Clinicsource Review: 19 Pros and Cons

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A robust therapy software solution can be hugely valuable for the busy healthcare organization, and the digital market is full of great options. From EHR platforms to billing systems and beyond, however, finding the ideal one for you, as a provider, can be tiresome.

Luckily, many telehealth solutions today offer the chance to try them before you buy, and Clinicsource is one of them. In this article, we’ll review the Therapy EMR solution’s features, user experience, and overall value so that you can decide whether you’d like to test it for yourself.

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Features of Clinicsource

Clinicsource is a digital practice management and electronic medical records (EMR) system for single- or multi-provider practices. With a monthly, user-based pricing plan and a host of advanced features, the software is developed to help therapists of all sorts manage their organizations with more efficiency and fewer errors.

Essentially, however, deciding whether a telehealth platform meets your needs means considering its features with your unique offerings in mind.

This table lists the main mental healthcare features of Clinicsource for e-therapists, as well as its practice management tools for private practices in general.




Practice Management
Appointment SchedulingSchedule therapy appointments, teletherapy sessions, meetings, and alerts, for multiple providers and locations; schedule automated notifications for upcoming events.
Billing & InvoicingInsurance and private patient invoicing supported.
Insurance Claims Management 
Note-taking and Document ManagementCustomizable mental health template library, diagnosis codes, treatment goal templates provided.
Multiple ProvidersAlso supports multiple practice locations, e.g. outpatient clinics.
Practice Management ReportsFinancial and patient reports can be generated in custom date ranges.
Inventory Management 
Mental Healthcare
Client Portal 
Custom Formse-Signatures supported, notes can be uploaded to patient records.


Extensive range of discipline-specific templates and diagnostic, treatment codes, supports treatment plan creation.

19 Advantages and Disadvantages

To give you a better idea of Clinicsource’s top pros and cons, this table below considers its mental healthcare and practice management capabilities side by side.

Overall, as we’ve noted, our experience as users also revealed some strengths and weaknesses with the program as a whole.



Practice Management

  • Standard single-practitioner and team plans
  • User-based monthly subscription pricing
  • Calendars sync with most main tools, e.g. Google Calendar
  • Supports appointment reminders
  • Client import available on request, export supported
  • Easy reporting
  • Supports insurance claims and tracking, batch billing for insurance providers
  • Secure messaging and credit card information storage
  • Potentially too many features for smaller organizations/solo practitioners
  • Few integrations with other software, e.g. Quickbooks
  • No marketing functionality

Mental Healthcare

  • Discipline-specific codes and templates, e.g. Treatment Plan templates, ICD-10 codes
  • EHR/EMR capabilities for centralized, secure patient record storage
  • No telehealth sessions
  • No patient portal
User Experience
  • Helpful video tutorials
  • Responsive customer service team
  • Somewhat dated layout and graphics
  • Requires time to learn and set up

Target Audience and Pricing

Practitioners from a whole range of different helping professions may find Clinicsource valuable, as it’s both HIPAA-compliant and scalable.

Some examples include:

  • Mental healthcare professionals, e.g. Applied Behavior Analysis therapists, e-counselors, and telepsychologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Speech Therapists, and
  • Mental Health Coaches.

With no e-prescription capabilities or client portal, however, some e-clinics may find it lacks the full functionality of some other care management solutions.

Clinicsource Pricing

Clinicsource requires monthly subscriptions to access the software. This includes a free initial tutorial, plus unlimited email support. Monthly subscriptions cost:

  • $61.95 monthly for the first clinician or user,
  • $30.95 for each additional, full-time monthly user, and
  • $10.95 monthly per additional part-time user.

Alternatives to Clinicsource

Despite its lack of mobile app, Clinicsource includes many of the same practice management functions as some of its top competitors.

Additionally, it supports similar calendar integrations compared to Quenza and TheraNest. In this table, we compare a few more aspects of the three software solutions side by side.





 Clinicsource ReviewQuenza vs ClinicsourceTheraNest Review


  • Web
  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone

Customer Service

  • Phone
  • Tutorials
  • Articles
  • Online customer service
  • Tutorials
  • Community Forum
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Online customer service
  • Phone
  • Tutorials
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Online customer service




  • Google Calendar
  • iCalendar
  • Outlook
  • Stripe
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook

Case Study Example

To further explore Clinicsource from a provider perspective, we signed up for a 30-day free trial. Unlike some other platforms, this required that we submit our credit card information.

We created a user account for 4 providers, and to test its multi-location scheduling, we opted for 2-3 different locations.

Practice Management

As other reviewers have mentioned, the first thing we noticed was the software’s dated interface. While not far difficult to navigate, the aesthetics left something to be desired.

At the top, however, we found user-friendly options for all the key functions we needed to manage our:

  • Schedule
  • Documentation
  • Visits
  • Patients
  • Billing
  • Payments
  • Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Reports, and
  • Settings.

We had zero problems at all setting up our Providers and Facilities (locations) in the Setup tab, where we could also configure our Clinicsource users to add different team members.

Here, we found we could streamline our progress and treatment notes later by adding commonly-used ICD-10 codes to a library of Diagnosis Codes. Clinicsource also offers many codes for Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapy professionals in this catalog, as well as specific Behavior Analysis codes for ABA practitioners.

Clinicsource Review Diagnosis Codes

In a comprehensive Goal Library, we discovered different Goals for distinct disciplines and treatment plans, e.g. “Imitate novel one-syllable words” for an Expressive Language plan.

Calendar Management

Happy with our intuitive learning experience thus far, we added some Patients to test how Clinicsource would perform as an appointment scheduling software.

Populating our patient’s EHR took no time, and we were able to enter somewhat more information than several other, less comprehensive platforms. For example, we could specify a referring clinician, private pay rates for various services, and credit card information, and there was an option for us to view status notes.

We were also able to upload documents to each patient’s file for quicker reference by every practitioner with access in our multi-provider organization.

By now, however, we started to run into some of the software glitches mentioned by other reviewers – for instance, an error message each time we tried to save patients files. We also felt Clinicsource could have saved us more time with a patient import feature, but were unaware that this service was offered until we had searched the support database for answers.

Nonetheless, we could schedule appointments with different practitioners and patients readily enough, as well as select different session types and venues.

ClinicSource Schedule

Our appointments were color-coded by type for a quicker overview, and we could schedule recurring appointments with no problem.

Clinicsource Review Appointment Scheduling

Billing and Invoicing

Clinicsource can be used to generate multiple different invoice types, including patient invoices, insurer invoices, and HCFA forms for custom ranges. This was less intuitive than the calendar function, in our view, and less easy for us to navigate as beginners when compared to some other e-clinic software solutions we’ve trialed.

Fortunately, Clinicsource offers step-by-step, in-detail video tutorials in its knowledge bank, which we found extremely helpful – if time-consuming – in guiding us through the process.

For mental healthcare professionals and practice admin, the software can be used as a billing tool for invoicing primary and secondary insurance providers, and it also allows for co-payers and private payments. Batch invoicing is supported.


Briefly, its Reporting function can be used to generate and securely store clinical reports and patient reports, such as:

  • Care Plans
  • Treatments
  • Patients by Therapist
  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Batch Payment Statements, and more.
Clinicsource Review Reports

Clinicsource also includes Payroll functionality, so the HR requirements of practitioners can be processed by practice admin.

While we found it rather time-consuming to get familiar with all of the solution’s practice management features, this was mainly a result of the system’s many features.

With insurance and billing, especially, users can expect a lengthy setup process; when it’s completed properly, however, the software’s pre-populated forms can be a real time-saver.

Mental Healthcare

While positioned in the market as a therapy software solution, Clinicsource does not support telehealth calls or videoconferencing for online therapy sessions.

Nor could we easily find any setup or help articles for a Patient Portal, which would have allowed clients to self-schedule. However, it offers specialty-specific note templates and offers the potential for practitioners to create custom treatment plans for various clients.

Documentation, Treatment Plans, and Therapy Notes

With its documentation functions, Clinicsource users can create custom therapy notes for counseling clients and coachees. Its key strength here, we discovered, was the system’s wealth of discipline-specific templates.

For example, the software allows practitioners to create custom notes for:

  • Treatment Progress
  • Patient Evaluations
  • Care or Treatment Plans, and
  • Patient or Treatment Summaries.

e-Therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and more can also use the software to generate SOAP notes, that can be attached to patient records, invoices, and visit summaries.

ClinicSource Review New Visit

We found it simple enough to create a treatment care plan for our test patient, which included their primary diagnoses, medications, therapies, and other information such as their psychological assessment summary.

Brief Look at the App

At present, Clinicsource doesn’t offer an app for smartphones.

It’s possible to link receive notifications and updates through email or SMS, however.

5 Customer Reviews

One of the most frequently mentioned drawbacks of Clinicsource is its user interface, according to reviewers. Like us, many customers felt it was ‘clunky’ and somewhat outdated:

“The user interface is somewhat old and clunky. It kind of feels like you are using an outdated program that was created in the early 2000s.”Softwareadvice

Regarding its usability, many reviewers also experienced quite regular periods of ‘downtime’ with the cloud-based system:

If you are a night owl and tend to do work late at night, BEWARE of the nightly system LOG OFF!”  Softwareadvice

Just like us, however, customers felt that Clinicsource support staff were helpful and responsive. With their assistance, they were able to navigate obstacles that they encountered while using the software:

“I feel tech support is quick to respond and typically has always come up with a viable solution whenever we pose an issue.” – Capterra

Others described more specific shortcomings with regard to its functionality. In particular, some reviewers struggled with its documentation and patient management tools:

“Unable to organize patient documentation in folders – Cannot add a second guardian to the patient profile – Cannot add additional contact numbers in the patient profile – Cannot export CSV files to change to a better EMR – Incomplete ‘how to’ guide”Softwareadvice

Regarding its value for money and ease of use, Clinicsource received mixed reviews on the whole.

Once users had become accustomed to the system, they considered it good value. On the downside, however, providers from larger practices noticed some potential scalability problems:

“It’s a good place to start for a small company but after you get over 10 people you’ll probably outgrow it.” Capterra


One of the main reasons even the best clinical solutions don’t catch on within organizations is because staff can feel overwhelmed about the learning curve involved. With comprehensive systems, which integrate a vast array of functions, familiarization and configuration will invariably take time.

In this regard, we see Clinicsource as a potentially good solution for medium-sized and larger organizations, where a lengthy setup and learning process eventually pay off with faster daily invoicing, reporting, and EHR management. For smaller counseling practices and solo practitioners, it may offer too many practice management functions.

As a mental healthcare solution, the cloud-based system can help practitioners with the important jobs of documentation, note-taking, and treatment plan creation – but its lack of client portal and telehealth sessions are a drawback. With a few more mental healthcare-specific features, we could see it being a very useful system for psychologists, counselors, and therapists that specialize in behavioral health.

Final Thoughts

Any clinic or mental healthcare organization with more than a few clients stands to benefit from a practice management tool – with greater efficiency and organization, comes more quality client time.

With so many excellent blended care software solutions to choose from, however, it’s essentially a buyer’s market. Deciding on the right system for your business might take a little time, but it’s well worth testing out a few potential platforms before you make your final decision.

We hope you enjoyed reading our review. Now, why not apply your e-mental health software knowledge with our 30-day Quenza trial? With unlimited access to all of Quenza’s blended care features, you’ll have everything you need to create, customize, and deliver your own professional treatments online, so that you can start having an even larger positive impact on your clients’ wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ClinicSource be customized to fit the specific needs of my practice?

Yes, ClinicSource offers a high degree of customization, allowing you to tailor the software to meet your specific needs. This includes custom forms, templates, and reports, as well as the ability to add custom fields and data points.

What kind of customer support does ClinicSource offer?

ClinicSource offers several types of customer support, including email support, phone support, and live chat. They also have an extensive knowledge base and online tutorials available to help you get started and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Can I import patient data from other software programs into ClinicSource?

Yes, ClinicSource allows you to import patient data from other software programs, making it easier to switch to ClinicSource from another system.

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