
  • Personal Needs Meditation is a meditation tool that helps clients identify their personal needs and actions required to get these needs met.
  • Brief Needs Check-In is a great practice for your clients to become aware of their daily needs.

Final Thoughts

Mindfulness is a wonderful gift you can give your clients and yourself. It keeps clients in the now and helps them get the best out of their lives.

We hope this post helped clarify your path to becoming a mindfulness coach. Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

We invite you to start your $1, 1 month trial of Quenza and learn more about how Quenza’s tools can help you with mindfulness coaching.

About the author

Sabrina is a life and career coach, currently working on her ICF accreditation. She is also an experienced freelance writer focusing on mental health and technology. In her past corporate life, she was an automation manager at a bank in Toronto, Canada.


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