Use Your Own Logo With the Quenza White Label Feature

White Label Quenza Life Coaching Forms

Fellow Quenza user, dear friend,

A quick email from me today with exciting news…

We have just launched the White Label functionality!

This means that you can now use your own logo to replace ours, so that your clients will receive branded emails, activities, and pathways from you.

Simply follow this link when logged in to Quenza or go to Settings > Customization > select Show Custom Branding and upload your own logo there.

While you’re doing that, we are busy working on the next new feature: Messaging.

Soon, you can chat with your clients in a secure and encrypted way from the comfort of your mobile app.

It is our mission to serve you to the best of our abilities with Quenza.

If there’s anything you would like us to add, please leave a feature request in the community so we know what to build next.

You can also upvote the ideas of other users there, so we get a sense of the priority of each request.

Be well, and talk soon,

Seph Fontane Pennock
Co-founder & CMO at Quenza

About the author

Seph Fontane Pennock is a serial entrepreneur in the mental health space and one of the co-founders of Quenza. His mission is to solve the most important problems that practitioners are facing in the changing landscape of therapy and coaching now that the world is turning more and more digital.


  1. G Gabrielle

    I think I asked a version of this already but When I join quenza, are there as many activities to give to clients as in the positive psychology toolkit? Will it be a direct integration eventually?
    I start my business later this year and this application is exactly what I want to use.

  2. SP Seph Fontane Pennock

    Hi Gabrielle!

    We are planning to turn all of the suitable Positive Psychology Toolkit tools into Quenza activities. You can find all of the ones we’ve got so far under Expansions in your account (as soon as you have one). There’s about 40 of them now, but we’re rapidly adding new ones.

    We’ll be welcoming you with open arms later this year then!


  3. JP Jonathan Penner

    Will the white label options ever allow for (even at a customization cost) full white label functionality? White labeled app icon, email domain, site login etc.

    I am grateful for the ability to include the logo within the email. But in the big picture almost every touch point with the client is still branded by Quenza.

    1. SP Seph Fontane Pennock

      Hi Jonathan,

      Right now, it’s just the logo you can replace. In two weeks from now, you’ll also be able to use your own brand color and later, also your own email domain.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. ND Nicholas Dillon

    I love the functionality of the site and am just hoping you will be adding a feature that incorporates a brief landing page that allows the practitioner/Coach to to showcase their photo, logo, bio, and services offered. Right now, I need to have another page that leads to yours and would love to have everything housed in one platform. Thanks.

    1. SP Seph Fontane Pennock

      Great idea Nicholas!

      Would you do us all a favour and leave this request in the Feature Request section of the app? That way, other practitioners can upvote your feature, giving our dev team a sense of the priority of the request. We build the most highly-upvoted features first.

      Thank you!

  5. A Alex

    It would be great if the app was white labeled too. There are a bunch of sites that do this for a one off extra or as part of the normal white label service.

  6. D dyutit

    Hi How do i buy your white labled products ?

    1. CM Catherine Moore

      Thanks for your question 🙂
      Quenza White Label is a free feature with your account, including your $1 trial. You can start adding your company logo to all your Activities and the Quenza app right now!

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