9 Most Useful Therapy Worksheets For Supporting Clients

Therapy Worksheets

Therapy worksheets make brilliant mental health tools – for sessions, homework, handouts, and more. If you’re a counselor or therapist, though, creating them can take a while.

If you’d rather be spending your time with clients, we’ll show you how to customize and send some of Quenza’s best worksheets under your practice brand.

Before you begin, we think you’ll love Quenza’s $1, 30-day trial.

Our cutting-edge blended care software will help you create beautifully effective therapy worksheets to better help your clients achieve their mental health goals, and will give you everything you need to run your practice smoothly from any online device.

7 Benefits of Using Worksheets in Therapy

Worksheets are superbly effective learning tools that deepen a client’s learning and encourage them to implement their new knowledge.

When psychoeducational information is combined with questions or problem-solving activities, they create a unique opportunity for active learning outside of formal therapy sessions.

It’s why they’re such a popular way to share therapy homework with clients, as worksheets allow them to make positive progress toward their mental health goals.

Quenza Therapy Worksheets
Digital therapy worksheets like Quenza’s Top 5 Values (pictured) encourage clients to implement the strategies they learn from sessions in the real world.

The array of benefits to using worksheets in therapy is extensive. As homework:

  1. Worksheets encourage individuals to apply the strategies they learn in therapy in daily life, where they will ultimately be of value
  2. They also teach them to apply their newfound skills without a therapist’s support, empowering them in their own mental health journey, and
  3. They serve as valuable reference materials to aid memory and learning.

Therapy worksheets can also be used as practical steps in asynchronous electronic therapy – where each element of treatment is delivered as a separate ‘step’ in time.

Using worksheets in this way also yields at least four particular advantages:

  1. Therapists can design their worksheets for maximum engagement, by tailoring materials to a client’s unique learning style, interests, and objectives
  2. Clients can refer back to their past worksheets for insights into their learning or progress, which can be a valuable way to maintain motivation
  3. Designed properly, worksheets can efficiently summarize vast amounts of content, and
  4. They can be combined to create entire programs, e-learning modules, courses, or curricula.

How To Use Worksheets with Kids and Adults

Therapy worksheets can be used as practical steps in asynchronous electronic therapy – where each element of treatment is delivered as a separate ‘step’ in time.

Creating online therapy worksheets is simple and efficient enough with the right digital tools, but it’s still vital to ensure your therapeutic resources are aligned with your patients’ needs, goals, and learning capabilities.

An effective worksheet for adults may not appeal to children, who might be more easily engaged with colors, comics, videos, or interactive games.

Before you start designing therapy worksheets for kids, spend some time considering how your clients might learn best:

  • What level are their literary skills? What kind of language will be relatable for them?
  • Can you ‘gamify’ certain elements of your worksheets?
  • Will certain elements work just as effectively using video or other multimedia?
  • Is your worksheet designed for passive information delivery, or active learning?

9 Best Therapy Worksheets For Your Sessions

Quenza is full of popular therapy worksheets that draw from a vast range of established therapeutic frameworks, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness.

All of these can easily be customized to create engaging, effective therapeutic aids for your client sessions or homework.

3 Best Couples Therapy Worksheets

Quenza Therapy Worksheets for Couples
Quenza Expansions are customizable templates for you to modify and send, like the “Learning To Say No” therapy worksheet for couples (pictured).

Here’s a sample of 3 therapy worksheets for couples that will introduce powerful relationship skills to your clients. You’ll find these and more in Quenza’s huge Expansion Library:

  1. Gratitude for Important People: This exercise asks an individual client to recall three people who have had a positive or meaningful impact on their lives. Through a series of prompts, they’ll learn to strengthen their relationships by practicing gratitude.
  2. Gratitude in Romantic Relationships: Similar to the last activity, this worksheet helps couples or partners to cultivate admiration and affection for each other through mutual appreciation.
  3. Learning to Say No: Here’s an activity that teaches partners to say “no” to activities that are not value-aligned, which is an effective way to develop healthy boundaries and communication in relationships.

3 Worksheets For Kids and Teens

You’ll also find a wealth of fun, easy-to-modify therapy worksheets for children and young adults that can be personalized with unique images, your YouTube or Vimeo videos, custom audio, and other multimedia.

A few of the best include:

  1. A Letter of Self-Compassion: Ideal for young adults and children who can write, and who want to build resilience, this provides prompts for writing a self-directed letter of kindness.
  2. A Personal Coping Mantra: Use this therapy worksheet for teens or kids who could benefit from helpful coping thoughts in stressful situations.
  3. Completing Sentences to Clarify Values: This sheet helps young audiences discover their values in 8 important life domains, such as creativity, authenticity, and freedom.

A Look At Group Therapy Worksheets

If you work with teams or teach classes, Quenza’s Pathways Tool can also help you send group therapy worksheets on an automatic schedule.

Quenza’s HIPAA-compliant will automatically collect all group participants’ responses in real-time, so that you can monitor, evaluate, and even refine your program.

To send interactive worksheets to group therapy clients as part of a course of signature program, simply open up Quenza’s Pathway Builder and select each activity as a step:

Quenza Pathway Builder Therapy Worksheets
Send group therapy worksheets easily by assigning them as steps in Quenza’s Pathway Builder.

Quenza’s Pathway Builder is purpose-built for designing courses, plans, and programs for therapy and coaching, meaning you can easily assign intervals between each step to determine when they’ll be delivered.

Among the top activities to use as group therapy worksheets, you might like:

  1. Creative Visualization for Stress Reduction: An infinitely versatile mental imaging technique that helps participants cope with anxiety
  2. Moving from Cognitive Fusion to Defusion: This Expansion teaches important cognitive restructuring techniques if you’re delivering online CBT to groups, and
  3. Three Minute Breathing Space: This will help clients step out of automatic pilot and create more space in which to respond to adverse events with more perspective.

How To Build & Use Remote Therapy Worksheets With Quenza

With Quenza, sending remote therapy worksheets is even easier than creating Pathways!

There are two ways to use your completed materials with clients:

  1. Sending them as saved Activities from your Activity Library – simply click ‘Send’ to select a client, and
  2. Completing them with your client in sessions – ideal for working through sheets together when you’re physically with your patient.

You’re always free to decide who can view your clients’ results, and all their responses are entirely GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant.

When you’re ready to view their responses, you’ll find them all organized by patient in your Quenza Client Tab, as below:

Quenza Client Profile Therapy Worksheets
Quenza’s Client Profiles show you which Activities are pending, completed, canceled, or in progress so that you can send notifications or make necessary amendments.

What is the Best Software For Therapists?

Ultimately, the best software for your therapy worksheets will be determined by your specialty, professional goals, and clientele.

Quenza’s all-in-one toolkit offers you the flexibility to help others in the way that best suits you, by giving you everything you need to craft bespoke worksheets, customize existing templates, and curate your content based on your clients’ goals.

If you’re keen to enhance your impact as a blended care specialist and deliver more effective interventions more efficiently, Quenza’s software for therapists can help you grow your practice easily.

7 Unique Features Included in Quenza

Beyond its core tools, Quenza’s features also give you a wealth of potential ways to tailor and personalize your clients’ therapy experiences.

For example:

  1. You can chat with your clients via instant message using Quenza Chat
  2. On their end, they can receive all your materials through Quenza’s free Android or Apple client portal
  3. They can also choose to interact with Quenza in 17 different languages (and pick their own app colors!)
  4. You’re able to upload your practice logo to all your therapy worksheets…
  5. …and send resources from your own private email address
  6. Quenza’s Wheel of Life tool allows you to make uniquely personalized psychology assessments, and
  7. You can conduct group therapy using Quenza’s unique group coaching feature.

In short, Quenza can help you streamline and grow your private practice while amplifying your positive impact for improved learning and growth.

Final Thoughts

Worksheets can be a fantastic way to maximize your clients’ learning, and they’re even more engaging with a few unique amendments of your own.

Even if you’re brand new to blended care, there’s a lot to be gained by designing and building custom therapy tools, so don’t be afraid to dip your toe in the water.¬†We hope you found some brilliant worksheets to use in your therapy sessions!

If you’re keen for more customizable resources, or to design your own, don’t forget to start Quenza’s $1, 1-month trial.

Our 30-day trial will give you unlimited access to all of Quenza’s unique tools and features for therapists, and will help you increase your positive impact on your clients’ wellbeing.

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