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If you’re a certified health coach in 2021, chances are you’ve already considered going digital. But as soon as you’re ready to take your solutions online, you’re faced with a whole new set of challenges.

How will you share your interventions or guide clients through your exercises? How should you accept payments, and where will you stay in contact? In this article, we’ll help you understand health coach apps – how they work and whether they’re right for you. Read on to learn about specific pain points that different apps can solve, and our step-by-step guide to how a great app should help you coach others online.

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Growing Your Virtual Health Coaching Business

More and more professionals are making the leap from in-person to virtual health coaching, as the growing demand for convenient, quick, and affordable solutions drives consumers online.

If you’re dipping your toe in the water for the first time, seizing that opportunity means might mean new digital strategies for gaining exposure and traction. And if you’re a seasoned online coach, you’ll already know that any kind of business growth requires effort and continued commitment over time.

In a digital sense, growing your virtual health coaching business can involve a whole range of different strategies, such as:

  • Establishing your digital presence: e.g. with a website, social media, or online directory listing
  • Advertising your services: through outreach programs, mailing campaigns, or promotions
  • Implementing a client relationship management (CRM) strategy: or for health coaches, a patient engagement strategy
  • Making your solutions more accessible: through apps, software, and platforms, and even…
  • Personalizing your services: by offering individualized solutions, packages, classes, or courses.

All the while, you’ll need to run things on the back-end, so your clients get the benefit of your coaching solutions while you, of course, get paid.

7 Reasons To Use Health Coaching Solutions

Health coach apps are designed to simplify the operational aspects of what you do, by ironing out common challenges in your day-to-day workflow.

As we’ve seen, running any kind of business can be a juggling act.

As a health coach, your overarching goal is to help others improve their wellbeing, but even making your services available in the first place means administration.

Coupled with ongoing tasks such as communication – which only increase as your business grows – it’s often all too easy to get bogged down in the non-core aspects of running a health coaching business.

As such, health coach apps are designed to simplify the operational aspects of what you do, by ironing out common challenges in your day-to-day workflow.

For example, they can:

  1. Reduce the time you spend billing and invoicing clients, through digital forms and payment processing
  2. Simplify your correspondence by sending automated reminders, prompts, and updates
  3. Help you market and grow your practice, with tools for medical outreach, promotional campaigns, and advertising
  4. Improve your program design and evaluation, by giving you more timely, relevant updates on your clients’ progress
  5. Give you more accurate insights into client performance, by syncing with other devices such as wearables
  6. Streamline how you instruct, inform, and educate, by enabling you to share multimedia files such as tutorials and videos
  7. Boost your customer satisfaction, by supporting customized coaching program design and treatment planning.

As with any tech, some health coach apps will be more suitable for smaller practices or solo coaches, while others with more features are a better pick for larger teams, e-clinics, hospitals, or large corporate organizations.

Picking the right solution for your practice will mean determining your professional pain points, and how you’d like to solve them – we’ll give you a few great examples below.

What Is The Best App & Software for Health Coaches?

If you’re hoping to start or grow your own online practice, these health coach apps come with all kinds of helpful tools.



MyPTHub Personal Trainer SoftwareThis mobile- and browser-based fitness app, My PT Hub, is specially designed for fitness coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, and health coaches who want to streamline their client management, design personalized diet and exercise programs, and stay on top of others’ progress and accomplishments.

Easy to use with scalable plans monthly or annual plans for different business sizes, this app gives you:

  • A customizable library of 450 workouts and 7,500+ exercises
  • Access to a comprehensive nutrition database with over 600k items
  • Live video streaming for workouts
  • Practice management tools, and
  • Client messaging.
NameMy PT Hub
Price$20+ monthly
Good ForGoal Setting, Physical Therapy, Nutrition Software, Fitness Software, Personal Training, Online Coaching



Healthie Health Coach AppsHealthie is built for collaboration between mobile coaches and their clients, and a good choice for nutritionists, healthcare providers, and personal trainers keen to check in more regularly with clients. With this app, clients can take photos of their food, upload their choices, and receive feedback from their experts, while staying in touch through the app’s message and video chat features.

It comes with:

  • Client food logging tools
  • Coaching intake form templates
  • Calendar management capabilities
  • Document and file-sharing features, and
  • Billing and invoicing capabilities.
Price$29+ monthly
Good ForGoal Setting, Nutrition Software, Fitness Software, Personal Training, Online Coaching



Quenza Health Coach AppQuenza gives health coaches all the flexibility to design their own interventions, homework, activities, and treatments with simple online drag-and-drop tools, as well as free HIPAA-compliant apps for sharing your solutions. Use the app’s Activity Builder for free-form exercises, assessments, surveys, and quizzes, or modify existing telehealth and coaching items from the software’s free Expansion library to save time.

This health coach app includes a great range of features for building health engagement, such as notifications, email reminders, live chat, and client tracking in real-time; its features include:

  • Full multimedia support for tutorials, HEPs, meditations, and lessons with MP3s, videos, pictures, text, and uploads
  • HIPAA-compliant communication via a free, private Android and iOS Client Portal
  • Fully bespoke treatment planning tools such as the Activity and Pathway Builders
  • Live, secure client-coach chats
  • Automated pre-scheduling of activities
  • Prompts, reminders, notifications, and reminder functions, and
  • Brandability, with a white-label interface that supports your practice logos and more.
Price$1+ monthly
Good ForMobile Coaching, Video Coaching, Motivation Apps, Practice Management Software, Coaching Software, Wellness Coaching, Health Coaching, Fitness Software, Personal Trainer Software



Cliniko Health Coach AppCliniko is a secure telehealth platform for health coaches and telemedicine practitioners, with a range of features for medical outreach and marketing. Starting with templates for patient forms, calendar management, online billing, new patient registration, and other practice management functions, it can be used as a versatile solution for single- and multi-provider coaching practices.

Its features include:

  • MailChimp and Facebook integration for client engagement
  • EHR/EMR capabilities
  • Customizable form and mailing templates
  • Financial reporting, including superbills


Price$45+ monthly
Good ForSecure Telehealth, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Patient Engagement, Physical Therapy Forms

How To Use The Quenza App For Health Coaching

Understanding all the different tools available is one useful step forward for a health coach, but knowing how to get the maximum value from your app is ultimately how you’ll grow your business.

For a closer look at how to do that, we’ll show you a few ways that the Quenza health coach app helps professionals solve their pain points.

Streamline Your Intake

Onboarding is the first important part of any coaching journey – it’s your initial chance to build a strong, successful collaborative partnership with your clients.

With Quenza’s Activity Builder, you can make the whole experience smoother and more informative by creating personalized forms that collect not only their details but their goals, too.

Using simple drag-and-drop tools, forms like Coaching Client Agreements, Fitness Evaluation Forms, and Contact Information are quick to design and personalize. Alternatively, the platform’s Expansion Library comes with modifiable templates like the easy-to-customize Pre-Coaching Questionnaire.

Quenza Coaching Intake Forms
Quenza’s drag-and-drop fields help you quickly create Coaching Agreements, Goal Setting Exercises, Informed Consent Documents, and other essential intake forms.

They can then be shared instantly with your clients, who can complete them through Quenza’s free smartphone apps. Because the app is HIPAA-compliant, all client data is visible only to you and them.

Creating Unique Interventions

Using the same tools, health coaches can build original activities, exercises, assessments, and homework using text, video, images, audio, and more.

For an interactive video coaching experience, you might include personal video messages for your clients – as we’ve done here.

Quenza Video Coaching Health Coach App
Personal video messages are a great way to share tips, give instruction, and keep your clients engaged between sessions.

Other great ideas include self-reflection prompts, activity diaries, decision-making tools, and guided meditations.

Having received the video above, our coaching client can revisit it easily any time they sign into their health coach app.

Building Engagement Between Sessions

With Quenza’s Live Chat feature, coaches and clients can communicate privately and securely, so you can answer their questions or give them encouragement in real time:

Quenza Chat Health Coach App
Quenza chat can be switched on or off for individual clients, so you choose when to check in and receive notifications.

Whether you want to debrief, offer advice, or just check in, maintaining regular contact between sessions can be just as important as the program itself. With live chat, you can use Quenza as a motivation app by providing regular feedback.

Stay On Top of Progress

For timely insights into your clients’ progress, you’ll find all their activity responses in your Dashboard as soon as they are finished:

Quenza Health Coach App Progress Tracking
Real-time results can be made visible to you alone, just your client, or both of you.

Here, you can view the status of different projects, download professional PDFs of finished activities, or send reminders for Pending activities where your clients might need a little push.

Real-time insights are a useful way to know whether your health coaching clients are ready for a new challenge, or whether you might amend an activity so it better reflects their needs and goals.

9 Benefits of Health Coaching with Quenza’s Platform

In a nutshell, there are myriad ways health coaches can benefit from the flexibility of Quenza’s specially designed tools:

  1. By branding your solutions, it’s easy to market and grow your business
  2. Through real-time client tracking, you can provide more relevant and timely feedback that reinforces positive behaviors
  3. Using custom templates, coaches can share their existing interventions or bespoke, personalized solutions
  4. With user-friendly online tools, venturing into online practice can be much easier for first-timers
  5. By sending notifications, updates, and reminders, you can foster client engagement between sessions
  6. Staying in touch with Quenza Chat helps you build and maintain a strong therapeutic alliance
  7. Sharing protected health information is secure and private with HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant encryption
  8. Programs are quick to design and assemble, giving you more one-on-one time with clients, and
  9. It’s completely free for your clients to use, forever.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to online health coaching or looking for the best way to share your own interventions, today’s health coach apps are full of possibilities.

Be sure to consider how you’d like to help and interact with your clients, and searching for the tools you need should be a lot easier.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Why not use your 30-day Quenza trial to put our tips into practice in your health coaching business?

Our software is designed to help you engage your clients with your unique health coaching solutions, and will give you everything you need to bring them better results for the long term.

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