Therapyboss Software Review: 14 Pros and Cons

Therapyboss Review

Large healthcare organizations suffer the most from admin workloads, from managing staff to compliance and handling insurance claims. When the goal is to deliver better mental healthcare solutions for all, it can be particularly tiresome.

It’s precisely what prompts so many healthcare providers to search for a practice management solution, in the hopes of encouraging more alignment and faster, more streamlined workflows.

Therapyboss is a Software as a Service (Saas) solution that caters to the needs of home care providers and large organizations, with its billing, reporting, and personnel management features. In this article, we test the software so that you can see how it might be suited to your needs as a provider.

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Features of Therapyboss

Designed to be a ‘complete software and service solution’ for treating at-home patients remotely, Therapyboss includes features for managing patients and clinicians alike.

In the table below, we’ve summarized some of the key features of this care management solution.




Practice Management
Appointment SchedulingPatient appointments can be created and edited by multiple practitioners, who are then notified via reminders
Billing & InvoicingVarious services can be costed in a price list, saving time when generating invoices later.

Supports entry of different Clinician rates, for a detailed range of services and treatments e.g. Occupational Therapy assessments, OT follow-ups. Different staff pay rates also supported, for an extensive range of services.

Insurance Claims ManagementIncludes clearinghouse and insurance claim processing functions.
Note-taking and Document ManagementCustom notes supported in patient profiles.
Multiple ProvidersCan be used by a range of different healthcare and mental healthcare providers, e.g. Massage Therapists, Social Workers, etc.
Practice Management ReportsIncludes on-demand financial reports, patient aging reports, insurance aging reports, revenue reports, EDI claim history, and more.
Inventory Management
Mental Healthcare
Client Portal
Custom FormsSupports custom Treatment Notes, but no specialty-specific forms.

14 Advantages and Disadvantages

Based on our experience with Therapyboss, we identified a few key advantages and disadvantages.

The software’s main strengths, in our eyes, related to its considerable practice management potential, which could help larger providers to streamline their practice organization while managing staff and monitoring compliance.



Practice Management

  • Many practice management capabilities
  • Accounts available for over 10,000+ visits/month, with a pay-by-usage framework
  • Automated appointment reminders for clinicians
  • Payments not accepted online, e.g. no Stripe integration
  • Supports bulk billing for insurance
  • Time-consuming to learn and configure
  • Potentially too many features for smaller practices, e.g. HR management, payroll, employee contracts, and referrals.
  • Workflow involves lots of switching between different views, e.g. no easy-to-find central calendar
  • No patient self-scheduling
  • Calendars don’t sync with other programs, e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar
Mental Healthcare
  • Customizable Treatment Templates, Goal Templates by specialty
  • Multiple providers supported
  • Supports client referrals from other organizations, e.g. hospitals, outpatient clinics
  • No Client/Patient Portal
  • No telehealth session support
User Experience
  • Workflows not particularly user-friendly
  • App freezes

Target Audience and Pricing

Therapyboss is designed for larger healthcare practitioners in several fields, or multi-provider practices like e-clinics which offer various services.

These include:

Therapyboss Pricing

Unlike many therapy software solutions we’ve reviewed, which offer subscription access, Therapyboss services are charged according to the monthly volume of a user’s client visits. Beginning at 79¢ per direct patient visit, it’s possible to choose between accounts for up to 10,000+ visits a month.

  • For 1-3,000 direct patient visits/month, each visit costs 79¢
  • For 3,001-5,000 direct patient visits/month, each visit costs 71¢
  • For 5,001-10,000 direct patient visits/month, each visit costs 64¢, and
  • For 10,001+ direct patient visits/month, each visit costs 59¢.

In this regard, Therapyboss’ pay-by-volume pricing structure presents a potential scalability advantage for larger healthcare organizations, where business growth can often lead to higher costs with some other platforms.

Alternatives to Therapyboss

While Therapyboss is essentially a therapy software solution, its features also make it suitable for remote coaching. It is thus frequently compared with similar e-coaching solutions like Quenza.

In this table, we’ve also compared it with a more mental healthcare-specific telemedicine solution, ICANotes, on key factors such as customer support, user interfaces, and monthly price.




TherapybossICANotes ReviewQuenza vs Therapyboss
  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Web
  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone
Customer Service
  • Phone
  • Video tutorials
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Live customer service
  • Phone
  • Video tutorials
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Live customer service
  • Tutorials
  • Community Forum
  • Articles
  • Mobile app
  • Online customer service




  • QuickBooks
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook
  • AdvancedMD

Case Study Example

Getting started with Therapyboss begins in the system’s Configurations Panel, where providers and practices can edit relevant information on their:

  • Services: An extensive list of service types allows users to offer Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Work, and Psychology treatments while setting up.
  • Company
  • Billing: Here, providers can opt to integrate the software immediately with QuickBooks or existing Therapyboss profiles, such as clinician accounts.
  • Price list: Where service prices are input and insurance information entered, to later save time when pre-populating invoices.
  • Expenses, and more.

We began as a multi-provider practice offering a full range of services, including physical, speech, and occupational therapy solutions.

Practice Management

Billing, Invoicing, and Insurance Claims Management

Therapyboss offers a full range of tools to streamline the creation of custom invoices, while also keeping track of key financials such as clinician rate of pay for different treatments.

As our screengrabs show, we could enter different pay rates for different employee types, and various costs for distinct price list items.

Therapyboss Review Price ListTherapyboss Review Billing

Entering the information manually on the first setup takes time, but once our private practice software was configured, we could quickly and efficiently create invoices using pre-determined service costs and the practice’s insurance contacts.

This was a great way for administrative staff to process medical insurance eligibility checks and claims without much duplication of effort. At the same time, we could see how it would reduce errors due to miscommunications and complex paperwork trails.

Staff Management

The SaaS platform has a much more extensive list of features for managing staff than most of the practice management solutions we’ve encountered so far. As well as tools for managing practitioner pay rates, the software also allows for tracking of HR data such as work agreements (e.g. employment contracts) and credentials required.

For larger healthcare organizations, such as bigger e-clinics, this offers a valuable solution for centralizing providers, as well as patient data – as well as more robust reporting.

Therapyboss Review Office Users

Multi-provider practices can also assign practice admin staff profiles, with varying levels of access to Therapyboss.

Appointment Scheduling

We found the software very time-consuming to set up before we could begin scheduling patient appointments. Without any noticeable patient import function, we had to manually input client information into the Patient Referral panel.

Before we could schedule sessions, we had to enter clinicians who met the treatment criteria for the patient, unlike some other platforms which allow quick, easy new client registration while entering appointments directly into a calendar.

Therapyboss Review Calendar Management

After many preliminary steps, we were able to enter our patient’s profiles and view their upcoming activity on a per-patient basis.

By checking an additional box, we were able to access the calendar view for all upcoming patients – compared to many other appointment scheduling and practice management solutions, configuring the whole scheduling process was far from user-friendly.

Beyond our initial session, scheduling further appointments involved navigating various Compliance aspects to configure even more practitioner access settings.

Nonetheless, each patient profile offered a centralized place to access records of their clinical notes, visit history, and other relevant uploaded documents.

Billing, Financials, and Reporting

Within the billing function, users can:

  • Create new client invoices
  • Submit bills to insurance providers, and
  • Process new patient bills.

Payroll information is also accessible and billable on a per-clinician basis. Once again, we found these difficult to navigate.

Having trialed many different platforms, including those with far more robust EMR and EHR capabilities, Therapyboss’ practice management involved a steep, steep learning curve in comparison. In our view, this is the system’s most glaring disadvantage.

Mental Healthcare

Treatment Templates

Using Therapyboss’ Intervention Templates feature, it’s possible to create online treatment plans that clinicians can then work from to save on admin time, rather than manually creating plans on an ad-hoc basis.

Similarly, we could use the Goal Templates and Documents Templates features to customize our own, purpose-built templates for later use.

One particular shortcoming of the Therapyboss software – we noticed here – was the dated video tutorial, which showed options we did not encounter while test-driving the system.Therapyboss Review Treatment Plan

Therapyboss does not currently offer a patient or client portal, nor does it provide telehealth video conferencing capabilities.

A Look At The App

For those with an Apple or Android device, Therapyboss offers a mobile app for on-the-go practice management.

This is free to download on Google Play or iTunes, but after repeated unsuccessful attempts to log in, we found that it froze as soon as we entered our account. This happened repeatedly, making it impossible for us to review the app.

5 Customer Reviews

Happily, other reviewers had positive comments to make about their experiences with Therapyboss.

Once the initial learning curve had been overcome, many customers reviewing the solution found it easy to use:

“I love how easy and simple the software is. I like that there’s a lot of drop-down options and that a lot of the areas are prepopulated which saves a great deal of time.”Capterra

Regarding the mobile app, we were not alone in having had difficulties with the interface – other concerns specifically related to in-app typing and unreliable data synchronization:

“I hate this app. It doesn’t sync correctly between devices. I had “incomplete data” on my phone app, but on my laptop, it was FIXED and submitted/synchronized correctly.” – Google Play

With features in mind, some users saw a few areas for improvement when it came to billing. The ability to repeat bill payors was one element mentioned:

“Limited in some areas specifically scheduling and billing repeat options however never had an issue and customer service help us the one time we did” – Capterra

Wellness and fitness practitioners found it a useful way to document therapy notes:

“Able to do my notes swiftly and without any hassle or glitch…Good to do therapy notes.”

And finally, Therapyboss customer support received some positive reviews from users, who found them helpful when staff were learning to use the program’s different features:

“I would like to say that Therapy Boss is coming along very well. Their staff is extremely helpful and patient in getting our wishes figured out.”Capterra


Therapyboss offers a substantial wealth of practice administration tools that can be used to save time around the office and better align staff in multi-provider practices. Based on our experience with the software, this is its key redeeming feature.

Its comprehensive payroll, HR, and costing functions take a while to configure, but offer the capacity to save medium- to large healthcare practices significant time in the long run.

Despite noticing some positive user reviews around its ease of use, however, we found it disappointingly time-consuming to set up in the first instance – we would hesitate to recommend it to first-time users or any professional looking to boost their efficiency right away. We also felt the software could benefit from more user-friendly workflows. These, while not complex, involved a lot of extraneous clicking and tab-switching for something as simple as generating an invoice.

We, like some Google reviewers, also found the app froze constantly before we could finally log in.

Final Thoughts

As a practice management software, Therapyboss appears to be more targeted at larger organizations, where employee management, insurance claims processing, and referrals play a large role in the day-to-day admin.

It does offer the user plenty of potential efficiency gains, but falls short of providing any telehealth session tools, nor does it support e-prescriptions. Unfortunately, we could find no mention of these being added any time soon, either. As such, it lacks some essential features that might otherwise make it suitable behavioral health software.

In a nutshell, the vast practice management potential of Therapyboss is what makes it both powerful, but cumbersome to learn. For smaller providers or solo practitioners, we can easily see there being far too many features.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If your goal is to enhance others’ mental health with your blended care services, Quenza’s practitioner-friendly online tools include everything you need to maximize your positive impact.

Our online coaching and therapy software is specially designed by e-health experts for mental health professionals and will give you all you need to create and share personalized, practice-branded interventions digitally – so you improve others’ lives even more effectively.

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