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A professional career coach is essentially a development practitioner who helps others with their career decisions and development requirements. With a strong understanding of the employment market and well-honed coaching skills, they play a valuable role in helping others transition, start out a new career, or move upward in their chosen profession.

If it sounds like something you’d be great at, this article will cover a few of the basics about how to become a career coach, and what you’ll need to bring your clients the best possible results. Read on to discover some of the best career coach tools out there today, and how you can practice professionally online.

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Becoming The Ultimate Career Coach

Helping others take the professional path for them is a career coach’s specialty. But what does it take to become the ultimate career coach, and set others on the right track?

While some career coaches have experience with a variety of sectors and can advise others with specific specialties, all career coaches have a few core skills in common.

Practically, and among other things, these include the ability to:

  • Advise others on career progression routes and opportunities
  • Understand organizational structures within firms
  • Help clients strengthen the professional skills they require for a role
  • Offer valuable feedback on resumes, cover letters, and job applications
  • Help clients identify or clarify their career goals
  • Liaise with other job market professionals
  • Coach clients for job interviews, and
  • Understand employment market trends.

Interpersonally, great career coaches are also skilled at:

  • Motivating others
  • Listening and empathizing
  • Prompting self-reflection
  • Strength-spotting
  • Challenging clients’ perspectives
  • Keep clients’ information private
  • Supporting others with decision-making, and
  • Staying on top of others’ career progress.

As professionals, career coaches can work within organizations, independently, or as part of agencies or teams within the job market.

In a nutshell, there is a wide range of different ways in which they can help others, meaning that there’s no one route for becoming a career coach.

With a strong understanding of the employment market and well-honed coaching skills, career coaches play a valuable role in helping others transition, start out a new career, or move upward in their chosen profession.

6 Tips For Successful Career Coaching

There’s no one ideal career coach for every potential client, but with the right coaching skills, many coaches offer a valuable service that can greatly empower those they help.

That said, knowing how to coach others is not the same as running a successful career coaching business – so if you’re setting up for the first time, here are a few handy tips:

  1. Know your target market: As with any value proposition, an understanding of your target clients will help you price your services, and pitch a more relevant offer. Are you targeting graduate career starter, ladder-climbing executives, or job changers on the hunt? These insights will also give you a better idea of how to focus your marketing efforts.
  2. Have a business model: Will you offer a one-on-one service, group sessions, or a combination of both? Will you be offering solely online solutions or a blended approach? When you’re clear on how you’ll create value, you can pick the right tools for the job.
  3. Determine your pricing: Your prices may vary depending on whether you offer bespoke services or pre-designed packages, as well as who you plan to work with
  4. Plan your client management strategy: A strong CRM strategy will cover everything from client sourcing to your ongoing marketing efforts, and will help you stay on track while you grow your business.
  5. Seek feedback: Learning about your clients’ likes and dislikes with regard to your services gives you valuable insights on how to improve. Use surveys, questionnaires, or feedback forms to invite them to share their views.
  6. Use the right tools: With all kinds of online coaching, specialized tools can make your day-to-day work much easier, while helping you stay in touch with your clientele.

Using this guide as a checklist, you’ll be ready to find the right tools to grow your online business.

Using Digital Resources For Career Coaching

If market research, client management, and customer outreach sound daunting, don’t be put off. Today’s digital marketplace is full of specially designed career coach tools that are purpose-built to take the pain and legwork out of the admin tasks that aren’t necessarily a career coach’s forte.

Some great examples include specialized career coach software that offers:

  • Course or activity design tools – to help you create assessments, worksheets, or client templates for CVs and cover letters
  • Customer engagement tools – such as live chat for staying in touch between sessions, or email notifications
  • Custom form builders – for sending out feedback questionnaires, onboarding forms, or session rating scales
  • Program or Course designers – handy for creating packages in advance, then sharing them with clients, and
  • Practice management tools – such as appointment calendars, invoicing features, and payment processing functions.

Ideally, you’ll be able to use a white-label career coach app, allowing you to customize all your client correspondence and materials with your own corporate logo. A professional touch, after all, goes a long way in building your brand awareness.

What Is The Best Career Coaching App & Software?

Ready to hunt for mobile coaching management software, or the right platform to help you design solutions?

Depending on what tools you’re after, these virtual coaching platforms may be a good place to start your search:



Quenza Virtual CoachQuenza is a user-friendly, but simultaneously very powerful virtual coach platform with tools for every step of your coaching journey. Its drag-and-drop Activity Builders make it quick and simple to create bespoke activities from scratch, by inserting checkboxes, sliding scales, text boxes, video, audio, and more into your own exercises, homework, lessons, and even intake forms.

Once built, these Activities can be assembled into Pathways and scheduled for automatic sharing with your clients. Its features include:

  • Real-time results tracking for Activities
  • Free Android and iOS Client Portals
  • Client engagement tools such as notifications, email reminders, and live chat
  • GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant data storage, and
  • Multimedia support for integrating your own videos, mp3s, and images into exercises
Price$1+ monthly
Good ForCoaching Management, Client Engagement, Life Coaching, Patient Engagement Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Executive Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Mental Health Coaching



10to8 Virtual Coach10 to 8 is an easy-to-use platform for virtual coaches who want to streamline their calendar management and appointment scheduling. It offers a basic Client Portal/Online Booking feature that can accept client payments when used with Stripe, Stripe Commission, PayPal, and SagePay. For a small fee, 10 to 8 coaches can brand their correspondence with their corporate logos.

Other features include:

  • Attendance reports
  • Client self-scheduling
  • Email or SMS appointment reminders, and
  • Email marketing and Quickbooks integrations
Name10 to 8
Price$9.6+ monthly
Good ForCoaching Management, Client Engagement



Life Coach Office Virtual CoachLife Coach Office is a useful coach app for appointment scheduling, invoicing, bulk emailing, and other coaching management functions – it can be used by solo remote coaches or teams. It comes with some modifiable lesson templates to help you get started with your programs, as well as some features to help you with growing your online business.

Examples include LCO’s tools for:

  • Progress tracking
  • Goal setting
  • Client management
  • Client journaling, and
  • Curriculum Management
NameLife Coach Office
Price$24+ monthly
Good ForBusiness Coaching, Coaching Management, Client Engagement, Virtual Life Coaching



Acuity Scheduling Virtual CoachCloud, SaaS, and web-based calendar management software Acuity Scheduling can be handy for virtual coaches who want to streamline their calendar management, accept client bookings online, and take digital payments with an all-in-one coaching management solution. While it does not support program or activity design for virtual life coaches, it can be a fast and efficient way to centralize your appointment scheduling and send session reminders.

Features include:

  • Client portal
  • Client import and export
  • Online payment processing
  • Progress tracking tools, and
  • Client self-scheduling
NameAcuity Scheduling
Price$15+ monthly
Good ForCoaching Management, Client Engagement

How To Use The Quenza Platform For Career Coaching

If you’re keen to know how various career coach tools work to make your workflow easier, here’s a quick look at Quenza’s different features in action.

Using Quenza as a Career Coaching App

Good career coaches don’t give answers – rather, they make it easier for their clients to find the answers themselves.

To this end, Quenza’s Activity Builder is uniquely designed to help you craft personalized worksheets, exercises, and Activities, which are quick to send to your clients in a digital format.

Simply name your new Activity, then select, drag, and drop any of your Builder’s different elements into the worksheet, exercise, quiz, or lesson you’re building:

Quenza Activity Builder Career Coach App
Quenza’s Activity Builder includes informative text boxes for your own text, as well as Likert scales, drop-down menus, sections, headers, and more. By integrating your own videos or audio into career coaching worksheets, you can make them more engaging for clients.

Here in the Activity Builder, you’ll find full support for any multimedia uploads you want to include, such as explanatory videos, motivational meditations, or image diagrams.

It also doubles as motivation app, allowing you to prompt clients to complete Activities with notifications, reminders, and emails:

Quenza Career Coach App
Send automatic notifications at specified intervals to remind your clients of an exercise, or send them manually from your Client overview panel.

As shown, your clients will receive their notifications through the free Quenza app, where they can click to open their exercise and work on it from any location.

For career coaches who provide packages or full courses, Quenza’s Pathway Builder is uniquely designed to simplify your planning – by choosing different Activities from your Library, you can assemble these into Pathways or Programs:

Create personalized Pathways for exercises, assessments, worksheets, and Activities with Quenza’s Pathway Builder.

From here, it’s easy to save your Pathways as career coaching templates, and schedule each step for automatic sharing with your clients.

Checking in with career coaching clients can also be done in real-time with Quenza Chat, which keeps all your confidential conversations private with HIPAA-compliant encryption:

Quenza Chat Virtual Coaching App
Give advice, tips, and feedback when it matters most with Quenza Chat, visible only to you and your clients.

As shown, Quenza Chat connects you to your clients through their Client Portal, and you can turn your notifications off and on depending on your schedule.

6 Tools, Templates & Exercises in Quenza

Ready to craft your own online career coach tools? Quenza’s Expansion Library is full of free templates that can be dropped straight into your Pathways, modified and sent as single exercises, or even just used as inspiration to build your own Activities from scratch.

Here are some particularly relevant career coach tools to help you get started:

  1. Visualizing your goals is a highly versatile goal-setting exercise to enhance your coachees’ motivation, so they can start planning or problem-solving. Use this worksheet and meditation directly from Quenza’s Expansion Library, or modify it for your goal-setting sessions.
  2. Realizing Long-Lasting Change by Setting Process Goals is a Habit Creation Plan for career coaching clients who want to change their behavior for the long term. This exercise guides clients through Goal, Action, and Approach Selection, and offers useful background psychoeducation to put it all in context.
  3. A Mindful Reflection is a practical reflection exercise that will help clients understand the different types of goal focus and distinguish between mindful, excessive, and insufficient focus on their career goals.
  4. Consulting the Future Self When Making Choices can be helpful for clients who have difficulty making big decisions – such as which career path to take. Here, they’ll shift our focus from the present to consult their future selves, helping them reduce decision-related regret.
  5. Strength Interview can help clients consider the things that bring them energy, performance, and authenticity. Potentially, a great exercise for career changers or any client who is feeling ambivalent about a job-related decision.
  6. You At Your Best uses storytelling to spark reflection in clients, so they can identify their personal strengths. By describing what happened, what they were doing, and how they felt when they were most authentic, clients can work through the exercise to trigger self-awareness about their competencies, traits, or particular skills.

Final Thoughts

As a first-time or even a highly seasoned career coach, moving from offline to digital practice can seem intimidating. Fortunately, you’re not the first practitioner to adapt their services to a changing marketplace – so there is a wealth of ready-made, specially designed career coach tools all ready for you to get familiar with.

If you’ve found inspiration in any of these career coaching templates, exercises, or activities, you’ll find it more than easy to start crafting your own. Do let us know how you went with a comment.

We hope you enjoyed this review. Why not start designing your own online career coaching solutions with your 30-day $1 Quenza trial?

Quenza’s online toolkit gives you all the user-friendly features you need to practice career coaching digitally, and will help you guide and motivate others even more effectively with your own unique solutions.

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