Quenza Notes™ – Create and Share Notes With Your Clients

Quenza Notes

With the Quenza Notes feature, you can easily create progress notes and share these with your clients.

Your clients can also create their own notes and share these with you, the professional.

You can even have your clients use the Notes feature for journaling and let your clients decide for themselves whether they want to share their journal entries with you.

Video walkthrough

Here’s a short video Hugo made to showcase the new feature:

How to use Notes

To access the Notes feature, simply select a client profile, then select the ‘Notes’ tab on the left hand side of the screen. In the top right corner, you will see the ‘+ Note’ button – Click here to create a new note.

Your clients can also use this feature to create journal entries and share these with you, allowing you to keep abreast of their progress.

Please enjoy Quenza Notes!

About the author

Seph Fontane Pennock is a serial entrepreneur in the mental health space and one of the co-founders of Quenza. His mission is to solve the most important problems that practitioners are facing in the changing landscape of therapy and coaching now that the world is turning more and more digital.


  1. K kevin

    Can you create an instructional video on creating/sharing notes from the client viewpoint?

    1. CM Catherine Moore

      Hi Kevin!
      Let me forward this to our team & we’ll do our best to get it done 🙂

  2. J ja’el

    hi, is it possible to design and save various notes templates? eg, note for trauma client, note for grief client, etc … or however i classify them … this way i could include specific questions to ask based on client issue. / kind thanks

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