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Personal Trainer App

Online personal training has never been so relevant. It’s convenient, affordable, and a simple way for clients to get the expert, personalized guidance they need to make positive changes to their health.

It’s great for PTs, too, but as demand grows for your service, you may quickly find yourself looking for help scaling up. To help you reclaim your time for the more important aspects of your work, we’ll take a look inside a personal trainer app, and show you how you can use today’s advanced, professional PT tools to streamline your fitness business.

Before you continue, we recommend trying out Quenza as your professional personal trainer app with our 30-day, $1 trial. Quenza’s simple-to-use online tools are professionally designed to help you engage and coach your clients even more effectively online, so that you can take your fitness business digital today.

How Can Digital Apps Help Personal Trainers

Going pro as a personal trainer can be a little tricky, and especially so if you’re new to online or mobile coaching.

Whether you’re taking your offline practice digital or launching with a virtual service, getting started means planning out your business strategy, finding clients, and sourcing all the tools you need as a specialist.

You might be concerned about engaging your clients without face-to-face contact, the time you spend customizing programs, or even drowning in a sea of potential personal trainer apps, all promising different things.

You might even be too successful, and wondering where you’ll find the time to personalize your programs with a wealth of new clients.

Whatever it is, as your PT business grows online, you’ll quickly find that the admin side of running a successful personal trainer business can be overwhelming.

It’s precisely why digital coaching tools become essential. By helping you free up the time spent on routine, non-value-creating, but important day-to-day tasks, personal trainer apps can help you can channel your efforts into the core aspects of your business, so that you can better help your clients.

To understand this a little better, let’s take a look at how personal trainer apps work.

Most personal trainers struggle with a few common pain points. These can suck up a surprising bulk of your time, but are easily solved with a great personal trainer app.

What Is The Best Personal Trainer App?

The right coaching tools for your personal trainer business should amplify your positive impact as a skilled fitness professional while giving you the flexibility to coach others with your own personal approach.

Essentially, it comes down to what you’d like to simplify – or streamline – and where you’d rather focus your efforts.

Most personal trainers struggle with a few common pain points that can suck up a surprising bulk of their time, but which can easily be solved with a great personal trainer app.

These typically include:

  • Onboarding clients: e.g. Sending out intake documents, informed consent forms, fitness assessments, and documents for contact details
  • Goal-setting: While helping your clients clarify their personal training goals may be fun, recording and securely storing their health information can amount to a lot of paperwork
  • Collecting client feedback: Or the email back-and-forths that provide you with insights to improve your services
  • Answering questions: Again, relying on email often results in your clients’ questions going unanswered for much longer than you’d both like, and
  • Tracking progress: E.g. Following up with clients who need a nudge, or double-checking that they’ve received your materials.

And on the other hand, there are a few core avenues that require your full attention and expertise.

When done well, these value-creating tasks can help you stand out and significantly boost your client experience:

  • Personalizing fitness programs: E.g. Designing customized HEPs or nutrition plans that align with your clients’ interests, needs, and capabilities
  • Streamlining your client experience: By making your content more accessible, interesting, and convenient
  • Motivating or engaging clients: With well-timed advice, personal tips, or practical explanations, you can help clients stay on track to see even better results, and
  • Differentiating your service: By creating unique programs, courses, or packages aimed specifically at your target market.

Finding the right tools in one generic software solution might sound like a big ask, but fortunately, these are typically all standard features in a purpose-built personal trainer or wellness coaching app.

5+ Ways Quenza Can Improve Your Training Practice

So how do different personal trainer app features translate into practical benefits in your workflow?

We can look at Quenza’s tools for a few examples of more streamlined day-to-day tasks:

  1. Onboarding Clients can be made much less time-consuming when you design customized intake forms, Client Agreements, Liability Waivers, or digitalize health assessments like the PAR-Q Questionnaire
  2. The same applies for Goal-Setting, which can be simplified even further by adapting templates from Quenza’s Expansion Library, e.g. Realizing Long-Term Change by Setting Process Goals
  3. Client Feedback Collection can even be automated by adding Session Rating Scales, or Coach Evaluation Forms to the end of your programs for a scheduled delivery
  4.  Building Client Engagement and Answering Questions is easier with real-time Quenza Chat, as well as automated reminders, updates, and notifications, and
  5. Tracking Progress is more straightforward and centralized with one Dashboard or separate Client Profiles, updated with live results and progress.

But to become a better practitioner, it’s the way you provide unique, niche-specific value that will really enhance your PT practice – let’s take a look.

Using Quenza App For Personal Training: A Guide

Using easy drag-and-drop tools, Quenza has everything personal trainers need to create and share unique content with clients, including tailored fitness programs, exercise plans, and nutrition plans.

Here, we’re modifying an Expansion Library template in Quenza’s Activity Builder; by inserting ready-made fields from the checkboxes, drop-down menus, scales, and other fields in the right-hand menu:

Quenza Expansion Library Personal Trainer App
Quenza’s Expansion Library contains free, customizable templates for creating your own Evaluation Forms, Physical Assessments, Intake Forms, and more.

Using the same Activity Builder, you can also create your own custom exercises from scratch, uploading your own videos or mp3s where you feel additional explanation might be helpful for your clients:

Quenza Personal Trainer App Multimedia
Share your Vimeo or Youtube videos, personal photos, or audio mp3s to create engaging, unique PT Activities from scratch.

Featuring your own content isn’t just more engaging for clients, but it can also be a useful way to use Quenza to motivate clients, when you coach them with personal tips, feedback, or advice privately with a personal message.

When you’re ready to send them, different Activities can be sorted into personalized Pathways. This is ideal for programs that roll out over a while, and Activities such as Habit Diaries or Exercise Logs that you might want to share on a daily or weekly basis with clients.

Your clients can receive their Activities from any connected device with the Quenza app installed; when they’ve opened, completed, or canceled their Activity, you’ll be updated in real-time in your Dashboard:

Personal Trainer App Quenza Progress Tracking
Keep on top of your clients’ progress with Quenza’s progress tracker, which updates the status of different Activities in real-time.

As shown here, your client tracker tools let you know when different exercises or goals are Pending, Completed, or whether you need to Re-send them.

This way, you can provide more timely feedback via email or using Quenza Chat, shown below.

Quenza Chat Personal Trainers App
Quenza Chat is a private, secure, and HIPAA-compliant way to connect with your PT clients in real-time for more timely feedback.

If you’d prefer to focus on one client at a time, Quenza Chat notifications can be toggled on or off for different clients or switched completely off after work hours.

If you offer your services under a professional practice, we also recommend branding your custom content to build valuable brand awareness:

White Label Quenza Personal Trainer App Example
Add image files of your practice logo to brand your custom content for a professional finish.

With the White Label feature, you can do this by adding your corporate logo to your fitness programs, nutrition plans, and Activities – all of which will be featured on any that your clients choose to download in PDF format.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to launch or streamline your online PT business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The easiest, quickest, and most strategic way to ensure you keep growing is by identifying the unique ways that you provide a valuable, expert client service – with the right personal trainer app, the rest can be made as straightforward as you like.

In a few simple steps, you can soon start sharing your personalized activities with clients and distinguish your brand online – we highly recommend you try it yourself. Do let us know how it goes in a comment.

We hope you found some inspiration for your programs in this article. To start designing your own solutions, activate your Quenza $1 trial and try our online personal trainer tools today. Quenza is designed by top online coaches to help you maximize your clients’ results, and will give you all the tools you need to design professional, personalized programs for positive, sustainable changes.

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