TherapyZen Reviews: Can It Help You Run Your Practice?

Therapyzen reviews

TherapyZen is a cloud-based software that can be used for treatment planning, intake, and client relationship management. It aims to be an all-in-one platform for therapists, counselors, and coaches, but is it the right app for your practice?

We tested the solution to help you decide. Read on for our TherapyZen reviews and verdict!

Features of TherapyZen

TherapyZen comes with a wide array of practice management tools for solo mental health professionals and multi-provider teams.

The web-based app includes HIPAA-compliant telehealth videoconferencing, EHR capabilities, a client portal, and specialized mental healthcare functions—we’ve listed its main features in the table below:




Coaching Management

Appointment Scheduling
  • Can schedule appointments while creating coaching engagements and allows client self-scheduling. Integrates with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, and two more apps
Billing & Invoicing
  • Automatic billing, sliding scale rates, self-pay billing, integration with Stripe for credit card payment processing.
Insurance Claims Management
  • Automatically collect client insurance information, create and submit insurance claims, receive status updates, track authorizations, and receive payments
Note-taking and Document Management
  • Includes mental health templates, e.g., SOAP notes, risk assessment, DSM & ICD diagnosis codes
Multiple Providers
Practice Management Reports
  • Financial reports (e.g., income by staff member), client reports (e.g., attendance detail), and practice reports (e.g., audit trail)
Inventory Management

Mental Healthcare

Client Portal
  • Includes scheduling tools, payment options, communication tools, client intake forms, and a digital profile
  • Supports data import from existing EHRs, client data includes session notes, contact info, demographics, attachments, medical history, session history, etc.
Custom Forms
  • Includes form builder, in-app templates, and custom form creation by TherapyZen team.

Pricing & Target Audience

As a HIPAA-compliant mental health platform with specialist tools, the TherapyZen app is suitable for professionals such as therapists, counselors, psychologists, mental health coaches, and social workers.

The platform offers fee-for-service pricing, meaning that it can be scaled with your practice.

TherapyZen pricing starts at $29 for a single provider, with an additional fee for each clinician as follows:

  • Solo clinicians and account owners: $42/month
  • Additional clinicians: $29/each
  • Non-clinical staff: Free unlimited staff members
  • Telehealth: $9.99/month

The app also integrates with Stripe for credit card payment processing at 2.9% + $.55 cents per transaction and Office Ally for electronic invoicing and insurance claims management at $0.25 cents per claim.

TherapyZen Alternatives

With so many mental health platforms to choose from these days, it’s challenging to find the right combination of tools, support, and user experience to meet your needs.

Here is an overview of the main differences between TherapyZen and two alternative therapy apps—Owl Practice and Quenza.


Owl Practice


therapyzen reviews vs alternativesblue Owl practice logo white owlQuenza logo blue
  • Web
  • Web
  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone
Customer Service
  • Video tutorials
  • Articles
  • Online form (email)
  • Email
  • Tutorials
  • Online form
  • Social media
  • Tutorials
  • Community Forum
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Online customer service




  • Zoom
  • Doxy
  • Google Meet
  • Google Calendar
  • iCalendar
  • Zapier

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A Look At The TherapyZen Platform

TherapyZen is purely a web-based software with no Android or iPhone apps for users.

It does have a 14-day free trial, and we signed up as a small practice with three clinicians. The software supports bulk client import that enables providers can switch from their existing EHR, so it was easy to create a few clients and dive into the main practice management features:

  • Therapy Notes
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Billing and Payments
  • Staff Management
  • Custom Forms and Intake
  • Reporting.

Practice Management

Both clinical and non-clinical staff can be added to a practice team using the app, and clients can be reassigned between providers at any time.

When a staff member is entered into the software, they can also grant each other permission to view and share client data.

As shown below, each provider can set their availabilities and set their custom service rates for invoicing later.

screenshot of therapist profile in TherapyZen

Like many other therapy software solutions we’ve reviewed, the platform’s scheduling features are easy to use, and SMS or email appointment reminders can be created.

It is easy to toggle between calendars for different therapists, and prices can also be set within the calendar for the app’s automatic billing function:

screenshot of therapist calendar in therapyzenTherapyZen’s billing and invoicing feature allows therapists to create invoices, process payments, write off invoices, generate superbills, issue credits, or print invoices, among other things.

We didn’t find this particular feature very easy to use at first and had to refer to the app’s knowledge base, which was a slight drawback:

screenshot of client invoices in therapy zen

Once bills and invoices are issued, TherapyZen can be used to create a range of financial reports, as shown below.

A few other reports that can be generated include Appointment History, Client Intake Forms, Client Referrals, and Third Party Payer A/R.

screenshot of financial reports in TherapyZen software

Mental Health

TherapyZen’s key mental health features are HIPAA-compliant Telehealth, a Client Management system/EHR, its Client Portal, and Custom Forms.

A treatment plan can be created within each client’s profile using the app’s existing templates, and pre-populated mental health assessment fields are provided to speed up note-taking and documentation.

As shown below, the template includes sections for a patient’s presenting problem, treatment plan objective, and mental status, among other plan elements:

treatment planning in TherapyZen software

The app also features a free client portal that allows patients to view their upcoming appointments, therapist messages, schedule appointments, pay invoices, and fill out intake forms:

screenshot of client portal showing upcoming appointments

Therapists can use the platform to create three types of forms: Custom Note Templates, Custom Intake Forms, and Custom Portal Forms.

While convenient and simple to use, the drag-and-drop builder does not support image or video uploads.

We also found it tricky to locate in the app’s Settings tab:

screenshot of custom SOAP note template in mental health app

Client Portal Forms can be created with the help of pre-made fields such as Your Treatment Goals, Social Media Policy, Informed Consent & Release of Liability, and Online Therapy Consent.

Telehealth sessions are an additional extra for paid plans but can be tested with TherapyZen’s free trial. The platform supports secure calls of up to seven participants, and we found it easy to set up and use.

Clients can receive email meeting invites and join digital psychology sessions from any connected device.

15 Advantages and Disadvantages

Based on our test drive, here’s what we thought about the TherapyZen app overall:



Mental Health

  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth
  • Supports custom form and template design
  • Free client portal with self-scheduling, payments, and appointment reminders
  • Convenient instant messaging feature
  • Comes with mental health templates such as intake forms and informed consent documents
  • Limited activity-building tools
  • No Android or iPhone app

Practice Management

  • Good range of practice management essentials such as scheduling, billing, and insurance claims management
  • Therapists can assign To-Do items to clients
  • Supports payment processing and client self-pay
  • Supports multi-provider teams and multiple locations

User Experience

  • Useful knowledge base
  • Somewhat time-consuming to set up (client portal, telehealth, and practice)
  • Not overly intuitive to learn


Broadly, we enjoyed using TherapyZen’s practice management features and could see them being a useful way for practitioners to save time and simplify their workflow. Being able to assign clients to different therapists and toggle between provider calendars was helpful, and both scheduling and billing were relatively straightforward.

The platform also includes a good range of features from a mental health perspective—TherapyZen’s integrated telehealth system and client portal made it convenient to conduct online sessions without jumping around between different mobile health apps.

We felt that the form and note template builder was somewhat basic, but enjoyed having a few simple templates to work from.

TherapyZen is perhaps not the most straightforward system for new practitioners, however, and we found ourselves jumping around between different tabs, widgets, and the Knowledge base to set our practice up.

We also felt that the software would be much more convenient if it came with smartphone apps for clients, which could be a possible improvement for the future.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for an easy way to engage your clients with unique, customized mental health exercises and interventions?

Quenza’s pre-made Expansion templates, Pathway tools, and easy-to-use Activity builder make it simple for you to plan, manage, and deliver treatments straight to your client’s free app.

Start your $1, 30-day Quenza trial today, and tell us how you think it compares!

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Seph Fontane Pennock is a serial entrepreneur in the mental health space and one of the co-founders of Quenza. His mission is to solve the most important problems that practitioners are facing in the changing landscape of therapy and coaching now that the world is turning more and more digital.

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