Should You Install Power Diary? 17 Pros and Cons

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For coaches and helping professionals, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing positive outcomes from your hard work with clients.

As your practice grows, however, so do the day-to-day tasks that come with running a successful business. Between email correspondence with clients, calendar management, and mountains of paperwork, a little extra help around the office often becomes essential – which is where great practice management software comes in handy.

Power Diary is one popular option for therapists, counselors, coaches, and more who are looking for a way to fine-tune their daily tasks. In this article, we’ll examine its features so that you can decide whether it’s built for your practice.

Features of Power Diary

Web-based practice management platform Power Diary is a comprehensive calendar management solution, which features client and care management features, automated appointment notifications, billing, and invoicing solutions, SMS-based chat, and more.

To give you an overview of its key features, we’ve summarized Power Diary’s core functionalities below:




Practice Management

Appointment SchedulingCalendar management for group and individual appointments
Billing & InvoicingIntegrated invoicing system with customizable templates, includes insurance details and partial/complete payments
Insurance Claims Management
Multiple ProvidersMultiple practitioners’ calendars viewable side-by-side, multiple offices supported
Treatment PlansFull plans/project timelines not supported; however, treatment note templates are available
Practice Management ReportsRegular and on-demand reports of key statistics, including:

  • Appointment statistics
  • Client retention
  • Active/inactive clients
  • Sales/AR/Other financial reports
  • Marketing logs
Inventory Management

Mental Healthcare

Client PortalSupports client payments, new client registration, appointment and class bookings, cancellations, etc.
Note-taking and Document ManagementSpecialty-specific progress notes can be imported, and templates created or customized, e.g.:

Custom FormsLibrary of digital custom forms provided for import, e.g.:

  • PTSD Checklist (PCL-5)
  • PHQ-9 Patient Health Questionnaire
  • Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS 21)
  • Telehealth Consent Form

17 Advantages and Disadvantages

For a quick look into its top advantages and disadvantages, the table below gives a helpful overview.



Practice Management

  • Supports multiple staff members
  • Interactive calendar, syncs with Facebook
  • Billing, payments, and invoicing
  • Practice management and client reporting
  • Scheduling reminders via SMS or email
  • Notifications for client activities e.g. new registrations
  • Client importing from other platforms e.g. Cliniko, Timely, Halaxy
  • Integrates with some existing email marketing clients e.g. MailChimp
  • No mobile app
Mental Healthcare
  • Client registration and self-scheduling via customizable client portal
  • Unlimited custom forms and a full library of specialty-specific templates
  • Private patient-practitioner messaging via SMS/email
  • No medical-specific billing
  • No digital mental health treatment plan creation
User Experience
  • Responsive, fast customer support
  • Clean interface, intuitive menus and setup, easy toggle buttons/drop-down menus
  • Video tutorials, blog articles, FAQs readily available

Target Audience and Pricing

In contrast to some of the more generic healthcare practice management solutions available, Power Diary was developed with mental health professionals in mind.

Power Diary Target Audience

Its features and pricing tiers thus cater to the practice management and virtual care requirements of practitioners such as:

  • Psychiatrists and telepsychiatrists
  • Psychologists and teletherapists
  • Social workers
  • Licensed counselors and e-counselors
  • Coaches, e.g. life coaches, business coaching, and fitness coaching professionals,
  • Family, relationship, and group therapists
  • Counselors and therapists in training.

Power Diary Pricing

The amount that you use Power Diary will determine your monthly costs, with prices starting at $5/week for one user with a single calendar. Other options include:

  • 2-3 calendars $8/week
  • 4-9 calendars $13/week
  • 10-20 calendars $21/week
  • 21+ calendars variable

Power Diary vs. Its Competitors (Comparison Chart)

Power Diary lacks the iPhone and Android app of Quenza but offers basic tiered pricing packages for those with no treatment planning requirements.

In this table, we’ve also considered how its Power Diary stacks up against Cliniko and DrChrono in terms of integrations and the customer support that users can expect.

Power Diary



Power Diary ReviewCliniko vs Power DiaryQuenza vs Power Diary
  • Web
  • Web
  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone
Customer Service
  • Phone
  • Online
  • Blog articles
  • Phone
  • Online
  • Tutorials
  • Blog articles
  • Tutorials
  • Community Forum
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Online customer service
PricingStarts at $5/monthStarts at $45/monthStarts at $1/month
  • Google Calendar
  • MailChimp
  • Stripe
  • Xero
  • Facebook
  • MailChimp
  • Xero

Case Study Example

Power Diary’s 14-day trial period requires no credit card information, with an unlimited number of patient and document imports so that users can get a real feel for how the software works.

Practice Management

Patient Relationship Management

Adding new clients, referrers, and third parties were straightforward, all patient options were under each client’s profile for a full view of each digital file’ e.g.:

  • Personal details
  • Classifications
  • Contacts
  • Referrals
  • Appointment reminders
  • Event reminders.

We could easily pre-program each client’s communication preferences, so they received appointment updates via SMS, the client portal, or email.

Power Diary Appointment Scheduling

Adding distributors, suppliers, and other third parties was also simple, and we were able to send text messages from each in-app stakeholder profile for $0.11/SMS.

Power Diary offered a comprehensive and diverse range of options to ensure everything related to each third party was in one place. Within a supplier profile, for example, we could also file correspondence, create bills, and log payments, among other important documents.

Appointment Scheduling and Billing

Scheduling sessions was easy when done manually, for numerous calendars, individual clients, groups, and providers.

Power Diary also offers a Session Pack feature that comes in handy for practitioners who want to keep track of certain things, such as prepaid sessions and the number of completed or pending appointments per client.

This can come in useful for wellness coaches, therapists, and other professionals who are already offering pre-designed courses or treatment plans of their own creation.

Power Diary Session Pack

We were able to create Session Pack invoices, as well as very easily being able to draft and log payments for individual appointments.

Power Diary Invoicing

At the end of a period, all invoices and financial activity reports are downloadable or exportable to Xero.

Mental Healthcare

Custom Forms

Power Diary offers a generous library of mental health forms for practitioners to import and use in treatment plans, saving admin time and allowing for more centralized patient information storage.

Power Diary Form Templates

Professionals can also choose from a variety of note templates or create their own using different value fields.

It’s then possible to clone or export completed progress notes or session notes for use with other patients, further reducing admin time.

Power Diary Note Templates

HIPAA-Compliant In-app Messaging

Power Diary’s Telehealth Video Calls are a relatively new feature that allows for secure, HIPAA-compliant sessions between patients and practitioners. Easily accessible in the app, and quick to set up, this service is free of charge.

With screen sharing, it’s possible to display resources to clients from your own computer, and with the recording function, sessions can be kept on file for reference later. No special software is required, as Power Diary provides everything required for you to use this telehealth solution.

Client Portal

Setting up a client portal allows new patients to register and existing clients to book, cancel, and pay for appointments. The portal itself is quick to enable with a few clicks and can be customized with your personal branding.

Power Diary Client Portal

Settings can be activated or disabled with simple toggle buttons from the practitioner back-end, giving users full control over what clients are able to view and the changes they can make.

Here it’s possible to choose whether you’d like to receive emails or SMS notifications when clients book an appointment. All new clients must verify their accounts via SMS prior to scheduling a session.

Power Diary Client Portal Appointments

A Look at the App

Unfortunately, Power Diary does not provide an app for Android smartphones or iPhones at this point.

Creating a bookmark or shortcut on your mobile device makes access to the platform slightly faster, but in our eyes, the ability to manage calendars and clients could be made more convenient with dedicated therapy app for iPhone or Android.

5 Customer Reviews

According to customer reviews from multiple sites, Power Diary offers a wide range of relevant features, making it good value for money in comparison to other e-clinic software:

“Convenience of online access to Powerdiary for practitioners and online booking for patients is huge for us. Communication with the team is easy and quick responses are the rule. Great value.” – Capterra

Most of the negative reviews related to its billing functions – some practitioners felt Power Diary lacked a few essential capabilities.

“Billing area needs a tweak for my personal liking.. if individual customers could be given custom discount on monthly bills that would be very helpful.. And if we could attach video links to notes so that can be stored securely… not completely sure about putting video on a private channel in youtube…” – Capterra

Some users also felt that the user experience was somewhat lacking with regard to interface – specifically, the design and layout could have been more aesthetic.

It is still quite dated compared to competitors and you’re restricted to what you can do. They could do with a graphics designer or ergonomic designer on their team.” – Capterra

On a more positive note, reviewers seemed to be impressed with the responsiveness of the platform’s customer service:

“Their online support documentation is great, but there were some small things I asked about. The responses were fast, professional, and were exactly what I needed to know.”

Overall, the scope and type of features provided by the software received positive comments from mental healthcare practitioners.

“Comprehensive, it does everything I need including financials. I love the SMS reminders. Excellent prompt technical support.”


While it’s tailored to smaller and medium-sized enterprises, Power Diary provides a vast wealth of valuable features for all organizations.

Larger healthcare providers, however, might benefit more with the ability to create, upload, and assign remote coaching or mental health treatment plans to different providers and clients.

This telehealth solution made scheduling sessions, managing clients, and conducting sessions much more efficient, and – in our view, at least – there was only a slight learning curve to getting started.

With a well-stocked knowledge base on its website, Power Diary seems to offer all the support that’s required to set up and start streamlining your practice management.

Final Thoughts

When choosing new software, more features can often seem better at first glance. Diving right in is a common mistake, but Power Diary offers both ample, responsive support and a relatively intuitive user experience.

Based on our trial, as well as other users’ reviews, this is one particular platform that could come in useful for solo practitioners all the way up to medium-sized enterprises. For mental health professionals and coaches alike, the inbuilt secure telehealth calls are a huge plus.

What are your experiences with Power Diary? Drop us a comment and let your fellow practitioners your thoughts.

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