What is the Best Online Executive Coaching Platform Tool?

Online Executive Coaching

If you’re an executive coach, you know that it’s vital to have the right coaching tools in your toolbox. Executive coaching is often fast-paced, innovative, and agile, and it requires the tools to match.

There are tons of options out there when it comes to resources for your executive coaching needs. But first, let’s start with the basics.

Before you get started, we highly recommend working along with our 1 dollar trial of Quenza’s online tools for executive coaching. Quenza’s easy-to-use digital toolkit will help you design engaging programs and solutions that are uniquely tailored to your clients’ goals, giving you everything you need to bring them better results.

What is Executive Coaching & How Does It Work?

Executive coaching is coaching with a focus on developing the potential and abilities of people in leadership positions, particularly those in C-suite and director positions. It is generally undertaken within the context of a leader’s role in their organization, helping them further develop their knowledge and skills to better perform the functions of their position.

Executive coaching can help people reach the next level, assist leaders in addressing their weaknesses and those who are brand new in their leadership roles.

The process may vary by coach, but the gist is generally the same: it’s a client-centered process that helps the executive enhance their self-awareness, identify and clarify their goals, and define and embark upon a path towards achieving those goals.

According to the experts at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, executive coaching often involves techniques and exercises like:

  • Gathering and giving feedback
  • Identifying development opportunities
  • Building awareness
  • Facilitating solutions by asking powerful questions
  • Setting goals and creating action plans
  • Facilitating learning
  • Supporting and encouraging over the long term
  • Monitoring progress and holding others accountable[1]

Executive coaching relationships are usually organized into four phases:

  1. Intake and assessment of executive’s knowledge, skills, abilities, etc.
  2. Goal setting and clarification (identifying and defining the executive’s goals)
  3. Ongoing coaching and skill development (where most of the real coaching work happens)
  4. Measurement of results (determining whether goals have been met)[1]

However, phase 3 and phase 4 often overlap to some degree, as the coach and executive often measure progress as they go and make adjustments or add new goals as necessary.

16 Examples of Goals of Executive Coaches

The range of potential goals for executive coaching is wide, as they really depend on the individual receiving coaching. Some executives may need coaching to improve their professional skills and abilities, while others may require some more personal development to meet their coaching goals.

However, there are some common goals that leaders set and strive towards. Here are some of the most common executive coaching goals according to an analysis of 100 leaders:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Executive presence
  • Effective communication
  • Team development/effectiveness
  • Emotional intelligence (self-awareness and self-regulation)
  • Strategic leadership
  • New role assimilation
  • Cross-cultural agility
  • Leadership resilience
  • Developing others
  • Conflict management
  • Stress management
  • Senior team strategy
  • Succession planning
  • Team and people development
  • Role clarity[2]

To put it into more practical terms, an effective communication goal might be expressed as: “I want to clearly and concisely share my purpose with my team in each meeting.”

This goal is clear and specific about what the executive wants and hopes to gain from their coaching work.

Another example of a goal, this time in new role assimilation, might be: “I want to be able to clearly define each of my role’s duties and functions and identify how to carry them out.”

This is another very clear and specific goal, as it outlines exactly what the executive needs to do next to succeed in their new role: to understand the role fully.

Finally, a common conflict management goal could be: “I want to resolve conflicts faster with more satisfaction on all sides.”

This goal has two components: increasing the speed with which conflicts are resolved, and increasing the satisfaction of each participant in the conflict. Both will indicate better conflict management or conflict resolution skills on the part of the executive.

How to Do Online Executive Coaching

Fortunately, executive coaching is well-suited to online administration. Although coaches and their clients may miss some of the more hands-on aspects of the coaching relationship when both participants are sharing the same physical space, most elements translate very well to a virtual format.

Quenza Executive Coaching Online Platform
Executive coaching platforms such as Quenza (pictured) translate your solutions into engaging, interactive virtual formats.

If you’re moving your executive coaching business online, you’ll probably need to invest in some new tools and resources. Here’s a good (but not even close to comprehensive) list of some really valuable tools your coaching practice may need to thrive online:

  • Email service to keep in touch with your clients and bring in potential clients
  • Communication app for quick and easy communication with your current clients
  • File-sharing service or platform to share resources, education, and activities with your clients
  • Note-taking tool to take and store notes before, during, and after client sessions
  • Invoicing and billing platform to charge and accept payment for your services
  • Scheduling tool to allow your clients to schedule their appointments with you conveniently
  • Videoconferencing software to allow you to video chat and/or voice chat with your clients
  • Project management tool to help you manage all of your projects and clients
  • Coaching pathway platform to design and deliver coaching pathways (i.e., structured set of resources, activities, exercises, assessments, etc.) to your clients.

What is the Best Executive Coaching Platform?

The best executive coaching platform would provide each of the features or functions listed above, and allow you to design, customize, and disseminate your own content.

No platform exists that will check all of your boxes, but there are several good options available. See a few of the best below.

Quenza Executive Coaching Online Platform
  • Custom activity builder for creating customized exercises, homework, assessments, and surveys
  • Coaching pathway tool for designing courses and sequences
  • Private client portal with To-Dos, notifications, and completed activities
  • Free Android and Apple app download for clients
  • Reminders and notifications for activities
  • Full multimedia support for video coaching, audio mp3s, and PDFs
  • Progress tracking and reporting to stay on top of client accomplishments
Price$1+ monthly
Good forBusiness Coaching, Executive Coaching, Goal Setting, Progress Monitoring, Reporting, Client Engagement, Online Coaching, E-therapy
Coachmetrix Executive Coaching Online Platform
  • Action planning and goal setting tools
  • Ability to choose Supporters (people who will provide feedback and support the executive in achieving their goals) for goals
  • Pulse feedback requests for Supporters (automated or on demand)
  • Progress matrix for clear visualization of results
  • Custom tools and resources ready to be downloaded by clients
  • Dedicated space to communicate and share tools and resources
  • Private notes feature for coaches
  • Comprehensive knowledge base with extensive tutorials
Price$1+ monthly
Good forExecutive Coaching, Business Coaching, Goal Setting, Progress Monitoring, Reporting, Client Engagement, Online Coaching
Mastercoach App Executive Coaching Online Platform
  • Three-step system: Discover (and Activate Strengths), Develop (Insight-led Actions), and Dedicate (to Follow Through)
  • Strengths Wheel tool for strengths assessment
  • Coaching notepad with tagging features
  • Dashboard with real-time updates on client progress
  • Library of over 300 questions
  • Free app download for clients
NameThe MasterCoach App
PriceContact for demo and pricing
Good forBusiness Coaching, Executive Coaching, Goal Setting, Progress Monitoring, Online Coaching
Coach.Me Executive Coaching Online Platform
  • Places you in a coaching directory and provides access to clients
  • Customized coaching profile
  • Habit Coaching Certification available
  • Coaching community
  • Monthly marketing challenge (with prizes)
  • Marketing trainings
  • Offers easy habit tracking
  • Facilitates traditional session-based coaching and daily habit coaching
Price$5+ monthly
Good forExecutive Coaching, Fitness Coaching, Business Coaching, Goal Setting, Marketing
CoachAccountable Executive Coaching Online Platform
  • Scheduling and reminders, integrated with your calendar
  • Metrics and other tools to track progress and manage coaching plans
  • A running record of results, materials, and insights
  • Offers courses and groups to take your coaching to the next level
  • Allows you to connect with your clients between sessions
  • A mobile app for coaching on the go
  • Tools to support group coaching and courses
Price$20+ monthly
Good forExecutive Coaching, Fitness Coaching, Business Coaching, Goal Setting, Marketing

3 Ways to Use Quenza’s Tools in Coaching

Although the other coaching platforms above offer useful features and helpful functionality, Quenza is the only tool that allows you full control over the content and timing of its release. Quenza allows you to create your own carefully curated coaching process—or processes, each designed for its own unique purpose.

Here are three ways Quenza can help you take your executive coaching practice to the next level:

  1. You can create custom coaching pathways for each type of goal your clients may have (e.g., one pathway for communication-focused coaching, another for project management-focused coaching).
  2. You can design your own unique, branded content to send to your clients (e.g., educational materials, surveys, assessments, activities, exercises), and
  3. You can automate these pathways to send the right tools and activities to your clients at the right time, whether you’re online or not; this can include reminders for your clients, activities that automatically send after a client completes a different activity, and many other helpful features.
Quenza Pathways Executive Coaching Online Platform
Quenza’s executive coaching tools include a white-label Activity Builder and automated Pathway Tools (pictured) for organizing your resources into streamlined, scheduled sequences.

Quenza is a powerful and unique tool that can help you in your online executive coaching practice.

Crafting Executive Coaching Exercises, Forms, & Templates

However, you do need to make sure the resources you are creating and sending to your clients are top-notch. Quenza can help with this too, as it gives you the ability to create your own content and/or customize the solid, evidence-backed templates and activities Quenza provides.

The drag-and-drop activity builder gives you complete control over the activities and forms you design, with widgets for text, multiple types of questions, images, and even audio and video resources.

If you need some inspiration before customizing your forms and exercises, you can take a peek at the science-based options included in your Quenza Expansion Library and go from there:

Quenza Expansions Online Executive Coaching
With Quenza, you can customize Expansion Library templates (pictured) or design your own Activities, before saving them into a professional coaching library for quick access later.

You can also save your own custom templates and modified Expansion Library templates (as above) to make it easier the next time you want to design a similar resource. They’ll be stored in your professional library, ready for quick and convenient use.

Final Thoughts

Executive coaching, like many types of coaching and care, is increasingly moving online. Make sure you’re ahead of the curve by keeping up with the best tools and resources available.

With tools like these, you can easily move your executive coaching practice to the next level. Happy coaching!

We hope you enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to start your $1 trial to design your own online executive coaching solutions with Quenza’s professional toolkit. Our executive coaching platform will give you everything you need to craft engaging bespoke solutions suited to your client’s unique goals, so that you can maximize their learning for even better results.


  1. ^ Stanford Graduate School of Business. (n.d.). Executive coaching. Retrieved from https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/alumni/volunteering/act/service-areas/executive-coaching/
  2. ^ J. O’Connor Associates. (n.d.). Executive/Leadership Coaching Goals We Support. Retrieved from https://www.ajoconnor.com/executive-coaching/goals

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