What Are The Different Life Coaching Niches? Your Ultimate List

Life Coaching Niches

Now that you have decided to become a life coach, are you wondering where to start?

In addition to enrolling in a coach training program and practicing coaching skills, one of the first things to do is to think about a life coaching niche for your practice. This needs to happen fairly quickly because your niche influences your marketing material, social media, and website. Keeping your branding and niche consistent will go a long way to building your credibility.

If your goal is to stand out in your coaching niche, we recommend trying out Quenza’s e-coaching tools for $1. With 1 month of unlimited access to Quenza’s HIPAA-compliant platform, features, and client app, you’ll have all you need to help others and run your practice from anywhere.

Why Choose A Coaching Niche?

Most life coaches struggle to decide whether or not to choose a niche. Some think they may be unnecessarily limiting themselves by choosing a niche. Others, especially new coaches, are not sure what niche to choose because they haven’t coached a lot of clients yet.

If you market yourself as a general life coach, you end up trying to work with everyone, and your brand message can get confusing and untargeted.

I believe it’s crucial to pick a niche to present yourself as an expert coach in the chosen field. If you market yourself as a general life coach, you end up trying to work with everyone, and your brand message can get confusing and untargeted.

If potential clients resonate with your message, they may reach out to you and recommend you to their contacts, even if you don’t work in their niches. On the other hand, if you’re not sure how to choose your niche, please read on as we will get to it soon.

Top 24 Types of Life Coaching Niches: A List

Life is everything from our habits to romantic relationships. Therefore, life coaching niches cover a wide variety of areas that you can choose from.

Mindset Coaching Niches

Most life coaches work with clients on changing their mindsets to obtain different outcomes.

  • Habit Coaching: To break habits and form new ones
  • Transformative Coaching: To deal with major transformations in life
  • Women’s Empowerment: For corporate and businesswomen
  • Money Mindset: To change clients’ beliefs on money and finances
  • Confidence: For clients who want to become more confident
  • Authenticity Coaching: For clients who want to live their most authentic lives
  • Life Purpose: To uncover the client’s life purpose
  • Manifestation: To manifest results through laws of attraction

Business Coaching Niches

Business owners opt to get coaching to create phenomenal results in their businesses.

  • Small Business Coaching: Specifically to deal with small business struggles
  • Sales Coaching: To get better at selling products and services
  • Marketing and Branding: For better marketing and branding
  • Team Coaching: To build a world-class team

Health Coaching Niches

Clients with busy lives generally struggle to keep up their health and wellness.

  • Health and Fitness: To become healthier and work on fitness
  • Wellness: To maintain mental health and practice grounding
  • Grief Coaching: When clients are dealing with grief and loss
  • Anxiety Coach: For clients who struggle with anxiety
  • Spirituality: For clients who want to tap into their spirituality

Executive Coaching Niches

High-level executives come for coaching to make an impact in their companies and industries.

  • Leadership Coaching: To become better leaders
  • Strategy Coaching: To become better at designing strategic direction
  • Organizational Coaching: To navigate the organization better
  • High-Performance Coaching: To perform at the highest level and fast-track careers

Other Niches

Other niches for life coaches are listed below.

  • Relationship Coaching: To improve satisfaction with relationships
  • Family and Parenting: To improve the functioning of family systems
  • Intimacy and Sexuality: For more intimacy between partners

What Are The Most Profitable Coaching Niches?

Based on the demand for the niche and the spending capacity of the clientele, some niches tend to have more earning potential.

The top 5 profitable coaching niches are listed below.

  1. Executive Coaching: Executives are the heartbeat of most corporates and the company generally bears the coaching expenses.
  2. Business Coaching: Most businesses are aware of the potential for performance and revenue with coaching.
  3. Marketing and Branding: As marketing is the key to developing a personal/business brand and getting more business, clients see a direct connection between coaching and the tangibility of results.
  4. Relationship Coaching: We are all beings that desire deep connections with others. So, we’re willing to spend on coaching for dating, marriage, and intimacy.
  5. Sales Coaching: Similar to marketing, improved sales can directly show in the company’s profits.

The Best Online Coaching Niches To Pursue

In today’s world of Zoom and powerful internet connections, any coaching niche can be practiced online. Most coaches have been practicing online for a long time now.

Although some coaches prefer to be face-to-face with clients to read them better and respond to visual cues, in my experience, a video call works just as well. The rapport between the client and the coach can be maintained as if they were meeting in person.

If you still have doubts about online coaching, perhaps you can meet in person for the initial discovery session if possible and then continue the rest of the coaching engagement online.

This way, you get some face time with clients initially, but you save on commute time and can remove geographical limitations.

How To Choose Your Coaching Path

Now to discuss the million-dollar question of how to choose your coaching niche. Here are the steps you can follow in choosing your niche.

  1. Review all your strengths and experiences. You can use Quenza tools like Strength Interview and Strengths in Significant Moments for this.

    Quenza Strength Interview Life Coaching Niches
    The Strength Interview helps clients clarify and confirm their strengths.
  2. Think about what types of clients you have enjoyed working with so far. If you haven’t coached many clients yet, consider what types of people you like hanging out with. What are your passions, hobbies, and interests?
  3. Get to know your purpose. What situations frustrate you? What can move you to tears? What misfortunes make your heartache?
  4. Create an exhaustive list of niches based on the analysis you’ve done so far.
  5. To establish a sustainable practice, your clientele should be able to pay you. The list you created in the previous step needs to be narrowed down based on the financial feasibility. You can use the Finding Your Ikigai tool on Quenza to figure out the intersection of your talents, passion, and finances. If you feel strongly about helping clients in a particular niche, but there is little financial feasibility there, you can always offer sliding scale or probono services in this niche while working on a few other niches to earn a living.

    Quenza Online Finding Your Ikigai Business Coaching Niches
    Quenza tools such as Finding Your Ikigai can help you identify the best niches.

5 Reasons To Use Digital Solutions In Your Practice

  1. Client Accountability: When you use a digital solution for coaching, you can not only plan your coaching sessions in advance but also send push notifications between them to keep clients more accountable.
  2. Improved Efficiency: Digital solutions allow coaches to automate most repetitive tasks like invoicing, emailing, and following up. This can save a ton of time for coaches who generally bill by the hour.
  3. Easy Access: Clients can easily access coaching notes and other activities with mobile applications regardless of location.
  4. Streamlined Processes: When using a digital solution, you can save all your client notes in digital format and retrieve them as needed.
  5. Professional Branding: Using an online solution that allows you to brand your communications to clients can make you look like a professional coach who is serious about what you’re doing.

Best Software and App For Coaches

As you move along your coaching journey, your need for coaching software evolves. Here are two of the best software tools that you can use regardless of where you are in your coaching journey.


Quenza App Life Coaching Niches
Quenza is an integrated, fully customizable blended care solution for life coaches in all niches.

As coaches, our top priority is providing value to our clients and helping them achieve their goals. Client engagement and accountability are key here.

Quenza is hyper-focused on the value you can bring to your clients while cutting down on the administrative burden.

Quenza Coaching NichesQuenza includes:

  • Activity builder
  • Automated pathways
  • Science-backed activities
  • Community support
  • Progress tracker
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Online communication
  • Customization
  • Mobile app
PriceStarts at $49/month
DrawbacksA relatively new platform, yet great features are constantly being added.
Free Trial30-day trial for only $1

Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach allows for a high level of customization. This level of customization is attractive because each client is different, and we need the flexibility of customizing coaching engagements.

Nudge Coach Life Coaching NichesNudge Coach offers:

  • Client-facing habit tracker
  • Engagement tools
  • Automated sequences
  • Cards for reminders and motivation
  • Monthly challenges
  • HIPAA-compliance
  • Integration with Zoom
  • Mobile app
NameNudge Coach
PriceStarts at $30/month
DrawbacksDoes not include payments or scheduling.
Free TrialAvailable for first three clients

7 Unique Features Included In Quenza

  1. Activities: The Quenza platform allows you to create and customize exercises that you want to send your clients.
  2. Pathways: After you create exercises and reflections that you want to send to clients periodically, you can easily automate the frequency and order of how these activities need to be sent using the Pathways feature.
  3. Community Portal: Quenza enables you to connect with other coaches to share your experience and ask questions through the community portal.

    Community Portal Types of Life Coaching Niches
    The Quenza Community Portal is a great way to get to know other coaches and ask questions.
  4. Client Dashboard: You can use the client dashboard to get a snapshot of the latest developments in your coaching practice. The dashboard also summarizes the number of active clients, activities in progress, and active pathways.

    Quenza Dashboard Types of Life Coaching Niches
    The dashboard allows you to catch up on the latest developments in your coaching practice quickly.
  5. Expansions Library: In addition to creating Activities of your own, you have access to the Expansions Library that houses many exercises created by our expert coaches. These activities include assessments, meditations, lessons, reflections, and visualizations, to name a few.

    Quenza Expansion Library Life Coaching Niches
    Quenza Expansions allow you to customize science-based Activities created by our expert community of coaches and therapists.
  6. Client Chat: In some instances, you may need to chat with your clients. The Quenza chat feature allows you to chat securely and conveniently.

    Quenza Chat Coaching Niches
    The Quenza Chat is secure and allows you to communicate with clients through the free Quenza app.
  7. Client Notes: When you meet with clients, it is advisable to take notes about the session after the completion. This gives you a way to prepare for the next meeting and hold clients accountable for their past commitments. You can save these notes in a client file and retrieve them with ease.

    Quenza Notes Coaching Niches
    Quenza Notes allows coaches to record HIPAA-compliant notes on the completed coaching sessions, and share them with clients for their comments and input if required.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, life coaches have many niches to choose from. You can even become creative and come up with a new niche as long as there is a proven clientele for it. Additionally, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one niche. Instead, you can choose a few niches if you feel called to do so.

We hope you found this post informative and useful. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

We invite you to start your $1, 1 month trial of Quenza and learn more about how Quenza’s tools can help you with your life coaching practice.

About the author

Sabrina is a life and career coach, currently working on her ICF accreditation. She is also an experienced freelance writer focusing on mental health and technology. In her past corporate life, she was an automation manager at a bank in Toronto, Canada.


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