6+ Tools For Coaches: Simple Guide For Boosting Your Practice

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Today’s online tools for coaches pack in a lot more functionality than they once did – from collecting data and sharing homework, to tracking client performance and enhancing the likelihood that they’ll stay engaged.

If you’re stuck tossing up between single-solution coaching apps for your business, or if you’re drowning in a sea of them, this guide shows you how to upgrade your practice with one clean, simple, and powerful toolkit.

Before browsing our tips, we think you’ll really enjoy our 30 day, 1 dollar trial of Quenza’s tools for coaches. Our complete e-coaching toolkit is designed by expert practitioners to help you amplify your professional impact, and will give you everything you need to share bespoke, practice-branded solutions with your clients from any connected device.

What Are Coaching Tools?

If you’re considering moving into e-coaching, the good news is that you typically won’t need to reinvent your traditional solutions.

Whether they’re worksheets, quizzes, activities, or exercises, your resources and interventions can easily be translated into engaging virtual formats – provided you’ve got the right tools for your life coaching business model.

Broadly, online tools for coaches tend to fall into two categories:

  • Practice management tools, which help you schedule appointments, invoice clients, document sessions, or conduct live sessions virtually, and
  • E-Coaching tools, that are purpose-built to help you develop others while augmenting your professional skills and helping you engage your clients.

Both coaching tool types have unique advantages, and together they can help you run your own practice – and share your own coaching solutions – more efficiently and effectively.

E-Coaching tools are purpose-built online solutions that help you develop others while augmenting your professional skills and keeping your clients engaged.

As practitioners go increasingly digital, practice or coaching management tools are easy to find in app stores. Ranging from spreadsheets and videoconferencing clients to single-purpose billing apps and note templates, they’re essential ways to reduce your administrative burden significantly.

But if you’re planning to practice professionally while growing your business globally, it’s highly recommended that you integrate both types of tools into your business.

Fortunately, there are all-in-one solutions developed especially for e-coaching professionals, meaning that your search can already be reduced to a small, select pool.

Quenza Tools for Coaches
All-in-one software like Quenza (pictured) integrates practice management and coaching tools into one convenient suite, allowing you to run your business from any device.

Choosing The Best Tools For Coaching

Because it’s designed to cover all your workflow and coaching-specific needs, all-in-one software like Quenza acts as a professional toolkit.

Not only can you simplify all your separate apps into one solution, but it also includes unique tools for coaches that can help you:

  • Craft unique activities, exercises, and homework
  • Schedule and automate your clients’ learning to encourage better progress
  • Organize your materials into digital packages, e-courses, or programs
  • Assess coachees using science-based or custom scales, quizzes, and surveys
  • Collect and analyze client feedback, including assessment and activity results
  • Track learning and progress, to tweak and enhance your offerings
  • Personalize your resources, using client titles and names or bespoke content
  • Update, remind, and touch base with clients using timely, live in-app chat or notifications, and (putting it all together)
  • Engage and motivate clients for better results.

Regardless of your unique value proposition, as a digital coach, it’s a great idea to let your needs shape your search for the right practice tools.

Create a list of key ways you can simplify and enhance your clients’ lives through the work you do, and you’ll be able to select what coaching tools or features you need to turn your techniques and solutions digital.

7 Benefits of Using Digital Tools

Online tools for coaches can be tricky. As a new virtual practitioner, it’s tempting to splash out on software that’s bloated with tools and features, before finding yourself overwhelmed with unnecessary functionality.

This pitfall can easily be avoided by choosing a customizable, scalable, but easy-to-use solution such as Quenza, which provides simple but powerful tools while leaving you in full creative control over your solutions.

You can avoid paying for more than you need while giving yourself and your clients a user-friendly coaching experience with almost no learning curve to speak of.

With your client’s unique goals as a guide for your solutions, you’ll also find Quenza’s digital tools for coaches can help you:

  1. Communicate regularly (and more conveniently) with clients in real-time
  2. Collect and store confidential client information securely, e.g. assessment results, contact information, and chat logs
  3. Build motivation with real-time feedback, live notifications, in-app reminders, homework, and automated emails
  4. Monitor and evaluate client progress, with live tracking and activity results organized by client
  5. Maintain client engagement over time by sharing interactive, personalized, and custom coaching solutions
  6. Manage your business more efficiently when you organize coachee information, coaching content, and administration onto one coaching platform, and
  7. Grow as a professional by offering digital programs and packages from your library of unique content.

Is There A Coaching Tools App?

There is a huge range of coaching solutions available today, but growing as a coach means understanding your needs and whether a certain platform’s features will serve you well as a toolkit.

It means product searches can easily become drawn-out and tiring, especially for first-time e-practitioners.

Quenza has been developed by professional coaches for themselves and other development specialists. By offering the unique combination of flexibility and simplicity that can differentiate your offer, it uses simple but powerful online tools for coaches to help you grow your practice.

With Quenza’s unique tools and features, it’s possible to design, build, and share engaging personalized solutions digitally from your mobile or laptop – regardless of your coaching specialty. Using life coaching as an example, we’ll show you how with this visual guide.

Quenza’s How-To Guide For Life Coaches

Quenza’s user-friendly online tools for coaches are a simple but effective way to share bespoke, practice-branded professional interventions, activities, exercises, quizzes, assessments, and more through with your clients any time, anywhere.

You can choose to build your own solutions by combining straightforward short answer fields, text boxes, scales, videos, multimedia, and more from scratch, which is ideal if you’ve got unique solutions to share digitally:

Quenza Activity Builder Tools for Coaching
Quenza’s Activity tools for coaches are a quick and easy way to design professional coaching interventions and share them under your own practice brand.

Your Activity Builder is essentially an all-in-one hub for creating custom assessments, surveys, even note templates for your own use. Simply select the right-hand fields you’d like to include in your solution, and drag them left into your blank template as shown.

It’s easy to develop lessons from the ground up, build psychoeducational interventions, or even put together a simple feedback form tailored to your client’s personal coaching experience.

Instead of searching for online coaching or note templates to speed up your resource development, Quenza also comes with a wealth of pre-made activities that are quick to personalize.

With your Activity Builder, you can even create your own frameworks and diagrams, like the Wheel of Life Coaching tool shown below:

The Wheel of life Tools for Life Coaches Quenza
Design your own Wheel of Life with unique domains using Quenza’s Activity Builder.

Check out our handy guide to create your own Wheel of Life in a few steps.

Every template in your Expansion Library, shown below, can be customized with your choice of text, bespoke images, or even your own audio recordings and video for a more interactive solution:

Expansions Tools for Life Coaches Quenza
Quenza’s inbuilt Expansion Library contains a wealth of life coaching activities, meditations, quizzes, homework, worksheets, and other templates to integrate into your programs.

A few great life coaching forms in your Expansion Library include Quenza’s versatile Coaching Client Agreement and Life Domain Satisfaction assessment, all of which can be individualized with client tokens.

You might like to brand your solutions with your professional logo, before sharing them instantly through Quenza’s free client app.

All of your custom-made Activities and modified template can be combined into online coaching packages or programs using Quenza’s Pathway Tools, shown just below:

Quenza Pathways Tools for Coaches
Quenza’s Pathway tools for coaches are an efficient, convenient way to assemble Activities from your library into automated programs or journeys.

Quenza’s Pathways Tool can create automated sequences to save you from manually sending content, and each individual step in your program or pathway can be scheduled in advance using specific intervals.

It makes Quenza an ideal online learning software for designing e-courses from saved classes or lessons, or personal coaching software for group and individual journeys.

5 Unique Tools For Coaches in Quenza

Quenza’s Expansion Library is free to use as part of your plan or free trial and can be a great source of engaging, easy-to-customize coaching tools that will save you prep time.

If you’ve already started digitalizing your intake process with the forms above, why not add your own unique text, videos, or audio to some of these 5 tools for coaches?

Coaching Tool



Wheel of Life


Encourage clients to explore their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with various life domains with this ready-to-go template.

Strengths Interview


Invite clients to discover their character strengths and use them in goal-related planning and problem-solving.

The Beyond Limitation Question Technique


Cultivate client self-awareness about their personal values and adopt a solution-focused approach to problem-solving.

Self Contract


Build accountability in clients to drive goal-oriented actions.

Connecting To Your Intuition


Help clients connect with and trust their intuition to improve confidence and create clarity while aiding decision-making.

With Quenza’s ready-made templates and drag-and-drop Activity Builder, you’re in creative control. Whether you’re designing worksheets, meditations, assessments, or instructive, interactive lessons, you’ll find it extremely easy to shape your unique content to your clients’ needs, interests, and goals.

Most importantly, you’ll be building valuable engagement with every solution you share, meaning you’ll be enhancing your client’s chances of creating sustainable, positive behavior change.

Final Thoughts

Online tools for coaches are an e-practitioner’s secret weapon – they’re the means to building, engaging, informing, and activating your clients wherever they are in the world.

By using digital resources, you can create bespoke development journeys with a lot less effort than you would manually, and keep your coachees motivated for the long haul. Why not give it a try?

We hope you enjoyed our guide. To share engaging, tailored e-coaching solutions under your practice brand, don’t forget to start your 1 month, 1 dollar trial of Quenza’s coaching tools.

Our complete digital coaching toolkit will help you build and share engaging activities and programs from any connected device, so that you can empower others on their self-improvement journeys.

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