5 Best Health Coaching Apps & Software for Wellness Coaches

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Passionate about helping others be the happiest, healthiest version of themselves they can be? Energized by the idea of motivating others to unlock their full potential?

If health coaching is your zone of expertise, or if it will be soon, this article is for you. Read on to discover how you can engage clients and grow your practice with our pick of 2022’s very best health coaching apps.

Choosing a Health Coaching App: Top Tips

Health coaching can be a highly rewarding career for anyone who wants to support, guide, and develop others on their wellness journeys.

If you’re looking at a health coaching career or hoping to enhance your impact, it’s essential to nail down the different ways that you help others before you can pick a great software for the job.

What Is Personal Health Coaching?

If you’re looking at a health coaching career or hoping to enhance your impact, it’s essential to nail down the different ways that you help others before you can pick a great software for the job.

Health coaching is a highly personalized service that involves supporting clients with a broad range of unique goals.

At any given time, for example, you may find yourself helping clients with their:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Stress management
  • Weight management
  • Tobacco cessation, or
  • General health management.

On a day-to-day basis, that translates into an even wider range of coaching tasks.

Just three examples might include:[1]

  1. Motivational Interviewing – asking questions that help clients explore and resolve limiting beliefs about their health, to elicit positive behavior change.[2]
  2. Goal Setting – helping clients clarify their objectives, and potentially helping them envision success
  3. Collaborating with other healthcare providers – where clients are looking to better manage a health-related condition, coaches may work with their dietician, GP, or therapists to promote enhanced self-management.

Ensuring that your personal coaching services aligned well with your client’s unique circumstances means you’ll generally need to focus on building client relationships and engagement levels throughout a program.

So when you’re choosing the right tool for your practice, the golden rule is this: look for a solution that will help you engage your clients.

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Tools To Look For In A Platform

Quenza HIPAA and GDPR compliant app
A HIPAA- and GDPR- compliant health coaching app like Quenza can ensure your client information is always private and securely stored.

But what else should you be looking for?

Beyond client engagement, online health coaching apps are designed to help you create and deliver your services in an efficient, effective, and user-friendly way.

You can always start a business with standalone tools (like spreadsheets or imaging software), but specialized coaching apps are essential if you’re planning to grow your business.

If you want to create unique, practice-branded health coaching solutions and free up more quality time for clients, here’s a list of nine useful features to look for:

  1. A resource builder, for creating wellness interventions, exercises, HEPs, questionnaires, and assessments
  2. Coaching program tools for creating custom health coaching courses, packages, and programs
  3. A HIPAA-compliant solution that supports secure and private file storage, chats, and notes
  4. A Client portal or app that you can use to send client resources, notifications, and reminders
  5. White label features for sharing solutions under your practice brand
  6. Customizable templates for forms, activities, surveys, assessments, and contracts
  7. Secure file storage and sharing for your multimedia e.g., video, images, and documents
  8. Real-time client tracking and reporting of client results
  9. Live chat for delivering client feedback and between-session checkins.

5 Best Wellness and Health Coach Apps Reviewed

Many apps offer a range of these tools, but few offer all of the essential ones we’ve listed.

Here’s our review of the top health coach software available today.



Quenza Client App LogoQuenza is an all-in-one coach app, client engagement tool, and practice management solution with a wealth of online tools for health coaching program design, delivery, progress tracking, and more.


An incredibly versatile coaching app, the platform is a GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant solution for solo professionals and teams that want to create and share their own programs with clients digitally.

Features include:

  • HIPAA- and GDPR compliant personal and group chat
  • Robust group coaching features
  • Personalizable templates or Expansions for designing client activities, forms, and surveys
  • Android and Apple client app for notifications, updates, and reminders
  • Secure file storage and sharing
  • Documentation and note-taking features
  • Support for health coaching organizations to collaborate online
Price$1+ monthly
Good ForHealth Coaching, Group Coaching, Client Engagement, Wellness Coaching, Personal Training
More infoQuenza



Nudge Coach Logo WhiteNudge Coach is a brilliant coach app for personal trainers, fitness professionals, and health coaches, with tools for monitoring client progress and key health indicators like sleep, exercise, and physical activity.


Features include:

  • Client communities
  • Advance reminders for clients
  • HIPAA-compliance
  • Leaderboards for group coaching
NameNudge Coach
Price$60+ monthly
Good ForHealth Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Personal Training, Fitness Software
More infoNudge App



MyPTHub Mobile App logo blue My PT Hub, is specially designed for fitness coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, and health coaches who want to streamline client management, design personalized diet and exercise programs, and monitor client progress.


Features include:

  • A customizable library of 450 workouts and 7,500+ exercises
  • Access to a comprehensive nutrition database with over 600k items
  • Live video streaming for workouts
  • Practice management tools, and
  • Client messaging.
NameMy PT Hub
Price$55+ monthly
Good ForPhysical Therapy, Fitness Software, Personal Training
More infoMy PT Hub



Healthie Software mobile app logoHealthie is built for collaboration between mobile coaches and their clients, making it a good choice for nutritionists, healthcare providers, and personal trainers keen to check in more regularly with clients.


Features include:

  • Client food logging tools
  • Coaching intake form templates
  • Calendar management capabilities
  • Document and file-sharing features, and
  • Billing and invoicing capabilities.
Price$49+ monthly
Good ForNutrition Software, Fitness Software, Personal Training
More infoHealthie



Cliniko logo blue and whiteCliniko is a secure, versatile platform for telemedicine practitioners, and it can also be used by single- and multi-provider health coaching coaching practices.


Features include:

  • MailChimp and Facebook integration
  • EHR/EMR capabilities
  • Customizable form and mailing templates
  • Financial reporting
Price$39+ monthly
Good ForSecure Telehealth, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Patient Engagement, Physical Therapy Forms
More infoCliniko

How To Engage Clients With Coaching Software

Understanding all the different tools and apps available is useful if you’re a health coach, but you’ll need to know how to get the maximum value from your chosen software if you’re keen to grow your business!

To illustrate how you can better engage clients with coaching software tools, we’ll use health coaching software Quenza as an example.

With Quenza, you have numerous ways to build and maintain engagement:

  1. You can find out all about your clients’ needs, interests, and goals in advance by digitizing your intake and onboarding processes
  2. You can create unique assessments to find out more about individual clients, e.g. using Quenza’s Wheel of Life tool to create bespoke satisfaction, needs, or values assessments
  3. You can deliver personalized health coaching exercises and resources that match their interests and goals, such as worksheets, surveys, and other Quenza Activities
  4. You can fine-tune and improve your clients’ journeys by monitoring their progress in real-time
  5. You can “be there” for clients between sessions, e.g. checking in with Quenza Chat, automating your content delivery, or sending Activity reminders
  6. You can speak to them directly by embedding personal videos, images, and audio into your health coaching tools.

Most importantly, streamlining or even completely automating these client engagement essentials can free you up to focus on more specialized coaching tasks.

That means more time to craft your strategy, get creative with your solutions, and interact directly with coachees for even better client outcomes.

The Best Platform For Your Health and Wellness Coaching Practice

As well as helping you engage your clients, there are myriad ways you can benefit from health coaching software like Quenza.

While the right solution for your practice will ultimately depend on your niche and coaching philosophy, your chosen solution should work as an all-in-one ‘toolkit,’ giving you easy-to-use but effective, powerful tools for the wide range of tasks your work involves.

In a nutshell, the best app for health coaches will ideally help you:

  • Streamline your business admin, e.g. by simplifying your paperwork or correspondence
  • Create personalized programs, courses, or material for your health coaching clients – so that you can share your own solutions, packages, and programs
  • Manage your client relationships more effectively – ideally acting as a coaching CRM
  • Build health engagement, with purpose-built tools for informing, educating, and activating clients
  • Track client progress – so you can adjust or improve your personalized solutions for better results, and
  • Store your client data securely – including chats, assessment results, personal details from forms, and more.

If you’re looking for all these specially-designed tools plus the client engagement features we’ve already listed, Quenza is one of the best platforms for your practice.

It’s incredibly user-friendly, regardless of your health coaching niche—take a look below.

A Closer Look At Fitness Coaching Software

Here are just three examples of how you can use Quenza to increase your impact as a fitness coach.

Building Unique Interventions

Quenza’s Activity builder is an easy, efficient way for you to build original fitness coaching activities, exercises, assessments, and homework using text, video, images, audio, and more.

For an interactive video coaching experience, you might include personal video messages for your clients – as we’ve done here.

Unique Health Coaching Activity Example in Quenza
Personal video messages are a great way to share tips, give instruction, and keep your clients engaged between sessions.

Other great ideas include self-reflection prompts, activity diaries, decision-making tools, and guided meditations, depending on your program.

Building Engagement Between Sessions

Quenza’s Live Chat enables you to communicate privately and securely with your clients in real-time, so you can answer their questions or offer encouragement.

Quenza Chat screenshot example
Quenza Chat helps you stay in touch with clients, so you can check in, encourage, and build engagement for better results.

Whether you want to debrief, give advice, or just check in, maintaining regular contact between sessions can be just as important as the fitness program itself.

With live chat, you can even use Quenza as a motivation app by providing regular feedback, as shown above.

Stay On Top of Progress

Timely insights into your clients’ progress are important if you’re a health or fitness coach, and Quenza’s Dashboard shows you all your clients’ Activity responses in real-time:

client results displayed in Quenza's Dashboard
With Quenza’s real-time progress tracking, you can get instant insights into the status of each Activity you send to clients.

This is a useful way to know whether your clients are ready for a new challenge, or whether you might amend an Activity to better reflect their needs and goals.

3 Useful Tools For Online Coaches

Looking for Activities, assessments, and forms to include in your health coaching packages?

The following Quenza Expansions are free templates that you can customize and share with clients, depending on your program:

coaching client agreement Expansion in Quenza
Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement is a digital form template that you can customize and share with clients before your initial session. 
  1. Quenza’s Coaching Client Agreement Expansion (above) lays out the terms and conditions of your professional coaching services in a digital form for clients
  2. With the Pre Coaching Questionnaire, you can explore clients’ expectations and ambitions, and
  3. The Strengths Interview Expansion below can help you and your clients understand their strengths, for a personalized, more inspiring health coaching journey and better results.
Quenza Strength Interview Expansion Preview Desktop format
Quenza’s Strength Interview is an Expansion exercise that you can use to help your clients gain insight into their personal strengths.

Leveraging Data Analytics in Health Coaching

Data analytics is a crucial component in modern health coaching, providing coaches with actionable insights into their clients’ progress and behaviors. By leveraging data analytics, coaches can track various metrics such as activity levels, nutrition, sleep patterns, and overall wellness. This information enables coaches to tailor their programs more effectively to meet individual client needs.

For instance, data from wearable devices and health apps can reveal trends that indicate whether a client is adhering to their exercise routine or experiencing fluctuations in their diet. Coaches can use this data to adjust their recommendations and provide timely interventions. Moreover, data analytics can identify patterns that may not be apparent through regular check-ins, such as the impact of stress on a client’s health.

By incorporating data analytics into their practice, coaches can offer a more personalized and evidence-based approach, ultimately leading to better outcomes for their clients. This integration not only enhances the client experience but also allows coaches to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs through measurable results.

Integrating Mental Health Support in Wellness Coaching

Integrating mental health support into wellness coaching is essential for a holistic approach to client well-being. Mental health significantly influences physical health, and addressing it can lead to more comprehensive and sustainable health outcomes. Wellness coaches can incorporate mental health support by using apps that offer features like mindfulness exercises, stress management techniques, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) tools. These tools can help clients manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues that may hinder their physical wellness goals.

Additionally, coaches can use platforms that provide resources for emotional support, such as guided meditation sessions, journaling prompts, and virtual counseling. By addressing both mental and physical health, coaches can help clients achieve a more balanced and integrated approach to wellness. This holistic method not only supports the client’s immediate health goals but also promotes long-term mental and emotional resilience.

Moreover, by being attuned to the mental health aspects of their clients, coaches can build stronger, more empathetic relationships, leading to increased trust and engagement in the coaching process.

Final Thoughts

Personal health coaching is a very worthwhile career if you’re motivated by helping others achieve their unique wellbeing potential. And it’s only even more so with the right attitude and tools!

Use this guide to decide how your chosen app might help you create the best kind of value for your clients, or get started right away with our $1 Quenza trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a health coaching app?

A health coaching app is a mobile application coaches use to provide their  services or tools to help clients achieve specific goals or improve their performance. Among personalized tools and templates, it may offer features like goal setting, progress tracking, accountability tools, and action plans. Health coaching apps can be a convenient way for users to access coaching services and tools to help them reach their goals and improve their performance.

Is health coaching legitimate?

Yes, health coaching is a legitimate practice that is becoming increasingly recognized as a valuable tool for improving health outcomes. Health coaches work with individuals to set and achieve realistic health goals, using a holistic approach that takes into account both physical and mental health factors.

How profitable is health coaching?

Health coaching can be a profitable career path for those who are passionate about helping others improve their health and wellness. The earning potential for health coaches varies depending on factors such as experience, education, and location.


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