What Is The Best Client Portal Software For Practitioners?

Client Portal Software

In telehealth, client portals provide a private, secure way for patients to stay in touch with providers while managing their own wellbeing journeys online.

By giving them the tools they need to communicate with your practice, fill out essential documents, and engage in their treatment, client portal software can be a huge asset to a teletherapy practice. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of client portal apps, and show you how best to use them, so that you can empower those you help.

What To Look For In A Client Portal: 9 Examples

If you’re debating whether to try out a certain client portal software, or simply don’t know what to look for, these nine important tools can make a big, positive difference to your own and your clients’ blended care experience:

  1. Secure, real-time chat – e.g. instant messaging or video chat
  2. HIPAA-compliant storage – to keep your communications, notes, and client uploads private and confidential
  3. Client engagement tools – such as notifications and reminders
  4. White label features – which allow you to share content under your own practice logo and brand
  5. Multimedia support – so clients can enjoy more informative, interactive content on the go
  6. Supports client uploads – which facilitates two-way information flow, and can streamline your practice management when clients share completed digital forms.

When choosing between different teletherapy or coaching apps in general, it also helps to look for client portal software that’s:

  • Free for your clients to download and use
  • Compatible with multiple commonly-used operating systems, e.g. Android and iOS platforms, and
  • User-friendly, so clients can use it with ease.

5 Benefits of Using Client Portal Software

Client portals are designed to be all-in-one practice solutions for blended care professionals, helping you work more smoothly with those you help.

These important features are often found together in professional all-in-one e-therapy or online coaching solutions, as they form part of a toolkit.

To learn how these features come into play throughout a client’s coaching or therapy journey, check out the table of client portal software benefits below.



Keeps stakeholders aligned

Client portal software can enhance communication efficacy by giving you an easy way to stay in touch on the go. This can ensure timely, relevant feedback in e-coaching and therapy, which makes a big difference in driving better health-related outcomes.

Protects private information

Purpose-built telehealth software is designed with privacy in mind and gives you a private, secure online space to share and store documents in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Fosters engagement

As we’ve seen, a solution with the right tools can go a long way to building engagement; through notifications and regular communication, a client portal essentially turns your teletherapy software into a motivation app that promotes positive, sustainable behavior change.

Builds your brand

White-label client portal apps provide all the tools and features you need to share custom content under your own brand. The freedom to add your practice logo to activities, forms, and other e-documents is a great way to keep your brand visible and build valuable awareness over time.

Promotes efficiency

By consolidating all your clients’ past, pending, and ongoing activities in one centralized space, a client portal makes it easier for them to access relevant information whenever they need it. This can come in particularly useful when your goal is to help clients create positive habits or to collect more complete data from mood trackers, behavior diaries, and other recurring therapeutic exercises.

What Is The Best Client Portal Software & App?

Whether you specialize in online psychiatry, psychotherapy, counseling, or coaching, working in the healthcare industry means it’s unlikely that you’ll find all your required industry-specific tools in a generic client portal app.

Limiting your search to secure telehealth software is the most reliable way to avoid a lengthy product hunt – only to find that your client portal app doesn’t meet the APA’s Teletherapy Best Practice Guidelines.

In a nutshell, however, the best client portal software for your practice should contain the key features and tools we’ve just looked at, providing they fit into your workflow. Client portals are designed to be all-in-one practice solutions to help you work more smoothly with those you help, so don’t be afraid to limit your search to apps that offer a no-strings-attached trial.

This way, you can see for yourself whether the tools that look so useful in theory are genuinely:

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Reasonably priced, and
  • Backed up by good customer support.

To learn more about what HIPAA compliance involves and why it’s so important in telehealth, check out our detailed guide: Writing HIPAA Compliant Psychotherapy Notes: 10 Tips & Apps

Quenza’s App: Unique Tools For Helping Clients

Deciding which tools your practice requires is a great first step to finding the right client portal app. But whether they work for you in practice, and whether you can use your software to its full potential is another matter.

To give you a clearer picture, here are few examples of how Quenza’s client portal can help you optimize your blended care service.

Aligning Stakeholders

Sending and receiving intake forms, informed consent documents, and encounter forms can greatly reduce your practice paperwork and help you onboard clients before your first session.

With Quenza’s app, both you and your clients can share digital forms directly through your client portals, shown below:

Quenza White Label Client Portal App
Send and receive electronic documents directly through Quenza’s client portal app, and add your own practice logo with the white label feature.

Clients can receive notifications when you share documents and download your documents as PDFs to save or print. Using Quenza’s White Label feature, you can easily brand all your forms and activities with your own practice logo.

Both practitioner and client-facing apps are securely encrypted, ensuring all content is only visible to you and your patients or coaches:

Quenza HIPAA Client Portal Software
Documents and forms sent through Quenza’s client portal software are stored using AES-256 encryption, for HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

Free to download for Android and Apple devices, Quenza’s client portal app is secured using personal passwords at both ends.

When clients log in, they can view all the new documents you send, as well as their past and pending activities, exercises, assessments, homework, lessons, videos, audio files, and PDFs.

As a practitioner, these are quick and easy to create using Quenza’s online drag-and-drop tools, shown below:

Quenza Activity Builder Client Portal App
Use Quenza’s Activity Builder to design and share practice documents, therapy notes, interactive exercises, and other personalized activities to your clients’ portals.

In your Dashboard, you can choose to create customizable templates for different forms and activities with your Activity Builder and send them directly to clients, or schedule them for delivery.

The Activity Builder is also ideal for creating psychoeducational interventions for sharing through the portal and supports your original videos, audio files, and images to make therapy more engaging for your clients.

Alternatively, you can find a suite of pre-made exercises and forms in Quenza’s free Expansion Library, all of which can be modified and personalized. Some good examples for sharing via your Client Portal include Quenza’s:

  • Self Contract – this Expansion helps you align on your clients’ goals prior to therapy
  • Coaching Client Agreement – this sets out the terms and agreements of your professional coaching service, and
  • End of Therapy Evaluation Form – to help you understand how your clients experienced your sessions together.

To maximize client engagement, Quenza’s client portal also sends mobile notifications and reminders – or, you can check in between sessions using your live, secure chat feature, shown below:

Quenza Chat Client Portal Software
Quenza chat centralizes all your past and real-time communications to your client portal. Opt in to notifications or choose silent mode to focus on different conversations at any time.

As with all the notes and documents you store from your client portal, Quenza Chat ensures your communications stay secure, and all confidential information is protected from unauthorized third-party access.

With less time spent on email correspondence and a flooded inbox, you’ll find it much easier to run your practice from any digital device.

Final Thoughts

Client portal software can help you share and receive important activities and practice documents from one handy location, but they’re a lot more than that.

By keeping your clients informed and updating them with reminders, feedback, and support, a good client portal app can help you grow your business efficiently. If you’re considering a portal for your practice, we’d love to hear about the tools and features that matter most to you in a comment.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Don’t forget to try out our client portal software for yourself when you start your 1 dollar, 1-month Quenza trial today.

Quenza will help your clients own their mental health journeys, by giving them everything they need to manage therapy activities and communicate securely online – anytime, anywhere.

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