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Digital coaching is a booming sector to be in, and the massive range of flexibility, creativity, and scalability benefits it affords practitioners is extensive.

If you’re curious about how you can adapt your digital coach services to an online format, or if you’re branching out into virtual for the first time, use this guide to help you. We’ll show you the best digital solutions for today’s development practitioners, and how you can apply some best practice tips to enhance your e-coaching game.

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What is Digital Coaching?

Digital coaching is the online delivery of traditional real-life coaching solutions, with the aim of supporting clients as they pursue their personal goals.

Whether it takes place through:

  • Video chat
  • Email exchanges
  • Instant messaging, or
  • Dedicated coaching software, online coaching involves mutual collaboration between a professional coach and their coachee, and combines ongoing support with the use of specialized tools.

A digital coach will frequently interact directly with clients through organized sessions, and very often this progress is supplemented with between-session homework.

While it can be more affordable, convenient, and accessible for coachees, there is plenty of evidence to show that virtual coaching is just as effective as a traditional approach.[1]

A digital coach will frequently interact directly with clients through organized sessions, and very often this progress is supplemented with between-session homework.

7 Steps To Become The Ultimate Coach

If you’re used to supporting and guiding others in a face-to-face setting, becoming a digital coach can involve making a few changes to the way you work.

With passion, expertise, and the right people skills, however, there’s no reason you can’t create an effective, successful signature coaching program using your specialized skills.

According to the experts at Kajabi, you can make the leap to online development by:[2]

  1. Pick your specialty: Deciding on a particular niche is the first step to standing out as an expert in your field – especially in what has become a very busy digital coaching marketplace.
  2. Get accredited: Depending on your area of expertise, you may need qualifications to deliver your programs. If not, there are more than a few coaching e-courses available that can teach you essential skills for communicating, structuring your programs, and other vital competencies.
  3. Build brand personas: To target your ideal client, you’ll first need to clarify who they are. What does your ideal coachee want to achieve, and how can you ease their pain points?
  4. Gather your virtual toolkit: Without the right online tools, your clients won’t be able to find you, and you’ll have a hard time creating a coaching program efficiently. All-in-one software for coaches, such as Quenza, is an easy way to ensure you’ve got everything you need to design, build, and deliver your programs effectively as a digital coach.
  5. Create content that boosts your visibility: Digital coaching gives you plenty of creative flexibility to share interactive, inspiring, and engaging content for your clients. You can craft relevant, niche-specific, and unique content using custom images, videos, audio, and downloadable to make your product memorable – whatever works for you!
  6. Craft your online coaching program: Once you know how you’ll help others, you can put your course together starting from your framework. For a detailed, straightforward guide, check out How To Create Your Signature Business Coaching Program.
  7. Market your business: Quenza’s tools give you a powerfully wide range of ways to promote your unique programs, from white label content-branding features to outreach marketing tools. You can create coaching program samples for social media, or even share unique videos that introduce your value offer – all you need is a solid pitch and a little creativity!

6 Types of Digital Solutions For Your Practice

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for running your coaching business, but the most helpful toolkit will help you run, launch, and market your programs.

The best tools and features you can equip yourself with as a digital coach are those that will:

  • Improve your professional impact to help you stand out as an expert, while
  • Simplifying your day-to-day activities by easing specific pain points in your workflow.

This table covers the specially designed coaching features that most professionals need from their software:


Why They’re Essential

Content design and activity building

These are a must if you’re going to craft resources such as worksheets, exercises, and lessons for your clients.

Features for collating and organizing coaching programs

Quenza’s Pathways Tool, for instance, helps you easily curate bespoke curricula, activity sequences, and homework into fully personalized client journeys.

Coaching templates

These can save you valuable prep time by giving you a template to start from when building solutions – like Quenza’s Expansion Library of science-based exercises, assessments, and pathways.

Customizable coaching forms and note templates

From intake and evaluation to coaching notes, digital forms like you’ll find in Quenza’s Expansion Activity Library allow you to streamline your basic administration.

Progress or client tracking features

These enable you to evaluate the impact of your solutions, collect client details securely online, and make timely amendments to your programs if necessary.

Client chat

Enabling easy two-way communication with your coachees, so that you can give feedback, answer questions, or touch base to build engagement along the way.

Best App & Software For Digital Coaches

Having the right tools is the first step to becoming a successful digital coach – but to make any kind of positive impact, you’ll need to know how to use them.

While Quenza’s online toolkit is by far the most flexible when it comes to solution design and delivery, it’s also among the easiest to familiarize yourself with.

In fact, you can create a bespoke, personalized coaching program from blank templates simply by:

  1. Designing your activities
  2. Building them
  3. Assembling them into a program, and
  4. Automating their delivery according to a schedule based on your client’s journey.

In this next guide, we’ll show you how.

Using Quenza For Digital Coaching: A Guide

Quenza puts you in charge of every aspect of your content design and delivery, while simplifying the way you work with simple automation and customization tools.

Craft Custom Activities Easily

Whether you’re starting from an existing offline program or completely from scratch, you can design all kinds of coaching solutions using Quenza’s simple drag-and-drop tools:

Quenza Activity Builder Digital Coach
Easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools in Quenza’s Activity Builder help you design coaching solutions more efficiently.

These make it easy for you to craft exercises, worksheets, learning modules, quizzes, forms, note templates, and video tutorials from a blank template and pre-made fields, shown in the Activity Builder above.

Simply save your first Activity (e.g. “Coaching Intake Form”) and drop specific fields from the right-hand menu into your template. Here, you can even brand your content with a custom logo, and address your clients by their title using Quenza’s simple tokens.

Everything that you create and share is delivered on your schedule to your client’s convenient Quenza app, which you can also personalize using a range of colors and languages.

Build Seamless Coaching Pathways

Coaching programs can be designed, built, refined, copied, and shared within one dedicated coaching platform with Quenza, simply by heading to your Pathways Builder:

Quenza Pathways Tools Digital Coach
Quenza’s Pathway Builder organizes your materials into step-by=-step coaching programs, and you can automate the delivery of each step to deliver entire programs on a schedule.

Your Pathways Builder, shown here, allows you to select different saved Activities from your Library and curate tailored programs with steps based on your clients’ program.

Digitalizing your program delivery can help you free up plenty of valuable prep time, meaning that you can dedicate more of your effort and focus to working with clients.

For a huge array of inspiring Activities that you can modify or design, make sure to visit our 6+ Tools For Coaches: Simple Guide For Boosting Your Practice resource.

4 Helpful Books To Develop Your Skills

Keen to take charge of your own development? If you’re hungry for further reading, here are a few top books for the continually developing digital coach:

  1. Learning To Lead by Ron Williams (Amazon): Written for coaches in an organizational context, this book on personal leadership helps you accomplish your professional coaching goals by looking at how to overcome common obstacles, problem-solve, and more.
  2. Behind The Scenes: Secrets from the Top Coaches, Experts, and Consultants by Phillips et al. (Amazon): Through anecdotes, stories, and tips from 24 industry experts, this resource aims to help you differentiate your business, grow your client list, and scale your practice.
  3. Coaching Questions: A Coach’s Guide to Powerful Asking Skills by Michael Bungay Stanier (Amazon): Stanier combines interactive training tools, neuroscience, and personal experience in this modern manual full of powerful coaching questions.
  4. How to Start an Online Coaching Business: A Simple, Hands-On Guide by Coachilly (Amazon): This gives you an in-depth, step-by-step guide to establishing a successful practice as a digital coach, with worksheets, industry trends, and expert tips from the publishers of Coachilly magazine.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re trying out digital coaching for the first time, or looking for ways to boost your practice, there are all kinds of digital solutions for enhancing your impact.

With a huge array of flexible, powerful, and advanced tools that put you in complete control, there’s absolutely no reason not to design and share your own signature coaching program – give it a go!

We hope you enjoyed exploring this resource. Don’t forget to start your 1 dollar Quenza trial to apply these tips.

If your goal is to support and guide others on their development journeys, our $1 month-long trial includes everything you’ll need to help others set goals, find motivation, and ultimately get the results they’re after.


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