What is Transformative Life Coaching? 14 Certifications & Tools

Transformative Life Coaching

Does positive transformation excite you? Have you taken risks and reinvented your life? Do you always think about the future with much optimism?

If so, transformative life coaching may be a great fit for you. You will have the privilege of helping clients make positive transformations in their lives, and the satisfaction you get will be much more than helping clients make “smaller” changes. However, it needs to be acknowledged that change, regardless of size or intensity, is always difficult.

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What is Transformative Life Coaching?

When compared to traditional coaching, transformative life coaching deals with massive changes. For example, a client looking to leave their corporate career to travel and become a digital nomad will benefit from transformative coaching. In contrast, a client looking to climb the corporate ladder needs traditional or career coaching.

Transformative coaching is all about massive transformation and questioning clients’ current realities.

It results in a reinvention of the client and their everyday life.

A Look At Transformational Leadership Coaching

Through transformational leadership coaching, leaders can reinvent their leadership styles and take their leadership and impact to the next level. The coach will guide the client to examine long-held assumptions about leadership and their own capabilities and devise plans to become a “new” leader.

Top corporate entities know that leadership development is crucial to the company’s long-term success. Therefore, these companies invest heavily in establishing transformational leadership coaching programs.

3 Techniques For Transformative Coaches

Transformative coaching is all about making permanent mindset shifts in clients. But this takes time, and there are many milestones along the way.

The following exercises can all be accessed with a trail subscription to Quenza.

1. Positive Psychology

Transformative coaches need to use positive psychology and help clients tap into their strengths. This is critical to a healthy transformation because focusing on “weaknesses” comes naturally to most clients.

You can use Quenza tools like Strength Interview and Strengths in Significant Moments to incorporate positive psychology into your practice.

Strength Interview Transformational Leadership Coaching
Quenza’s ‘Strength Interview’ expansion helps clients clarify and confirm their strengths.

2. Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques

According to cognitive-behavioral psychologists, our actions and feelings reflect what we believe about the world and ourselves.

Quenza tools like Cognitive Restructuring will help clients replace negative thoughts with more rational ones. This will accordingly align their actions with the new beliefs.

Quenza Cognitive Restructuring Transformative Coaching
Quenza’s Cognitive Restructuring activity is a customizable activity that applies evidence-based CBT techniques to help clients challenge dysfunctional cognitions.

3. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

This coaching technique refers to programming our mindset through the language we use. Language, be it internal in our minds or external with others, can directly impact our feelings and actions.

Using coaching activities like the 20 Guidelines for Developing a Growth Mindset and A Letter of Self-Compassion Expansions (shown below) can help rewire a client’s language.

A Letter of Self-Compassion Transformative Life Coaching
A ‘Letter of Self-Compassion’ tool helps clients become more self-compassionate.

10 Best Questions To Ask Your Clients

Well-trained coaches know that the most powerful questions respond to what the client has just offered to you.

However, here is a list of questions you can customize based on your transformative coaching session.

  1. What are your wildest dreams and hopes?
  2. What three things do you most want to change about your life?
  3. What is prompting you to make that change?
  4. How can you live your life in sync with your values?
  5. What will make you feel like you had a great day when you go to bed at night?
  6. Suppose you’re on your deathbed now. What are the biggest regrets you have?
  7. What do you feel most energized by?
  8. What assumptions about life are holding you back the most?
  9. What would you do every day, even if you weren’t paid a dime for it?
  10. What is missing from your days now?

Best Software For Transformative Coaches

Transformative coaches will greatly benefit from using coaching software to automate admin tasks and streamline processes.

Not to overwhelm you, we have picked the top three coaching platforms available online:

Quenza Transformative Life CoachingIf you’re a coach whose top priority is client engagement and massive transformation, this is the coaching platform for you.

Main features include:

  • An Activity builder
  • Automated pathways
  • Science-based activities
  • Community support
  • App availability
  • Progress tracker
  • HIPAA-compliant, GDPR-compliant platform
  • Online communication, and
  • Customization.
PriceStarts at $49/month
ConsA relatively new platform, but valuable features are continuously being added
More infoQuenza
Free Trial30-day trial for only $1
Nudge Coach Transformative Life CoachingWhat’s great about this tool is its ability to customize the platform completely.

This is an attractive solution because we know that each client is different and needs customization. Main features include:

  • A  client-facing habit tracker
  • Engagement tools
  • Automated sequences
  • Cards for reminders and motivation
  • Monthly challenges
  • HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Integration with Zoom, and
  • App availability.
NameNudge Coach
PriceStarts at $30/month
ConsDoes not include payments or scheduling
More infoNudge Coach
Free TrialAvailable for first three clients
CoachAccountable Transformative Life CoachingIf you recently became a coach and want an e-coaching platform to lower the administrative burden, this is the solution for you.

The main features include payment processing, scheduling, coaching plans, reminders, branding, app availability, GDPR-compliant, and a progress tracker.

PriceStarts at $20/month
ConsMostly an admin tool
More infoCoachAccountable
Free Trial30-day free trial

9 Online Tools Included In Quenza

The Quenza platform has many tools for transformative coaches. Here are 10 of our favorites:

My Gravestone can be used to increase awareness of how the client wants to lead their life before time runs out, as it eventually does for all of us.

My Gravestone Transformative Coaching
My Gravestone tool makes clients hyper-aware of their mortality.

Consulting the Future Self When Making Choices is a Quenza tool that can be used to align clients’ desired future with their current decisions. This is a great tool to put things into perspective because we tend to get caught up with everyday stress.

Consulting the Future Self Transformative Coaching
The Consulting the Future Self When Making Choices tool aligns your future and current decisions.

Completing Sentences to Clarify Values will help clients identify their values regarding life domains like money, career, and relationships.

Completing Sentences Transformative Coaching
Quenza offers many values-clarifying tools for clients.

Doors Closed Doors Open is a great tool that allows clients to understand that negative situations and the end of certain life chapters can bring them opportunities.

This can be used when clients seek coaching after a significant change in life.

Quenza Activities Transformative Coaching
The Doors Closed Doors Open tool helps clients identify opportunities in negative situations.

A Mindful Goal Focus increases a client’s awareness of the balance between future goals and the present moment.

This helps clients take a step back and relax without engaging in an unhealthy obsession with future goals.

A Mindful Goal Focus Transformative Coaching
Clarifying client goals is essential for transformative coaching, and Quenza tools can help.

A Value-Tattoo is a fun way to connect to your personal values and keep them at the forefront of your life.

When clients live their lives in harmony with their values, there will be less friction and more motivation.

A Value Tattoo Transformational Coaching
Tools like A Value-Tattoo helps clients live according to their values.

Finding Your Ikigai lets clients find optimal careers by clarifying the intersecting areas of the client’s passion, talents, and income generation potential.

(For more ways to improve your impact as a career coach, check out our career coaching program guide!)

Finding Your Ikigai Transformative Coaching
Quenza tools like Finding Your Ikigai helps clients find the most rewarding career matches.

The Best Possible Self is an important tool for transformative coaches as the tool prompts clients to envision an ideal future for themselves and their families.

Transformative Coaching The Best Possible Self
Quenza tools can help transformative coaching clients clarify their vision for the future.

Exploring Flow Experiences can help clients identify experiences where they feel the most alive.

Ideally, clients should spend a significant portion of their time in “flow” to have a satisfying life.

Flow Experiences Transformative Coaching
Flow Experiences tool helps clients identify tasks that can get them into “flow” states.

If you’re putting these Activities together for your coaching programs, Pathways is a Quenza feature that lets coaches automate a set of activities and send them to clients. This takes a huge administrative burden off the coach and saves valuable time.

How To Become A Transformational Coach

If what you’ve read so far has got you pumped for the life of a transformational coach, here’s how you can become one.

  1. Complete an ICF-accredited coach training program. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading body for certifying coaches and maintaining industry standards.
  2. Get some practical coaching skills by doing pro bono work, coaching your peer coaches, or finding paid clients. You can find clients in your existing business or personal networks.
  3. Get accredited by the ICF. After you complete an accredited program and have acquired at least 100 hours of coaching, you can apply to be accredited as an Associate Coach.
  4. Choose a few niches. While you wait for your accreditation to come, you can think about all the coaching you’ve done so far and pick a niche of clients that you like to coach the most.
  5. Get the business set up. To successfully run a coaching practice, you need to consider it as a regular business. At a minimum, systems need to be set up for lead generation, marketing, and accounting. Some of these systems can be outsourced based on your skills and time availability.

3 Best Transformative Coaching Certifications

In addition to the ICF accreditation, here are three other transformative coaching certifications that you can consider.

Final Thoughts

Transformational coaching is a high-impact coaching methodology that can be highly satisfying to the coach as well as the client.

We hope we answered all your questions on transformative coaching in this post. If you have more questions, please let us know by commenting below.

Want to learn more about Quenza? Please get in touch with us. You can also try out the Quenza trial for just $1 during the first month.

About the author

Sabrina is a life and career coach, currently working on her ICF accreditation. She is also an experienced freelance writer focusing on mental health and technology. In her past corporate life, she was an automation manager at a bank in Toronto, Canada.


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