Top Physical Therapy Software: Billing & Scheduling [2021]

Physical Therapy Billing

Physical therapy software can be extremely valuable to busy professionals. As a coach, therapist, or physiotherapist, it can help you improve your treatment planning with templates and manage your billing and marketing for a more professional practice.

If you’re a physical therapist, fitness coach, athletic trainer, or physiotherapist, these are some of the top therapy software solutions designed to meet your professional needs.

Documentation in Physical Therapy: 3 Best Reviewed Software

From Physical Therapy Progress Notes and home exercises to customizable treatment plans and intake forms, these documentation software solutions are full of useful features and templates to help you better manage your practice paperwork.

We’ve included HIPAA-compliant software with telehealth support for prescribing PTs and larger organizations, as well as more lightweight coaching management solutions for smaller practices.



WebPT Physical Therapy BillingWebPT is perhaps the best-known documentation, billing, scheduling, and reporting tool for physical therapists. Offering both team and solo plans, it caters to different practice types, such as large enterprises, multi-location practices, hospital outpatient facilities, and home health providers.

Essentially a full-blown PT practice management solution, WebPT’s capabilities include client relationship management, Electronic Health Records, and treatment planning.

Price$3+ daily
Good ForPractice Management, Treatment Planning, EHR, Customer Relationship Management, PT Documentation
More infoWebPT



Quenza Physical Therapy BillingQuenza is a customizable therapy software for PTs with simple-to-use tools for treatment planning, documentation, form creation, and more. The system includes free mobile apps for clients and is a quick way to design HEPs, build client engagement, send invoices, and keep tabs on patient results on a HIPAA-compliant platform.

Among its many therapy-specific features, Quenza includes an Expansion Library full of templates (e.g. Session Rating Scales, Feedback Surveys, Client Goals) that can be personalized. These can then be combined with bespoke interventions, discharge forms, invoices, and other documents for the automated delivery of a complete PT program.

Price$1+ monthly
Good ForPractice Management, Treatment Planning, Customer Relationship Management, PT Documentation, Care Management
More infoQuenza



TherapyNotes Physical Therapy BillingTherapyNotes is another popular documentation tool for Physical Therapists, as well as Occupational, Speech, and Psychotherapy practitioners. The software includes telehealth videoconferencing, Progress Note templates, and efficient tools such as drop-down diagnostic codes to enhance PT note-taking.

Regarding practice documentation, TherapyNotes comes with reporting tools, billing features, and can be used to design custom notes for any general purpose.

Price$49+ monthly
Good ForPractice Management, Treatment Planning, EHR, Mental Health Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, PT Documentation
More infoTherapy Notes

Practice Management Solutions: 3 Billing and Scheduling Software

All-round practice management software helps professional coaches and therapists schedule therapy sessions, organize paperwork, and create treatment plans for clients.

It means that in Physical Therapy, billing, exercise programs, bookings, and more can all be managed in one convenient location; in many of the best suites, it’s also HIPAA protected.

Heno, DrChrono, and Vcita are 3 top options for PTs who want to manage their invoicing, documentation, and treatment planning processes in a secure digital location.



Heno Physical Therapy BillingHeno is a specialized Physical Therapy billing solution and HIPAA-compliant EMR, which comes with online payment features such as credit card processing and a convenient Patient Portal for bookings.

Custom plans include scheduling functions, billing, patient charting, reporting features, and even an Internal Messenger tool for more efficient team alignment. If your practice is larger than 10 providers, Heno creates a bespoke solution for your e-clinic, hospital, or home care organization.

Price$150+ monthly
Good ForCoaching Management, EMR/EHR, Treatment Planning, Physical Therapy Billing
More infoHeno



DrChrono Physical Therapy BillingCare Management software DrChrono is an integrated suite of EHR, billing, telehealth, insurance processing, practice management, and reporting tools. It can even be used for e-prescribing and is perfectly designed for medical and physical therapy billing by linking to your EHR.

Designed for HIPAA-compliant therapy notes and secure videoconferencing, DrChrono comes with customized forms for physical therapy, as well as Intake Forms, Informed Consent Documents, and more.

NameDrChrono EHR
PriceVaries with solution
Good ForPhysical Therapy Billing, EMR/EHR, Coaching Management, Telemedicine, Treatment Planning, e-Prescribing
More infoDr Chrono



Vcita Physical Therapy BillingScheduling and calendar management is easy with Vcita – clients can access your practice page on their own to schedule consultations, request treatments, and sign up for events through their Private Portal. When it’s time to pay or pre-pay, clients can use their credit cards online; their payments then register on the system for quicker, simpler invoicing.

This software also supports your digital marketing efforts by connecting to your website, local listing, and contact information – at the backend, users can create and download marketing statistics for custom periods.

Price$12+ monthly
Good ForPhysical Therapy Billing, Coaching Management, Therapy Notes
More infoVcita

PT Exercises: 3 Software and Apps For You and Your Clients

Home Exercise Programs (HEPs) are an essential PT treatment for recovery, strength, and rehabilitation – that means researching clinically proven exercises and customizing a program for each patient.

Physical Therapy, billing, exercise programs, bookings, and more can all be managed in one convenient location with specialized software – in many of the best suites, it’s also HIPAA protected.

But while it can be time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be with the right software.

These HEPs and combined platforms are designed with input from Physical Therapy experts so that therapists can design bespoke solutions, videos, and online treatment plans for quick and easy sharing with clients.



Exercise Pro Live Physical Therapy BillingSpecially developed for Physical Therapists, Trainers, Coaches, and Fitness Professionals, Exercise Pro Live is an interactive software solution. It can create a customized Home Exercise Program, pain and experience reporting software, and videos, and comes with a large library of standard exercises to work from.

PTs can customize Exercise Pro Live to create branded Patient Portals, through which clients access their exercises. It also supports PT video coaching, syncing with Zoom and Doxy.

NameExercise Pro Live
Price$99+ yearly
Good ForPhysical Therapy, Fitness Coaching, Occupational Therapy, Telemedicine, Coaching Management
More infoExercise Pro Live



Real Time Rehab Physical Therapy BillingHEP Real-Time Rehab helps Physical Therapists create customized home exercise programs in a few simple steps. With a database of over 1,600 exercises to use – as well as a huge range of videos – PTs can send treatments to patients online for use on any connected device.

Prescriptions can also be shared among staff in multi-provider practices, and the software is easy to use. Real-Time Rehab includes a private patient portal for clients to access their prescriptions online, anywhere.

NameReal-Time Rehab
PriceAvailable on request
Good ForPhysical Therapy, Fitness Coaching, Occupational Therapy, Coaching Management
More infoReal-Time Rehab


Rehab My Patient Physical Therapy BillingUser-friendly and full of home exercises, Rehab My Patient is designed for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Osteopaths, and Fitness Professionals to provide tele-rehab and customized patient programs.

Over 2,500 HD video therapy exercises are available to suit your client’s program and can be customized, downloaded, or emailed straight to patients through the app. Rehab My Patient is white-label and can be branded to market your correspondence and practice.

NameRehab My Patient
Price$14.45+ monthly
Good ForPhysical Therapy, Fitness Coaching, Occupational Therapy, Coaching Management
More infoRehab My Patient

A Look At 2 Free Options

Most physical therapy software can be accessed at no cost by signing up for a free trial period. Depending on the platform, these might last anywhere between a few days and a month, so they’re a great chance to test and compare various solutions you might be weighing up.

If you’re looking for free software to use forever, though, you might need to compromise on how many clients you can use a program with or how much data you’ll have to work with.



Coaching Loft Physical Therapy BillingCoaching Loft has one centralized dashboard from which you can market, manage, and organize your PT business. This versatile software comes with various plans for different-sized companies and is popular with health, fitness, wellness coaches, business coaches, and professional mentors.

Features include a client activity log to help you monitor their treatment progress, session note pads, and invoicing tools for managing the admin side of things.

NameCoaching Loft
Good ForPhysical Therapy, Fitness Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Coaching Management
More infoCoaching Loft



NudgeCoach Physical Therapy BillingNudge Coach is one of the best-known coaching management platforms for fitness, wellness, health, and life coaches. It has a huge range of features that Physical Therapists can use to simplify their coaching management, set goals for patients, and monitor their progress for engagement, accountability, and better results.

With a free subscription, coaches can build personalized tracking programs for their PT patients, integrate Nudge with other apps such as Apple Health or FitBit, send client messages, and create social groups.

NameNudge Coach
Good ForPhysical Therapy, Fitness Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Coaching Management
More infoNudge Coach

Final Thoughts

Securing protected patient information, analyzing ESM data, and creating personalized treatments can all be much simpler with specialty-specific apps, platforms, and medical software. When practitioners spend less time duplicating prescriptions, that means more time in client sessions or building engagement and motivation.

From diagnosis and treatment suggestions to insurance claims management and more, these physical therapy billing and practice management solutions will give you even more time to spend with your patients. If you have a suggestion to add, do leave a comment.

We hope you enjoyed our review. Why not start streamlining your own physical therapy practice with your 30-day Quenza trial?

With our software, you’ll have all the tools you need to transform our tips into a better patient experience, greater satisfaction, and rewarding PT outcomes, so that you can enhance your clients’ successes for the long term.

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