25 Brandable Done-For-You Coaching Program Templates

Brandable Done-For-You Coaching Program Templates

Crafting a successful program may sound like hard work, but it’s a breeze with these done-for-you, brandable templates!

This guide will show you how to create effective, engaging sequences from white-label coaching program templates, so you can take your coachees from their unique goals to the outcomes they’re after.

Why You Need A Coaching Program Template

A coaching program is a logical sequence of coaching content that takes your clients from A to B. For that journey to be as effective as possible, it’s vital to have a blueprint—or a coaching program template.

So what should that include?

Because each program effectively acts as a blueprint for your client journey, they almost always begin with your initial intake processes and end with evaluations.

In between, coaching programs typically include a mix of:

  • Session materials, such as practical exercises, instructional videos, meditations, metaphors, and other coaching tools
  • Between-session homework, like self-report quizzes, behavior diaries, or mood trackers, and
  • Coaching forms, which can include everything from intake documents and client contracts to post-coaching evaluations and session rating scales.

While it’s possible to create all these building blocks from scratch, there’s often no need if you’re using common or popular exercises and forms.

A far more efficient way to achieve the same result (and stick to best practice!) is by modifying an existing brandable template such as those that you’ll find in a coaching app.

Quenza Coaching Templates Expansion Library
Quenza’s Expansion Library gives you dozens of coaching exercises, activities, worksheets, forms, contracts, agreements, and more to customize and use in your coaching programs.

10 Done For You Examples To Use In Your Programs

While it doesn’t really matter how long your program lasts (i.e., how many sessions you choose to include,) a coaching program can only be effective if it’s tailored to your clients’ needs.

This means that to build your program, you’ll need to personalize any templates you use so that they are suitable for their goals and learning style.

The following examples are done-for-you templates that can be found in Quenza’s Expansion library, ready to be customized and shared directly with your clients as-is or within your program.

For our purposes, we’ve organized them into two of the most popular coaching program structures to give you some inspiration.

Using templates like these, you can organize your materials into an effective sequence that starts from the bare bones; then, you can introduce your own steps, homework, touchpoints, and more to build a coaching program that’s tailored to your coachee.

1. The GROW Model

The Goal, Reality, Options, and Will (or Way Forward) structure is a well-known framework that’s easy to apply when you’re structuring development programs.

It offers a 4-step outline that can be used to roadmap how each session will proceed and is just as effective for planning coaching sessions over a longer period.

Realizing Long-Lasting Change Brandable Template Quenza
Quenza’s Realizing Long-Lasting Change By Setting Process Goals Expansion is a done-for-you template can be used when you are guiding clients to set goals and realize them, an essential step in any coaching program.

A signature business coaching program created using the GROW model might look as follows:




1 – Orientation


  • Intake
  • Initial assessments
  • Help clients establish goals

Example homework (Quenza Expansion)

Realizing Long-Lasting Change by Setting Process Goals

With this Expansion exercise, you can help clients explore various ways to build habits; a powerful practice to help them to realize their goals. (Pictured above.)

2 – Initial Session


  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore potential obstacles and opportunities

Example homework (Quenza Expansion)

Strengths in Significant Moments

This Expansion exercise can help your clients increase their knowledge of their strengths by carefully analyzing the significant moments in their lives.

3 – Decisions


  • Brainstorm action items
  • Develop action plan
  • Identify first steps

Example homework (Quenza Expansion)


This Expansion exercise invites your clients to commit to their goals by creating a personal self-contract.

4 + Coaching


  • Build and sustain motivation
  • Develop key skills
  • Evaluate progress
Example (Quenza Expansion)

Session Notes for Clients

A convenient digital template that your clients can use to record their observations, feelings, and thoughts during coaching sessions.

Learn how to apply this framework: Using The GROW Coaching Model (+ Example PDF Worksheet)

2. The ABC Model

Another example is Ribbers and Waringa’s ABC Model, which proposes a 3-step structure that can also be flexibly applied to individual sessions and longer programs:[1]

Quenza Goal Visualization Expansion Templates
Quenza’s Goal Visualization Expansion is brandable coaching Expansion that encourages your coaches to identify their
  1. Analyze: During these sessions or stages, clients explore their opportunities to develop realistic, achievable objectives. A great done-for-you template to use at this stage is Quenza’s Goal Visualization Expansion, shown above.
  2. Internalize: This involves clients moving through a cycle of goal, action, reflection, and review to work toward their goals. Quenza’s Implementation Intentions exercise is another useful template to use here.
  3. Sustain: Where the client’s new desired behaviors are validated and maintained, before the coaching program comes to a close. A Mindful Goal Focus, shown below, is a useful Expansion to help clients maintain a healthy balance at this stage.

The ABC Model centers heavily on reinforcing positive new behaviors with feedback from others, meaning it lends itself particularly well to team coaching in organizations.

A Mindful Goal Focus Quenza Expansion
Quenza’s A Mindful Goal Focus exercise can be customized to suit a range of different program types, and branded with your practice logo. You can find this Expansion in Quenza’s in-app library.

13 Best Brandable Coaching Templates To Send To Clients

Once you’ve got your structure in place, building up your coaching program is simply a matter of selecting the right coaching forms and exercises for each step of your chosen framework.

If it helps, you might want to start with a few coaching templates from our in-depth Quenza guide: Conducting Intake Effectively: 22 Forms, Questions, & Apps.

While you’ll initially want to structure your curricula or program with interventions, activities, and exercises such as the below examples, your intake documents can be added as first steps later on.

Here are four further examples that might inspire your program design, plus customizable Quenza Expansion templates that you can modify right away.

Creating A Career Coaching Program: 7 Outlines

Using the GROW Model example above, a career coaching program outline might look as follows:



Coaching Tools (Quenza Expansions)

Session 1 (Goals) 


  • Pre-Coaching Questionnaire
  • Custom Peer Feedback Assessments
  • Strength Interview

Session 2 (Reality) 

Finding Your Ikigai

  • Finding Your Ikigai
  • Life Domain Satisfaction

Session 3 (Options) 

Action Planning

  • Consulting The Future Self When Making Choices
  • The Scoreboard Metaphor

Session 4 (Will) 

Managing Stress

  • A Mindful Goal Focus
  • Custom Habit Journals

You’ll find a full guide to choosing the best career coaching software here:  5 Best Career Coaching Programs, Tools & Apps [2023 Guide].

3 Best Health Coaching Outlines

The ABC model that we mentioned above can easily be used to structure a health coaching program.

An example might look as follows:

  1. Analyze: During their initial session, a client might take a self-awareness assessment to build up their self-awareness, e.g. Strengths Self-Reflective Questions. They may set goals and analyze their needs based on those goals using an exercise like Seeing Through the Illusion of Need Projection.
  2. Internalize: This stage might involve your client assessing the pros and cons of the positive changes they have made in their life. Exploring The Benefits of Change is an example Expansion that can easily be adapted to suit a health coaching program.
  3. Sustain: In which a client identifies the success factors of their approach, and focuses their efforts on maintaining their progress. My Learnings List is a modifiable template that could be useful here.

For more health coaching resources, we recommend 5 Best Health Coaching Apps & Software for Wellness Coaches.

How To Promote Your Practice With White Label Templates

All of the Expansion templates we’ve shared are fully brandable with Quenza White Label, a free-to-use in-app customization feature that helps you share coaching Activities and messages using your distinct brand.

If you’re looking to differentiate and grow your practice, you can set the following with a few clicks using Quenza White Label:

  • Branding: you can upload your own logo to be displayed on each Activity in place of Quenza’s modern default layout.
  • Colors: you can also style each Activity template to tailor how they view your solutions.
  • Profession Display: choose whether clients see you in the app as their mentor, counselor, instructor, nutritionist, or teacher, among other roles.
  • Sender Email Address: you’re also able to communicate from your own professional address for all your Quenza communications.

Using Quenza White Label, you’re free to deliver your coaching program your way so that you can differentiate your practice and stand out as a coach. 

Building Your Signature Coaching Program: A Step-By-Step Guide

Once you’re ready, putting your program together is as simple as designing a Pathway.

With Quenza Pathways, you simply select templates that you’ve personalized and assign them as “steps” in a unique program, as shown below:

Pathway Step Coaching Program Templates
Quenza’s Pathway tools help you create seamless programs from your customized templates and ‘drip-feed’ them to your clients on autopilot.

As soon as you’ve organized your steps, all you need to do is choose a custom interval between each step to pre-schedule when your content will be delivered to clients.

Your coaching program resources will be automatically shared with your clients at the intervals you’ve selected, and Quenza will collect their responses on your behalf. It’s easy!

5 Tips To Create A Successful Program With Quenza

Using Expansions and Pathway tools, you can see how easy it is to create and deliver an entire program of bespoke content with Quenza’s tools.

Here are some of our top tips for building your signature coaching program from scratch:

  1. Gather your tools: Whether you’re working from a laptop or smartphone app, you can access all of the user-friendly tools you need to build Pathways and deliver your program with Quenza’s 30-day trial.
  2. Design unique online coaching lessons and resources: Unique coaching resources are a great way to stand out in a crowded online coaching marketplace – so don’t underestimate their impact! If you want to create original coaching exercises, use Quenza’s drag-and-drop Activity Builder tools.
  3. Keep it simple: That said, there’s no need to build everything from the ground up, especially when it comes to popular or science-based resources that you might use frequently. For 180+ customizable coaching program templates, be sure to check out Quenza’s full library of Expansions.
  4. Upcycle your Pathways: Did you know you can save and duplicate Quenza’s Pathways? If you’re looking for a quick way to personalize your own tried-and-tested programs, now you know how!
  5. Learn as you go: If you want to improve and refine your programs, we recommend scheduling surveys and questionnaires as Pathway steps. This is a great way to collect all your clients’ thoughts and suggestions and constantly upgrade your solutions!

Example 8-Week Life Coaching Program Template

Looking for some customizable end-to-end life coaching program templates?

As well as standalone life coaching Activities, Quenza’s Expansion library contains templates for entire programs that you can easily customize and share.

By adjusting the intervals for each of these Expansion Pathway steps, you can create a signature life program based that will help your client get from A to B most effectively.

Creating a Positive Body Image

This Quenza Expansion, pictured below, is a 6-week program designed to help clients develop a healthier body image.

Quenza Positive Body Image Program Example
Creating a Positive Body Image integrates video training with journaling prompts, encouraging life coaching clients to reflect each day on the positive aspects of their body.

This can easily be adapted into an 8-week coaching program by including your own psychoeducational tools or additional steps.

Journaling Through Grief in 40 Days

The Expansion Pathway below gives bereaved clients a safe way to explore their complicated emotions, remember their loved ones and their impact on their life, and record their continuing journey.

Quenza Journaling Through Grief Coaching Program Template
Quenza’s Journaling Through Grief program aims to help clients in the wake of loss with a series of learnings and interactive exercises.

While each step of Journaling Through Grief is initially set to be delivered daily, you can easily personalize it to be delivered over 8 weeks.

Final Thoughts

With decent templates, your coaching programs can easily make you more efficient and effective by giving your materials a logical, progressive flow.

Using the examples we’ve shared, you’ll be able to build your courses more efficiently, amend your designs along the way, and ultimately, enhance the client benefits of your solutions. Do let us know how you’ve applied these examples with your $1 Quenza trial!


  1. ^ Ribbers, A., & Waringa, A. (2015). E-coaching: Theory and practice for a new online approach to coaching. Routledge.

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