The Best CRM for Coaches: A Comprehensive Guide for 2021

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important goal for all types of coaches. However, managing client relationships can take a significant amount of time away from coaching.

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the increase in demand for coaching services will grow the coaching industry to $20 billion USD by 2022. The main reason for the growth is the changing global perception of coaching as different segments of the global population begin to view coaching as a helpful tool for them.[1]

Most coaches today maintain intake and discovery questionnaires in MS word and use a multitude of assessments and evaluations in different systems or websites. Clients and coaches, especially those new to the coaching process, find it hard to keep track of all the moving parts.

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Relationship Management in Coaching

Managing relationships with clients is key to the successful execution of any coaching engagement. Relationships help move the client along and enable the client to make the desired changes.

Coaches do an excellent job of managing client relationships during coaching sessions. But outside of the session, coaches don’t exert much influence apart from assigning a few homework assignments and checking on the progress at the next session.

It is widely believed that most of the coaching happens in between sessions when clients reflect on their learnings and try out these learnings in real life. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows the coach to manage the relationship between sessions more efficiently.

CRM Software Tools for Life Coaches

Life coaches work with clients on all aspects of life, like relationships, life transitions, and day-to-day occurrences. CRM systems can help life coaches maintain consistent relationships with clients and ensure that they are available for a client’s ongoing transitions.

Customer relationship management use cases for life coaches

  1. Life coaches can send breathing exercises to clients mid-week to control stress levels and remind clients to relax.
  2. Clients can report back on their journaling exercises and their learnings through a CRM system.
  3. Life coaches can send homework assignments like peak experience mining exercises and limiting belief recognition tests to deepen client’s learning in between sessions.
  4. Clients can access metrics about their daily fulfillment levels every week and identify patterns and contributing factors to bring back to the coaching session.

Client Management App for Business Coaches

The wellbeing and flourishing of new and existing businesses are the focus of a business coach. For solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, the entrepreneur is the business. In such cases, the business entity and the entrepreneur collide, and the business coach may delve into life coaching to minimize the interference of external events on the business.

Relationship management examples for business coaches

  1. The coach can gamify the coaching using a CRM system and set collaborative targets on how many times an entrepreneur moves out of their comfort zone to promote the business.
  2. Clients can celebrate their weekly wins and acknowledge their efforts by data recorded in the CRM.
  3. Some business coaches specialize in areas like cold-calling or social media marketing. Coaches can send clients bite-size lessons and videos about concepts about their domain that can help the business.

Client Management Software for Career and Team Coaching

Most clients spend much of their time working and thinking about work. The impact of teams and bosses spills out to the weekend too often.

Career coaches can help clients land a role, change a career, or advance in their chosen career path.

Team coaching relates to bringing out the best in teams by minimizing internal conflicts and strengthening the team spirit. Teams will learn how to trust each other and courageously keep their egos away from the team’s vision.

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Customer relationship management for career and team coaches

  1. Identifying inherent strengths and values is key to picking the right career for clients. Coaches can use a CRM system to send skills evaluations to clients periodically.
  2. Using evaluation results in CRM systems, teams can recognize the strength of the team and where the team may be lacking. Being able to refer to colleagues’ personalities can help enhance communication and minimize misunderstandings.
  3. Some clients want to change careers, but they may be confused about what their passions are. These clients can be encouraged to record what brought them joy daily in their CRM system to uncover their passion and purpose over time.

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

1. Coaches can maintain the client relationship in between sessions.

Coaches can use Quenza to create Activities that can keep clients engaged in between sessions. Examples of Activities include value-mining exercises, meditation exercises, and simple check-ins.

Since most clients’ email inboxes are overflowing, you can push Activity notifications via the coaching app.

How to Create an Activity on Quenza:

2. Clients can be held more accountable for their commitments.

Clients can access Activities on their mobile devices and apply learnings to real-life situations, recording their thoughts and progress along the way. Activities and check-ins can help keep client motivation at a high even outside of the coaching session.

To Do List Quenza CRM for Coaches
Manage your client To-Do List in Quenza’s Dashboard.

When clients are aware that the coach can see the progress on the homework assignments, there will be an added level of accountability to complete the assignments.

Client Progress Dashboard Quenza CRM for Coaches
Track client progress in real-time from Quenza’s Dashboard (pictured).

The Quenza client progress dashboard indicates if a client’s Activity is overdue, in progress, completed, or canceled. As a coach, you can get an idea of how all your clients are progressing using this view.

3. Clients will have access to all Activities in a single location.

The collection of exercises that the client works on is accessible when the client wants to reflect on their journey. Self-growth is a never-ending journey, and these exercises will provide clients with a wealth of information.

Unlike in the current situation where multiple systems and tools are used for different assessments, coaches and clients can both store and access all coaching-related documents in one location.

Completed Activities Quenza CRM for Coaches
Keep tabs on your clients’ progress by viewing the status of their Activities in your Quenza Dashboard.

Once the client ends the coaching engagement with the coach, Quenza allows 30 days for the client to download all these exercises for future reference.

4. Coaches can automate communications with clients via care pathways.

A pathway is a collection of Activities that have been scheduled in a particular frequency. This automates customer relationship management and saves time for the coach.

How to Create a Pathway on Quenza:

5. Coaches can save time by reusing activities and pathways.

Once a pathway is created, the coach can reuse that pathway or create new pathways for clients or client segments via minor tweaks. Although the coach saves time from duplicating pathways, the benefit to each client remains the same.

Quenza also gives you access to Activities created by our expert coaches, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. These readymade Activities are called Expansions.

Quenza Expansions CRM for Coaches
Quenza’s Expansion library (pictured) contains a huge range of free, customizable templates for coaching worksheets, forms, assessments, and more.

6. Coaching sessions can be more focused on the client’s situation.

Coaches educate clients on self-growth concepts and hacks throughout the coaching journey. Some of these concepts revolve around new habits, inner critic, and using creativity and metaphors.

As psychoeducation can be facilitated through the CRM system via scheduled activities outside of coaching sessions, the sessions can be used to summarize the learnings and discuss how the client can adopt these learnings into their specific scenarios.

Resolving Jealousy Expansion Quenza CRM for Coaches
Quenza’s Resolving Jealousy Using the Camera-Lens Metaphor Activity (pictured) is a personalizable Expansion template. Expansions are an easy way to design bespoke Activities for clients and integrate them into Pathways such as packages or programs.

7. Team members can view a snapshot of the team when working together.

Coaching teams call for an amalgamation of certain tests and exercises of team members. This cumulative view can educate each team member on working with each other in terms of communication and decision-making styles.

Quenza Groups is a feature that allows coaches to create groups and assign Activities to group members. This allows each team member to view other team members’ evaluations.

The group chat feature allows team members to chat with each other and share resources and reflections on group Activities and the coaching process.

8. Coaches have access to an expert community.

Coaching is a practice that’s built on collective knowledge like most other domains. Most coaches use similar tools and assessments while adding their unique twist to the exercise.

With Quenza, you will have access to a community of coaching and therapy experts and their best practices.

You can ask questions about the practice and the CRM system and share your client relationship management tips.

Quenza Community Portal CRM for Coaches
Quenza’s Community is an in-app feature for sharing ideas, knowledge, and use cases with your fellow coaches.

9. Coaches can access a summarized dashboard of all CRM activities.

The Quenza dashboard gives the coach an overview of all recent updates from clients. This view also sums up all active clients, Activities in progress, and pathways in progress.

You can also view the latest Expansions added to the CRM system so that you can add them to your own pathways as you like.

Quenza Dashboard Coaching App CRM
Quenza’s CRM features include an intuitive Dashboard that you can use to track client activity and progress in real-time, as pictured.

10. Coaches can create self-directed learning paths for clients.

Richard Boyatzis introduced self-directed learning as a way for individuals to learn and improve their skills in a chosen area. The main steps to create a self-directed learning path are:

  1. Identify the ideal future state of the desired goal.
  2. Identify the current state and the existing gap.
  3. Create a learning agenda that would reduce the gap.
  4. Implement the learning agenda and gain mastery through experimentation.
  5. Gain support from external resources.

Final Thoughts

Most coaches collaborate with clients to create these customized paths. A CRM system can easily automate the path. If a client wants to make a change at any point, the coach can easily edit the path as well.

Making clients autonomous is the ultimate goal for any coach. A CRM system can help make clients autonomous by training them to take control of their lives.

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