5 Best Coaching Apps: Ultimate Software Guide For Coaches

Best Coaching Apps For Coaches

In an increasingly online world, new coaching apps and software are cropping up everywhere.

To help you navigate the vast world of apps for coaches, use this guide. It will help you learn about what coaching applications have to offer and features you might need, while guiding you on how to pick the best one for your practice.

Can Coaching Apps Boost Your Practice?

If your goal is to empower others on their development journeys, professional coaching software can be game-changing.

The umbrella term “coaching apps” covers a range of digital virtual coaching tools, both for individual and group solutions, and is designed especially to help coaches overcome the most common professional challenges.

Apps for coaches will typically include tools for online learning, such as content creation tools or program design features, and often include coaching management capabilities that solve specific back-end or practice admin pain points.

Depending on your specialty, it’s possible to find niche-specific tools for precise disciplines (such as personal trainer apps or career coaching software), but all coaching software has one thing in common.

When used as a suite of tools to augment your experience and skills, coaching software can greatly improve your professional practice.

To do this, the right software for your business should suit your workflow and business model.

What is the Best App For Coaches? 10 Things To Look For

First, let’s cover the basics.

Coaching apps can do a lot of things, so to find one that suits your practice, it helps to know about the different features available.

Quenza HIPAA Compliant Coaching App
HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant apps like Quenza (pictured) help you store private chats and client data securely.

Here’s a list of some of the most common features offered in coaching apps and software systems:

  1. Communication tools (e.g., messaging, chat)
  2. Assessment capabilities (e.g., tools to assess your clients’ knowledge, skills, and abilities)
  3. Management functions (e.g., client profiles, organization profiles)
  4. Note-taking features (e.g., session notes, private notes)
  5. Engagement tools
  6. Integration with other apps
  7. Scheduling functions (e.g., scheduling in-person, phone, or video call appointments)
  8. Billing and invoicing functionality
  9. Content and resource sharing
  10. HIPAA and/or GDPR compliance to keep your and your client’s information safe and secure

Not every app will offer every feature, but these are some of the main features available.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular coaching apps out there.

5 Great Coaching Applications and Online Software

To give you a few good examples of the most popular apps for coaches on the market today, we’ve hand-picked the following apps and online software systems.



Nudge Coaching Apps For CoachesNudge Coach is a client management system and mobile app. The program helps track client progress and improve accountability, goal setting, and goal-reaching.


On this list, Nudge Coach offers the most capabilities when it comes to client management, and is a highly personal app.

Features include:

  • Private, direct, and instant client messaging capabilities
  • Advance reminders – monthly, weekly, and daily
  • Group messaging functionality
  • Trackers and progress monitoring for client goals
NameNudge Coach
Price$25+ monthly
Good ForTeam Development, Individual Coaching, Client Interactions, Business Coaching Software
More infoNudge App



Quenza Coaching Apps For CoachesFor coaches who want more control over their course content, Quenza is a versatile platform ideal for mental health, life coaching, relationship coaching, and more.


Its White Label feature lets you build custom content under your own brand, and this coaching app comes with Activity Builder tools for easier course design, starting from the ground up with drag-and-drop custom fields.

Features include:

  • HIPAA-compliant private and group chat
  • Group coaching features
  • Customizable science-based Activity templates for helping professionals (Expansions)
  • Client notifications and reminders
  • Secure file storage and sharing
  • Note-taking and documentation tools
  • Organizational features for teams of more than one employee working together
Price$1+ monthly
Good ForIndividual Coaching, Team Coaching, Client Engagement, Life Coaching, Mental Health Coaching, Online Coaching, e-Therapy, Digital Health
More infoQuenza



10 to 8 Coaching Apps For CoachesWith 10to8, coaches can accomplish the following tasks, making this program a robust suite with numerous uses and benefits:


  • Schedule clients
  • Generate practice management reports
  • Integrate their accounting software
  • Integrate video conferencing software
  • Offer clients a private portal for self-scheduling and appointment updates

The program allows you to brand your communications with your corporate logo (and more) and integrates with MailChimp email marketing software. Unfortunately, this software system doesn’t come with a dedicated smartphone app.

Name10 to 8
PriceFree+ monthly
Good ForMarketing, Practice Management, Client Interactions
More info10 to 8



vcita Coaching Apps For CoachesWith automated practice management software systems like vcita, coaches can take care of their appointment scheduling and customer relationship management from one handy dashboard.


This program allows coaches to fill up their calendars with sessions, issue invoices, accept payments through integrations, and create notes to get organized.

Features include:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Payment processing
  • Note-taking and documentation
  • Customizable marketing forms
PricePractice Management, Appointment Scheduling, Billing
Good For$19+ monthly
More infoVCita



My Clients Plus Coaching Apps for CoachesWhile developed for therapists, My Clients Plus can also be a handy way for coaches and other solo providers to manage their practices more effectively.


It’s easy to use and affordable, with an integrated telehealth platform that allows coaches and their clients to interact digitally in real-time.

Features include:

  • Note-taking and document management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Client portal
  • Customizable forms and mental health templates
NameMy Clients Plus
Price$29+ monthly
Good ForMental Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching
More infoMy Clients Plus

Choosing An Application That Fits Your Needs

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what’s available, the question becomes: what do you need to deliver your unique brand of value?

You may be tempted to find an app that offers all the features we listed earlier and go with that.

However, going with the app that offers every available feature might not be the best idea, for three reasons:

  1. It’s likely to be the most expensive app if it offers every available feature, cutting into your profits.
  2. It may do it all, but that doesn’t mean it does it all the best; there are likely other apps that do a better job at certain functions.
  3. It may not be best suited for you or your clients; it might have all the features, but do you actually like it? Is it user-friendly for your clients?

Instead of picking the app that “does it all,” it’s important to first figure out what you need in an app, then search for the app that meets those unique needs.

For example, many apps offer video chat functionality. But maybe you mostly meet with your clients face to face, meaning you don’t need video chat software. Or perhaps you already use and love a dedicated video chat app, and you don’t want to switch.

In this case, there’s no need for video chat functionality, and it may even be a distraction for you or your clients.

Look through the list of features and reviews, think carefully about which ones you will need and which will benefit you, and go on the hunt for the app that checks all those boxes!

What’s The Best App For Me?

If you got into coaching to help others achieve their goals, most coaching apps will certainly be valuable in some way.

If you’d like to develop yourself as a professional while doing so, then your best bet is to pick a software solution that will help you coach rather than just organize your admin and paperwork.

Quenza’s fully customizable software is the perfect example. Take a look:

Because the app is designed to help you share your unique solutions, develop your value proposition, and differentiate your offer, you can actually increase your impact as a professional as well as enhance your efficiency.

As your client list grows, Quenza is a simple but powerful way to scale your business with it, while still delivering personalized, impactful, practice-branded solutions that drive maximize your clients’ goal achievement.

We’ll show you how to use Quenza for coaching classes, groups, teams, and individuals in this step-by-step guide.

How To Use Quenza’s Dashboard For Online Coaching

Quenza’s Dashboard is your one-stop shop for everything you need to run your business from any device.

From here, for instance, you can:

  1. Create PDF resources or handouts (“Activities”) for your clients to inform them on important topics or teach them new strategies.
  2. Designate client Groups for working with several clients at once, such as a team of employees within an organization.
  3. Adapt pre-made tools (“Expansions”) to assess your clients on any number of variables, like personality, self-confidence, character traits, strengths, and weaknesses, etc.
  4. Create an online course on your area of expertise to deliver your content to a larger group of clients at once.
  5. Form multiple “Pathways” of resources and activities tailored to the different issues and challenges your clients face.
  6. Send your clients an evaluation or feedback form to keep an eye on your own coaching performance and identify areas for improvement.

As a digital coach, however, it’s likely that your workflow centers around three core value-creating tasks: coaching resource development, program delivery, and client tracking.

Here are the tools that will help you do exactly that.

Designing Coaching Activities and Worksheets

You can design and share bespoke Activities using drag-and-drop tools in your Activity Builder, shown here:

Quenza Activity Builder Example
Quenza’s online Activity Builder provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for designing unique coaching resources tailored to your client’s needs.

From blank templates, you can create client worksheets, assessments, homework, lessons, and workshops using your own text and multimedia.

If you’re offering an online class, your Activity Builder makes it easy to craft interactive, engaging lessons from scratch and deliver them instantly to your students’ personal client app.

If you coach groups or individuals, you can upload files for video coaching, audio for meditations, or custom images to illustrate complex concepts.

Best of all, your Dashboard updates every time your client completes an Activity, giving you an easy and secure way to track their progress:

Quenza Best Coaching Apps Results
Quenza’s results-tracking feature monitors learner engagement and progress in real time, allowing to you improve your programs and motivate them where required.

Building Pathways, Packages, and Programs

Want to roadmap your clients’ journeys and deliver them on autopilot?

All your Activities can be organized into online modules, e-courses, or curricula using Quenza’s Pathway Builder, your online coaching tool for developing programs, packages, or bespoke sequences:

Quenza Pathways Wellness Coaching
Use Quenza’s Pathway Builder to organize Activities into packages, e-courses, learning modules, or programs to offer bespoke, automated coaching solutions.

Your Pathways Tool will sequence saved Activities from your unique library into scheduled, automatically delivered as steps to create entire coaching journeys, so you can guide your client through a program that suits their needs.

Save Time By Customizing Templates

Another way to develop your coaching programs is by including pre-made templates from Quenza’s Expansion library, your free in-app database of customizable templates:

Expansions Quenza
Quenza’s pre-made Expansion Library Activities and Pathways includes pre-made quizzes, assessments, science-based scales, exercises, and lessons.

Quenza’s Expansion Activities can all be modified with custom features, such as long- and short-answer fields, multiple-choice boxes, images, audio files, and custom videos.

Your library also includes ready-made Expansion Pathways with adaptable intervals, so you can choose when different Activities will be delivered.

To access their lessons, exercises, or homework, your clients simply log into their free Quenza coaching app, where all their results and chats with you are protected by HIPAA-compliant AES-256 encryption:

Quenza Best Coaching Apps
Your clients can complete and download your resources privately using Quenza’s free client apps for Android and Apple.

Your clients can now complete everything that you share from one convenient app, and if they have any questions, getting in touch with you is simple with Quenza Chat.

5 Ideas For Your Online Coaching

Looking to hit the ground running?

Start by customizing a Quenza Expansion!

Quenza Client Agreement Expansion
Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement is a free Expansion template that you can customize, brand, and share with clients to streamline your onboarding.
  1. Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement, shown above, can help you and your coachees set clear expectations about the coaching relationship and how you’ll collaborate
  2. The Wheel of Life Expansion tool is a superb place to start life coaching journeys, or you can craft your own with Quenza’s specially-designed Wheel of Life editable template
  3. Realizing Long-Lasting Change by Setting Process Goals helps clients create a habit plan that can support their goal achievement
  4. Use the Positive Qualities Worksheet to build your client’s confidence, and
  5. The Pre-Coaching Questionnaire shown below is a valuable tool for inviting clients to consider their top goals so you can hit the ground running.
Pre-Coaching Questionnaire in the Quenza app
Quenza’s Pre-Coaching Questionnaire helps you lay the foundation for your coaching program by exploring a client’s expectations, hopes, and background.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of where you are in your coaching journey, investing in a good coaching app will help both your client and you. Now it’s down to you to use this guide, sift through the best coaching apps, and pick a winner!

With a coaching “machine” that works seamlessly on your non-essential tasks, you’ll be free to concentrate on value-added tasks like coaching clients, networking, and content creation instead of emailing clients and following up on progress.

The quickest way to find out is to sign up for the $1 trial for 30 days and experience the best app for coaches yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I develop my coaching style?

To develop your coaching style, it’s important to be authentic and find a style that aligns with your personality, strengths, and values. Learn from other coaches, practice and refine your skills, stay current with the latest coaching trends and techniques through ongoing education and professional development, and be flexible and adaptable to meet the changing needs of your clients and adjust your coaching style accordingly.

What are some coaching tools?

Coaching tools such as SMART goal setting, Wheel of Life, action planning, journaling, visualization, and accountability check-ins are frequently utilized by coaches to aid their clients in accomplishing their objectives by providing guidance and structure. These resources can assist in defining goals, identifying barriers, and developing a strategy to achieve the desired result, and there are additional coaching tools available at Quenza that may be helpful.

How can I grow my coaching?

To grow your coaching, focus on your niche and offer value to your clients by creating customized coaching packages that meet their unique needs. Get certified, build your brand, and leverage technology to reach a wider audience, manage your coaching practice, and provide online coaching services.

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